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zeynep tugce bayat Report about her and her acting career and personal life Place of birth, nationality, current age, religion, astrological sign, academic qualification, who is her husband, the famous artist, her profession, and when did the Turkish actress start her acting career and what are the works of art In which she participated so far and other details of her life with a set of new photos of her zeynep tugce bayat.

Who is zeynep tugce bayat?

Birthdate: February 8, 1990
Age 2022: 32 years
Place of birth: Mersin – Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion: Muslim
Astrological sign: Aquarius
Academic qualification: Faculty of Law – Marmara University
Profession: Turkish actress
The beginning of her artistic career: 2007 – until now
Marital status: married
Favorite animal: cats

Actress zeynep tugce bayat and her life

Zeynep tugce bayat is a Turkish actress, born in 1990 in Mersin, Turkey, and her family belongs to the Oguz tribe from the Taurus Mountains. During this time, she participated in a number of theatrical performances.

After completing high school, zeynep tugce bayat joined the Faculty of Law, Department of Law at Marmara University, and at the same time completed her studies in acting. Zeynep Tuca joined Anatolian University, Conservatory Institute, Department of Theater. After graduating from university, Zeynep Tuca traveled to Spain to study acting there, and after a while she returned to her country, Turkey.

After Zeynep tugce bayat returned to Turkey, she worked as a model for the most famous brands and presented many commercial advertisements and became a famous advertising face for Turkcell Telecom and others. Attractive, calm and thin features and a cheerful spirit appeared on the screen in advertisements, this made her clearly draw attention to her.

zeynep tugce bayat
zeynep tugce bayat

zeynep tugce bayat, acting and her most important works

zeynep tugce bayat is a young Turkish actress who loved acting since her childhood and with time she became one of the most prominent and famous stars of Turkey. In 2011, zeynep tugce bayat co-starred in the series Gönülçelen and embodied the character “Nevra”, and in the same year, she participated in another successful series called “Yeşim”, which achieved great public success.

Among her most important works, which she participated in, such as the series “The Back Row”, the series “Love is Trouble”, the Afili Ask series, the Kurulus: Osman series, and the Baba series, which she presented in 2022.

Awards: In 2019, Turkish Zeynep Tugce Bayat won an award from the Ekin Summer Friends Theater Awards as Best Actress for her role in the play Closer – Why Love Is Not Enough.

Who is the husband of zeynep tugce bayat?

Turkish star zeynep tugce bayat is married to the Turkish actor Jansel Alcin, after his divorce from his Turkish ex-wife Pinar Abaydin, and their separation came after a marriage that lasted for 5 years. One time, the engagement ring was seen in the hand of Zainab Tocha, and when the duo asked, they did not deny or confirm their relationship, and in 2020, the duo surprised Zainab and Jansel with their wedding ceremony after a relationship that lasted for 3 years, the duo live a happy married life and a great love story that unites them, although The age difference between them is up to 18 years.

the husband of zeynep tugce bayat
the husband of zeynep tugce bayat

zeynep tugce bayat’s work


2007 series Arka Siradakiler
2011 Gönülçelen – Star Tail series
2014 series Ah Neriman
2015 series Çilek Kokusu
2016 series Seviyor Sevmiyor
2019 series Afili Ask
2020 Kurulus: Osman series
2021 Synchronicity Series – The Woman Who Saved the World
2022 series Baba

the movies

In 2017, I participated in the movie I Love My Luck
In 2018, she participated in the movie Fish Tank


In 2017, I participated in the play Storm
In 2018, I participated in a closer play – Why Love Is Not Enough

Zainab Tacha Bayat and the series Baba

Baba is a Turkish series that was shown for the first time in Turkey in February 2022. It is directed by Çağrı Bayrak and written by Gökhan Horzem and Ekin Atalar. The number of its episodes is 15 episodes. The story of the Baba series revolves around the relationship between members of the same family who were living a quiet life. And simple people live in the city of Anatolia, and then a sudden change happens to them, especially after they were exposed to a plane crash, and all family members are separated from each other, and the events revolve around the narration of the story of this separated family.

The Baba series starred a number of stars and artists in Turkey, including Haluk Bilginer, Tolga Sarıtaş, Dilara Aksoy, Ozge Yagiz, Aida Axel, Hakan Kurtas, Deniz Hamza Oglu, Damlasu Ekizoglu and others.

zeynep tugce bayat in the series Afili Ask

Zeynep tugce bayat co-starred in the series “Love Is Trouble” or “Afili Ask”, which was shown in Turkey for the first time in 2019. The story of the series revolves around a beautiful girl whose father, whom she loved deeply, dies and keeps this girl under the control of her older brother, who is characterized In his dealings with her, with cruelty, severity and violence. One day, this girl meets a young man from a wealthy family, but he is a careless young man and has multiple relationships with girls and tries to set her up, but she repels him and discovers with time that she loves another young man and tries in various ways to make her love him. But she does not share the same feeling, and the events continue in an interesting dramatic framework.

Participated in the series Love and Trouble star Çağlar Ertuğrul and star Borgo Ozberk and Benyan Donmez and Taner Rumli and Asina Tugal and zeynep tugce bayat and Yilmaz Kunt and Ozan Dagis and others.