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Yaprak Medine, the heroine of a series, contacted my rising business manager. Let’s get to know that beautiful star, who is Yaprak Medine, her religion, her lover and her husband, how she got her start in acting. The most important series in which she participated. Yaprak Medine’s personal qualities and the characteristics of her dream boy.

7 Important Information About Yaprak Medine

Here is the most important information about the Turkish actress Yaprak Medine:

Yaprak Medine was born on July 8, 1996.
Yaprak Medine’s age in 2021: 25 years.
Yaprak Medine religion is Muslim
Her place of birth is in Istanbul.
Yaprak Medine is 170 cm tall
Yaprak Medine weighed 50 kg.
Yaprak Medine and her husband are not married but they are in a love relationship.

Yaprak Medine’s life story

Yaprak Medine, a serial star, called my manager, a 25-year-old girl in 2021. Her astrological sign is Cancer. She has clear white skin like the moon. Great attendance and talent.

Our star managed to win the admiration of viewers in just one act. This assures us that we will see her more often in the coming days. Our star has a very strong love and friendship relationship with the young musician “Kariya Chandar”.

its specifications

Yaprak Medine is characterized by a number of very strong and attention-grabbing qualities, among which we mention her nervous, emotional, and difficult to behave with her, except that in the real world she is gentle, soft and patient, a great affection for those around her, especially towards her family and her family. She is classified as a very loyal woman to her husband, which makes her a strong and successful relationship. She enjoys a balanced, alert, and responsible personality towards her young children. Like a diplomatic woman, she does not like to stir up problems or face them. embodies a woman who is sensitive, and occasionally shy, that she tends to highlight her talent, or what she does; Because she is very ambitious.

She is characterized by her intense intuition, and she follows it to the extreme, and tends to agree with axioms, and she frequently uses vocabulary that proves that her feeling, and what she thinks about, such as: the word I imagine, I feel, and I see, so the power of feelings overwhelms her thoughts, and she often thinks with her heart not with her mind. She tends to spend time in her home for long solitude after her work to enjoy peace and comfort, in exchange for going outside to spend time with friends. She is interested in everything that feeds her imagination, and she seeks behind the knowledge of the unknown, so she is confused about the places where she will find what satisfies her curiosity in the science of modern topics.

Yaprak Medine religion is Muslim
Yaprak Medine religion is Muslim

Tend to pay attention to others, and volunteer to help them. The female of the malignant sign becomes very sensitive and cruel with characters who try to tamper with her feelings or destroy her, and she often has difficulty getting out of any failed association, and it takes a long time to regain her strength again. Very vague and secretive, and it is difficult for her to infiltrate her thoughts and secrets to others, no matter how close they are to her. You have mood swings from time to time where you may suddenly flare up in anger and start screaming and crying, but after a short period of time you will fall back to sleep.

She represents a complex personality with various aspects that are difficult to understand, as she may do something against what is expected according to the nature of her personality. She lashed out at the people who sooner or later injured her, and it is hard for her not to remember this no matter how long it takes.

Yaprak Medine boyfriend

Yaprak Medine has a very strong friendship and love relationship with the young musician Kariya Chandar. She is usually one of the girls who wait a lot before she falls in love, and refuses to rush into the relationship, but as soon as she finds the right partner for her, she is a sweetheart and a faithful and patient wife to the extreme, ready to pass obstacles and difficulties in the way of maintaining true love, and she loves She is very emotional and loves to receive gifts, flowers, as well as expressions of love from her partner.

Yaprak Medine boyfriend
Yaprak Medine boyfriend

The beginning of acting

She made her debut as an actress in 2018. Through a short video called “Anger: Will Steal the Dead from the Living.” Despite the small role that she participated in, she played it very skillfully. No one thought she was standing in front of the cameras for the first time.

As for the second work, it is the romantic series “Incomplete Love” in 2020. The series came out, Umur Turagay. He has presented a lot of practices since 1994 AD, including short and long films, documentaries and many skits as well. Bursin Terzioglu, Berkan Sokolo, Melissa Senolsun, also worked on the series “Until Death” in 2017, until death (Turkish: Ölene Kadar) is a Turkish drama series “Sahja” on January 12, 2017, from the competition of the star Engin Akyurek and the star Fakhriya Ogen, Serb Lavan Doğlu and Koljan Arslan was upset on ITV on January 12, 2017, and the show stopped on April 13, 2017. The series revolves around a doctor who finds himself in prison and loses his hope, his future, and the best days of his life due to a crime he did not commit. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Eleven years ago, Dahan (Engin Akyurek), a young doctor candidate, was found guilty of murdering Beryl’s father (Kogan Arslan), the woman he loved and was about to marry with a trick orchestrated by Ander (Serb Lavan Doglo) who fell in love with him. Beryl, a plot to get rid of Sezai (Beryl’s father), who knows his dark secret, shares the testimony of a tiny girl in Dahan prison, which unfolds while after the witness is the one who will get Dahan out of prison, a young and beautiful lawyer (Fakhriya Ogen) who has recently started her career in the world. With Dahan’s question as her first topic, she found clues that no one had previously noticed. So she goes to Dahan to convince him to return the case with that evidence that will free him from prison and you will find that, and that will be the beginning of all things.

Yaprak Medine series participated in

Among the most important works in which Yaprak Medine participated is the series “Call my business manager”. And his story was about at a talent agency in Istanbul, agents scramble to please their star clients and keep their business afloat. Agents will reconcile from case to case in circumstances that blend their personal and professional lives.

Instagram Yaprak Medine Facebook

The actress Yabrak sites on the social media. It is considered one of the interactive actresses on their sites a lot. And she publishes many pictures of her and her lover always. One of the characteristics of Yabrak is that it is also characterized by being slow in choosing companions. Therefore, she is not in a hurry to put her trust in others, and as soon as one reaches this trust, he will gain a true friend, and the most prominent thing that distinguishes her in her relationship with her friends is that she is a good listener to them, and she empathizes with their company deeply, no matter how big or small their mistakes, and the deep understanding session affects their company, provided that they adhere to the limits The association, and that this should not be at the expense of its time, or other relations.

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