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Who is Yagmur Tanrısevsin? The heroine of the series Jarh Al Qalb and her name is Fariha. The actress who was able to gain a great place among the heroines of Turkish series and participated in the major stars in the tournaments of their works. Yagmur Tanrısevsin is a star with a great future in Turkish drama and cinema. Let’s know a lot about this young actress. Her religion, her lover, her romantic relationships. Who are her family and how did she start acting. A lot about her first artistic experience and the most important Turkish series in which she participated.

Yagmur Tanrısevsin Wikipedia

She’s more deserving of the job once he’s done with a sports team instead of being a leader. That is because she pays a lot of attention to the minute details, a subject that may make her overlook the overwhelming picture or see far-away destinations. When the subject is related to her work, she takes care to maintain the mastery of every great and small as it requires. She has an enduring sense of responsibility and strives to find a balance between her work and family.

Here are the 7 most important information about Yagmur Tanrısevsin:

Yagmur Tanrısevsin’s birthday: August 24, 1990
Age in 2021: 31 years old.
Yagmur Tanrısevsin’s religion is Muslim.
Her place of birth is in Mersin.
Its length is 165 cm.
She weighs 42 kg.



Yagmur Tanrisevsin Wikipedia

She started out with acting in general

Yagmur Tanrısevsin is a Turkish actress and designer, born in Mersin on August 24, 1990. She graduated from Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Ceramic and Glass Decoration, in addition to taking intensive courses in the field of acting and theater at the Kraft Art Institute.

Her religion is her height and her personal traits

Yamur’s religion is Islam. She is 162 cm tall. She is from Mersin, and studied and trained acting from the Craft Acting Workshop. And from Meltem Cumbul, Betül Alganatay, Omit Çırak, Bahar Kerimooglu and Merve Taşkan.

Charming, witty, a natural critic and a talented analyst. Possess the ability to logically judge other people’s actions and divergent situations. The Virgo woman tends to keep everything around her in order, she is a practical person and pays a lot of attention to the little details.

She loves arrangement and arrangement. She is also one of the humble and diligent people in her work. She is very enthusiastic about lofty goals and great causes and exerts all her hard work in pursuit of the benefit of those causes. It is not possible to meet with clothes that are not well-groomed or have not been ironed well. And she may be the enemy of herself as soon as she overexamines and examines every little circumstance that goes beyond her highest. Hiding behind her calm and patient personality is a volcano of feelings and emotions.

Yagmur Tanrısevsin and her boyfriend

It is difficult to please her, so it is necessary for her future husband to be able to investigate her desires and aspirations, which can be high from time to time. She believes very much in the existence of true love and real love, but she does not believe in the love depicted in fictitious novels.

You enjoy a romantic and sensual personality and hope for perfection. Before entering into any romantic relationship, she examines all things well, searches for the defects and shortcomings of the other and tries to discover the truth of his feelings, as she is one of the individuals who does not simply fall in love or spread about it easily. Rather, as soon as she finds the best man for her, she becomes in love, loyal and highly attached, and it is possible to rely on her.



Yagmur Tanrisevsins religion is Muslim

She also has a friendly personality that is easy to get along with. Her attention to minute details and her eagerness to reach the finest in all things help reconcile her relationship with the man she loves. She may take a long time to express her feelings, and sometimes she expresses her feelings with a kind of humor to overcome shyness, but as soon as she finds a suitable man for her, she begins to open her mood to him a little bit.

Yagmur Tanrısevsin Series Movies & TV Shows

Yagmur Tanrısevsin cautiously referred to her as Jennifer in the Turkish-American production Terror film The Tragedy. In the year 2013-2014, she played the role of Melis Guzel, the “plumia patient” the daughter of a famous family, who suffers from critical romantic circumstances in the TV series “When the Sun Watches”.

In 2015, she appeared with Çağla’s character in the movie Extensive Family: Paste. Proven in a cinematic work “Aşk Cries”. In 2015, she played the character Tolay Mengen, the daughter of Ostora Vigul in the TV series “Kaçak”, and the character of Didim in the TV series “She Said My Father”.

Yagmur Tanrısevsin her works

Her first appearance on television was in 2011 with the series Dirty Seven, and she played a small role in the series. Turkish star Yagmur Tanrısevsin was born in Mersin. Its origin is from Mersin. It was raised in Mersin. He attended primary and secondary school in her hometown of Mersin. I traveled in 2010 Istanbul, I studied in the Department of Decoration at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Marmara University in Istanbul.

We recall that in 2015, she played the character Tolay Mengen, the daughter of Ostora Vigul in the TV series “Kaçak”, and the character of Didim in the TV series “She Said My Father”.

She played the heroine in the TV series “Queen of May” that aired in 2015-2016. She contributed to the work with Khadija Aslan, Ahmed Olgun Sonar, Samet Sirmali, Burak Hakki, Kazem Akshar and Derya Shinsoy. Yagmur Tanrısevsin played the character of Tülay in the TV series Kaçak between 2013 and 2014.

A series called Fariha

Our star has appeared in many works, including her roles such as Ace in her name, Fariha, and Melis, as soon as she waits for the sun. She is also known for acting in (big screen) movies such as Love Makes You Cry, Ask Aglatir (2013) and The Tragedy (2015).

She appeared as Jennifer in the loosely acclaimed film Panic, her first appearance in an American film, a British-language American-Turkish co-release.

Yagmur Tanrısevsin Instagram

Despite that her studies are not related to acting, but her talent helped her remarkably to obtain substantial roles in the field of drama. The motive behind her not graduating from the college even immediately is her preoccupation with art and acting. Until this moment, since her biggest appearance in 2013, Yamour has contributed while reaching 6 dramatic acts, and 4 cinematic works, and Western and Arab fans are still waiting for her.


Yagmur Tanrisevsin her works


You will find all things organized and arranged according to the colors and models of the clothes. She cares a lot about being well-groomed and elegant, and it is rare to find her wearing a pleated skirt or not fully ironed. The Virgo woman tends to be simple in choosing her clothes, and her style is characterized by elegance and sophistication, which reflects a large aspect of her personality. The Virgo woman likes simple, straight cuts that are absolutely true to her body (not too loose or too tight). Don’t care too much about following fashion trends, but prefer and put a special touch on everything you wear.

She’s more worth the effort once he’s done with a sports team instead of being a leader. That’s because she pays so much attention to fine details that she may miss the big picture or see far-reaching intents. And as soon as the matter is related to her work, she takes care to preserve the mastery of every great and small as it requires. She has an enduring sense of responsibility and strives to find a balance between her work and family.