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Zayed Khan, his age, religion, height, weight and more

Full name: Zayed Abbas Khan
Date of birth: 5 – July 1980
Age in 2020: 40 years
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Place of birth: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Nationality: Indian
Religion of Islam
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Academic qualification: Graduate of the London Film Academy
Profession: Indian Actor – Producer
The beginning of his artistic career: It began in 2003 – until now
Marital status: Married
Number of children: 2
Favorite hobbies: cycling – playing the guitar.

Zayed Khan his origins and family life

Zayed Khan is a talented Indian actor. Born in 1980 in Mumbai. India. and grew up in the middle of an authentic artistic family. His father is the Indian actor Shah Abbas Khan and his fame is (Sanjay Khan) and he has acted in Bollywood movies and is of Iranian origin. His mother is Zarine Khan from Originally from Paris. She works as an interior designer.

Zayed Khan has 3 sisters and his older sister is Simon Khan and the middle sister is Suzan Khan, and she is married to the former actor Hritik Roshan and the younger Farah Khan (married to DJ Aqil). Zayed is the only child of his parents. so they always called him the spoiled boy in His family.

The late artist Feroz Khan was the uncle of the artist Zayed. and the director Akbar Khan was also his uncle and cousin. the actor Fardeen Khan. High school: He studied at Montgomery College. Business Administration Department. then joined the London Film Academy. Department of Film Industry.

Zayed Khan his origins and family life
Zayed Khan his origins and family life

Zayed Khan movies and TV Shows

The artist Zayed Khan began his artistic career in 2003 and made his debut in the movie Chura Liyaa Hai Tumne. in 2004 he participated in the movie Main Hoon Na. with the lead role, and this film was a turning point in his artistic life. And he got the second film in the cinema after Veer- Zaara during 2004.

In 2005 he presented 4 movies this year. so Vada was presented with artists Arjun Rampal and Amisha Patel as the obsessive lover. then the movie Shabd and participated in the role of a photographer and was excited about this movie because he wished to work with
Aishwarya Rai. An Indian actress. Was awarded Miss World for the year 1994.

As for the third film. The thriller Anophav Sinha Doss. In which he played the role of a police officer. This film won the third place as the highest revenue in the cinema for the year 2005. The fourth film is Shady film No. 1 and this film did not achieve any success or failure at the box office.

In 2006,

he presented two works. Fight Club – Members Only and guest-starred in Rocky: The Rebel. Who also co-wrote the script for the film and began writing while studying in London.

As for the year 2007. His films were dominated by the character of action. So he worked in the movie Anubhav Sinha’s, and it was supposed to be the next part of the movie Dus. But the film took a different path that made it not achieve the expected success like the previous part. and in the same year he presented the movie Speed. Which did not achieve any revenues in the window of the tickets.

In 2008. He starred in the movie Apoorva Lakhia Istaanbul. in which he played the role of a journalist and co-starring artist Vivek Oberoi. in the same year he appeared in Bollywood films Rain Man and Yuvvraaj with the participation of stars Salman Khan. Katrina Kaif and Anil Kapoor.

In 2009, he presented one movie. The thriller underwater blue. The film was produced among the highest budgets of Bollywood films, and the film broke records in revenue at the time. Getting 480 million dollars.

In 2010. Zayed Khan appeared through the movie Ranbir Kapoor and had a different role than he previously presented. As he played the role of a traitorous and unfaithful fiancé with the stars Priyanka Chopra. Anjana Anjani.

In 2012

He participated in the movie Tezz with both Anil Kapoor and Ajay Devgan and was at the forefront of films at the time of its release. In the same year. He participated in a movie. Desi Magic. Which was shown in 2015.

Zayed Khan as a Producer: In 2011. Zayed made his first production experience with his girlfriend. Actress Dia Mirza and her husband. Sahil Sanga. Through the production company Born Free Entertainment. He presented the movie Love Breakups Zindagi \ or the separation of love and did not achieve the required revenues.

Zayed Khan in dramas: The artist Zayed appeared in only one dramatic series. the series Imtilak with the lead role. With the participation of artists Nikita Dutta and Vatsal Chit.

Awards won by the artist Zayed Khan during his artistic career

In 2004, he won the Filmfare Awards and the Zee Cine Award for Chura Liyaa Hai Tumne as the best new face.
2005 Received the Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor for Min Hoon Na

Zayed Khan’s wife and sons

The artist Zayed Khan has been married to Malika Parikh since 2005 and Malika is the love and love of his life. They are friends from childhood and school days because they studied with each other at Kodaikanal International High School, and they remained friends throughout these years until this label developed into a strong and unique love story. One of her kind and true love completed in marriage and Zayed Khan asked her to marry 4 times, and they got married in a big wedding ceremony.

Zayed Khans wife
Zayed Khans wife

Malika her father is the late Rohit Parekh. A jewelry and diamond dealer and her mother. Chris Parekh. Is of English origin. Malika works in the same profession as her father. Which is the trade of jewelry and precious stones. In 2008 Zidane gave birth to his first child. Zidane. And in 2011 he gave birth to his second son. Ariz The artist. Zayed. Quit smoking after giving birth to his first child. Zidane. For fear and in order to preserve the health of his son. He is a lover of home and family and loves his children very much and his wife Malika.

In 2005. The artist Zayed Khan was involved in a car accident in Panjim. Where a car belonging to the Zayed Company was seen that injured a 40-year-old woman by mistake. This woman had some injuries and was taken to the hospital. His admirers rejected his accusation and did not file a report against him about the incident.

Zayed Khans sons
Zayed Khans sons
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