Zehra Yılmaz, age, religion, and a full report

the Turkish actress Zehra Yılmaz

The Turkish artist, Zehra Yılmaz, got to know her closely with us and a lot of information about her, her nationality, her religion, her current age, height, weight, educational qualifications, her astrological sign, and when did Zehra Yılmaz start her artistic career, what works of art she participated in, her personal life, and Her lover and other details with a group of new photos of the artist Zehra Yılmaz.

Zehra Yılmaz her age, religion, astrological sign and more


Date of Birth: 25 – June 1994
Age 2021: 27 years
Place of birth: Istanbul – Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion: Muslim
Astrological sign: Leo
Eye color: brown
Weight: 54 kg
Height: 168 cm
Academic qualification: Graduated from Marmara University
Profession: Turkish actress
The beginning of her artistic career: 2016 – until now

Who is the Turkish actress Zehra Yılmaz


Zehra Yılmaz is a young and emerging Turkish actress, born in 1994 in Istanbul, from a middle-class Turkish family, and she has one younger sister, Damla.
At the university level, Zehra Yılmaz studied and graduated from Marmara University and during her university studies, Zehra Yılmaz joined an acting workshop to take lessons to teach and study the art of acting because she loved art since her childhood and wished to become a famous artist, and when she made the decision to learn and study acting, she met Great encouragement from her family because they knew how much she loved art and noticed that she had a great artistic talent.

The young artist Zehra Yilmaz
The young artist Zehra Yilmaz

In 2011, the actress Zehra Yılmaz participated in a famous Turkish competition program called What will I wear today Bugun ne Giysem, and this program hosted a number of stars and celebrities, and this program had many audiences who followed it and got a high viewership, and although it did not get First place in the competition, but she was able to attract the attention of producers, directors and those in charge of artistic works, and many nominate her to participate in artistic performances.

This made her join another acting workshop called Ceynet Sayıl, to increase her talent for acting in a more professional and professional manner. Zehra Yılmaz has a large audience who follows her on her social networking sites and follows her on Instagram with more than 90,000 followers.

Actress Zehra Yılmaz and her artworks

The young artist, Zehra Yılmaz, is considered one of the most famous actresses on Turkish television, and in a short time, she has become a special and distinguished place among young and emerging artists, and her artistic talent has helped her a lot in this, in addition to the different artistic roles and the diversity of her characters that she performs in various artworks.

Actress Zehra Yılmaz appeared for the first time on Turkish television through a famous Turkish series entitled The Story of Bodrum in 2016. She embodied the character of Rana. The story of the series revolved around a wealthy family who owns many companies, hotels and homes, but due to the family’s large work in illegal business He loses all his business and declares his bankruptcy and sells everything he owns and life brings them back to where they started and they return to live all in a small house in one of the poor villages called Bodrum.

the Turkish actress Zehra Yilmaz
the Turkish actress Zehra Yilmaz

The Bodrum Story series achieved great success at the time of its presentation and a high viewership, and it became one of the most famous and most successful Turkish series that were shown at this time. The artist Zehra Yılmaz achieved great success and fame from her participation in this work, and this made her get a role and a larger space. In artistic works after that, she also achieved remarkable successes, and among the most successful and famous of her Turkish dramas, such as her participation in the Black Writing series, the series Tears of Jannat, and the series No one knows.

Fiancé and lover of actress Zehra Yılmaz

Actress Zehra Yılmaz has a great love story with singer Jim Bellevi, and the love story between them was 4 years ago, and their engagement was announced in 2020 and at the end of the year, they announced that they would separate from each other for a while, and the wedding date would be postponed due to the spread of the virus in the country, and that Singer Jim Belevi’s family lives in the capital, Baku, Azerbaijan, and it is difficult to hold the wedding ceremony there, and they did not specify a date for their marriage.

Upcoming actress by Zehra Yılmaz

The series Jarh al-Qalb: The actress Zehra Yılmaz is participating in the series, Jarh al-Qalb, and her role in the work is one of the pivotal roles. The series is scheduled to be shown in the summer season of 2021 on Turkish screens, and participates in the series championship with the artist Gökhan Alkan, a distinguished group of artists Among them are Yağmur Tanrısevsin, Nilgün, Zehra Yılmaz, Eman Konuksu, Bahar Sahin, Ilhan Sen, Nail Kırmızıgül, Yunka Şahinbaş, Reza Akin, Kemal Burak Albir, Toprak Can Adıgüzel and others. Film and script written by Sima Ali Erol, Mahir Erol and Ozgul Turkuller Akkad.

The series Jarh al-Qalb is a type of Turkish romantic drama that deals with a difficult and touching love story that combines a beautiful girl and an ambitious young man, who are Frit, embodied by the artist Gökhan Elkan, and between the girl Aisha, who belong to two of the largest and most famous families in Antakya and But there is a great and difficult conflict between the elders of these families to which they belong, and this conflict and the great problems between them are impossible to solve, and a beautiful love relationship arises between Fret and Aisha, but it is difficult to continue, so can they hold on to their love, which is stronger than this Conflicts or they cannot face the problems and surrender to all the difficulties surrounding them.

Actress Zehra Yılmaz in the series “Tears of Jannat”


The series “Tears of Jannat” is a Turkish social and humanitarian drama series, where the story of the series revolves around the relationship of fathers and children and how this relationship and relationship turn from love and tenderness to great hatred. The work deals with the story of a mother named Javida who lives with her mother in a poor house and it is a moment Javida gives birth to her daughter, and when she gives birth, she finds a birthmark on her right shoulder that resembles the same mole on her shoulder. Javida feels great hatred and anger towards her daughter who gave birth to her, refuses to breastfeed her, and decides to leave her with her elderly mother and runs away.

Religion Muslim 1
Religion Muslim 1

The tumultuous years pass, and her daughter Jana grows up, who left her as a baby to her grandmother, who raised and nurtured her. Janna was the first in her class in architecture at the university level, and the girl Melissa was her best friend in the university, and after graduation, Melissa introduces Jannah. On her mother, Melissa belongs to a wealthy family in Turkey who works in the field of construction and architecture. Melissa’s mother offers to work for Janna in her husband’s company. Events reveal that Melissa’s mother is Jana’s mother, but the secret is not discovered, and when Janna works in the company, he admires her. The young man is healthy, and over time, Jannah shares the same feeling, but Melissa loves him, but on one side, he falls in love with Jannah and wants to marry her. One day, her mother discovers a birthmark on her shoulder and knows who Jinnah is, and events follow in an exciting and interesting framework.

Date of Birth 25 June 1994
Date of Birth 25 June 1994
Religion Muslim 2
Religion Muslim 2
Actress Zehra Yilmaz
Actress Zehra Yilmaz
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