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Yigit Kirazci

His full name is Yigit Kirazci, his name in English is yigit kirazcı, his date of birth is 17 August 1983 AD, his place of birth is Istanbul-Turkey, his nationality is Turkey, his astrological sign is the Leo, his height is 180 cm, and his weight is 75 kg, his eyes are dark brown, the color of his hair is brown His academic qualification is a graduate of Bilgi University, Faculty of Communications, Department of Advertising.

Yigit Kirazci Biography

The Turkish star Yigit Kirazci was born on 1983 on August 17 and he is alone and does not have a brother He is a graduate of Bilgi University, Faculty of Communications, Department of Announcement, and he is in an adolescent age. He lived a lot of misery, where his father was paralyzed while he was working with him. Acting lessons at Ümit Çırak Modern Acting Workshop, Yigit Kirazci got his first acting experience in 2007 with a series titled Son Son Takip, which is produced by “Blue Butterflies” and “Fish Out of the Water” series, directing real and actual For Channel D and the staff posted by Damla Sonmez, Canan Ergüder and Barış Kılıç, and the female productions for “War of the Roses”.

Acts of Yigit Kirazci in TV Drama

Yigit Kirazci started his career as a model and model. Right after he graduated from the university. Then decided to enter the field and the world of acting. Where he studied and took lessons and courses to master acting well. And he acquired his first work through the series The Last Choice. And then participated in the series Butterflies Zarqa Mavi Kelebekler “.

Which is a Turkish television series classified as a Turkish drama produced by the production company Cinvision and Betskal about the Bosnian war period.” The series deals with the suffering of the Bosnian people during the Bosnian war that began in 1992. a group Every Thursday. The Turkish TV State TRT1 is also publishing “before the series begins.

Where the script appears on the screen bearing the phrase “In memory of the saints of the Bosnian people who died in the genocide before the eyes of the whole world in Central Europe but far from humanity. As the blue butterflies are blue butterflies with wings that grow and feed on the flowers of death that sprout, and It blooms in the graves.

These butterflies have become a symbol of the Bosnian war and the suffering of the Bosnian people. As the Serbs organized mass massacres during the Bosnian war between 1992 and 1995 and dug deep graves so that no one could find Bosnian corpses. ” In 2007 the International Court of Justice ruled. Which convened in The genocide case brought by Bosnia and Herzegovina against Serbia. In the absence of evidence that Serbia has committed genocide.

Yigit Kirazci at the Seviyor Sevmiyor

Turkey has been famous for its dramas that attract the admiration of millions of audiences in the Arab world and most countries of the world. And among its successful series Seviyor Sevmiyor. a series of one season series. Which is classified as comedy. Drama and romantic at the same time. Seviyor Sevmiyor has been broadcast on June 16th. 2016 was shown on Sundays, and it is 28 episodes.

Our star Yigit Kirazci has participated in the series, and the events of the Turkish series are taking place. Do you love me about a girl from a rich family as she is very wealthy and has great wealth and stunning beauty. And the events unfold until she passes through many obstacles and circumstances that lead to her losing all her wealth after her father died, and she also lost Its beauty.

On the other hand. The young man who was fat and poor moves to a young. Graceful. Beautiful and rich man who works as a model and model. As well as works as the editor of one of the big magazines. And so the young woman Denise gets into a great comparison and does not know what she is doing and quickly admires this young man after the big shift. That happened to him. But at the same time she thinks that he will not like her and that he may represent love on him in order to take revenge on her. What will happen? This is what will happen in the first events and episodes.

Yigit Kirazci at the Seviyor Sevmiyor
Yigit Kirazci at the Seviyor Sevmiyor

Yigit Kirazci in 8 Gun

Yigit Kirazci starred in the famous Turkish police series known as 8 Gun. which is one of the most successful works of Yigit Kirazci. Which was produced in 2017, and this huge work won a large audience “when the first episodes were shown on Turkish TV channels Then. It was shown at the beginning of January 2018 and bears the name 8 Gün in the Turkish version. and work was carried out on its dubbing and translation to be shown on Arab channels.

The series brings together a group of the brightest Turkish drama stars, and the series is characterized by its dependence on the dramatic plot. Where some mysterious and interesting scenes appear. Attracting the viewer to continue to follow.

She tells the story of the Turkish series 8 Gun about the crash of the Turkish plane. which was gathering many engineers. And the strange and suspicious matter is that the crash of the plane happened in a strange way. As there are no known reasons that justify the crash of the plane. Which made the crash of the plane seem a mystery On the other hand. The series shows the life of the heroine of the series. Which is a beautiful young girl who coexists in a quiet and stable life with her family.

the story 8 Gun

Then she gets married and moves to live in her husband’s house in a distinctive family atmosphere. and then it happens that her mother. who works as an engineer in one of the software companies in Turkey. is subjected to a murder operation. and here events begin to thrill and sadness begins camping over the girl’s life. and from here She begins and tries to search for the causes and solve the riddles and mysteries that led to the crash of the plane. and she tries to search and investigate some clues that may reach those involved in the killing.

The Turkish society then begins to talk about the accident of the plane crash and has a feeling of anger and discontent. because of that incident. and stories. gossip and interpretations about the accident are circulated and circulated among the Turkish people. and the process of investigation. research and investigation about the crash of the plane begins. and investigation teams are formed and work to collect the evidence that Help them solve the mystery of the plane crash. and there is a strong relationship between the hero of the series and his son. but some indications begin to appear that his father is involved in the operation of the plane being shot down. and the process of displaying the rings continues. Is it possible for his father to have a relationship in the operation of the plane crash? Was the fall accident orchestrated?

The work of Yigit Kirazci

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2016-2017 Seviyor Sevmiyor (TV Series)
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2014-2016 Gullerin Savasi (TV Series)
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