Who is zerrin tekindor? Her husband’s religion

Zerrin Tekindor  information about age, height, weight, husband, family, religion, information about her personal life, the beginning of her artistic career in acting, the most important works she did in series, films, plays, the most important exhibitions that she participated in, and awards I got it, and a new set of pictures of it.


Birthdate: August 5, 1964
Residence: Burhaniya, Turkey
Nationality: Turkey
Age: 54 years old
Religion: Muslim
Eye color: dark brown
Hair color: dark brown
Occupation: Turkish painter and theater actress
Spouse: Cheetin Tekindor
Education: Bilkent University (1994)
Boys: Hira Tekindor
Siblings: Ferin Batman

The life story of the star Zerrin Tekindor and complete secrets about her

Zerrin Tekindor was born in 1964 in Burhaniye and completed her primary and secondary education in Ankara. In 1985 Zerrin Tekindor graduated from the Theater Department of the State Conservatory of Hacettepe University, and in 1985 Zerrin Tekindor began working in the State Theatre, and represented Zerrin Tekindor in Many plays in the state theater in Ankara.

In 2003, Zerrin Tekindor was appointed to the State Theater in Istanbul and acted in plays entitled “Also in Istanbul, The Inspector, A Place in the Middle of the World and the God of the Universe.” The artist, Zerrin Tekindor, won the Afifa Theater Award three times, the first of which was in 2004 for her acting role. Mother Andreavna in a play called “The Inspector” and the second in 2010 for her role as Anita Riley in the play “God of the Universe” and the third in 2014 for her role as Martha in the play “Who’s Afraid of the Traitorous Wolf”.

The life story of the star Zerrin Tekindor
The life story of the star Zerrin Tekindor

In 2012, Zerrin Tekindor occupied a place in a play entitled “Antonius and Cleopatra”, which was produced by the Theater Studio in 2012, and represented the play at Shakespeare’s Globe Theater in London in the “Globe to Globe” festival sector.

On the other hand, zerrin tekindor continued her theater career, and during the years 1990-1994, the artist continued her education as a special student in the painting department at Bilkent University. Many of the artist’s works are in private collections, and she has opened fifteen painting galleries until today.

Her career in acting

Zareen Kindwa started her artistic life in 1987 through her participation in the play “Omara’a Dream Game.” Zareen Kindwa participated in more than 18 plays.
Zarin Tekindwa gained fame in the Arab world in 2008 by embodying the role of Lamis Khanum in the series Forbidden Love, starring the Turkish actor Kivanc Tatlitug, known as Muhannad. 2011, she participated in only two films throughout her continuous artistic career until today, and they are Very Close / Bank of Broken Hearts.

Zarin Tekindor’s latest work is a blind love series in 2015, which starred the Turkish actor Burak Ozcivit, known as Bali Pak. Zarin Tekindor’s talents are not limited to acting, as she has a talent for drawing and opened many painting exhibitions, and Tahsin Tekindwa is the one who participated in the role of the father of the famous Turkish star Tuba Buyksyon Bassem Lamis in the Assi series.

The husband and lover of the star Zerrin Tekindor and her emotional secrets

Zarine Tkindor married the Turkish actor Tahsin Tkindor in 1987, but they divorced 10 months later, then married a second time, only to finally separate after that.
Zerrin Tikindor gave birth to Tahseen Tikindor, their only son, Hira, in 1989. Two years ago, Zerrin Tikindor announced the existence of a romantic relationship between her and Haluk Pelingar.

Serials, plays and films by the star Zerrin Tekindor

Who is afraid of the traitor wolf? year 2013
Anthony and Cleopatra – 2012
God of the Universe – 2009
A place in the middle of the world – 2007
The Inspector – 2003
The Killing of Love – 1999
From war to peace and from love to battle – 1999
Deer Curses – 1999
The window open to the sky – 1997
Mr. Istanbul – 1995
The result of the last love – 1995
Death – 1994
Mr. Istanbul – 1993
Loud Tale – 1993
Farhat and Sherine – 1992
Laundry – 1991
A Woman’s Dream Play – 1987


cafe casablanka
Watching from the window of Mars – mars kapldan baktlrlr
Forbidden Love – Denise de Corton (Miss) – ask- lmemnu general
Kurt Seyit ve Sura, writer – kurt seyit ve sura in 2014
Blind love – kara sevda 2015

the movies

very soon pek yaklnda
Broken Hearts Bank klrlk kalpler Bankasl
The most important roles and exhibitions that star Zerrin Tikindor participated in

Important roles

Who is afraid of the traitorous wolf in 2013
Anthony and Cleopatra in 2017
God of the Universe 2009
A place in the middle of the world in 2007
Inspector 2003
From war to peace and from love to battle 1999
The window open to the sky in 1997
The result of the last love in 1995
Death in 1994
Mr. Istanbul in 1993
A tumultuous tale of 1993
Farhat and Sherine in 1992
Laundry in 1991
A woman’s dream play in 2008
North and South 2011
Forbidden Love 2010

Photo galleries that star Zerrin Tikindor participated in
Silvin Exhibition – Ankara – 1992
Silvin Exhibition – Ankara – 1996
Museum of Painting and Sculpture – Ankara – 1998
Art Gallery of T.Amlak Bank – Ankara-1999
Sylvin Exhibition – Tuyap – Istanbul – 2004
Craft Arts Fair-Istanbul-2005
Nurul Art Exhibition – Istanbul – 2006
Silvin Exhibition – Istanbul – 2008
Contemporary Istanbul – 2009-2010
Black – White Art Gallery – Ankara – 2011
Contemporary Istanbul – 2011-2012-2013

Awards you’ve won

Best Actress Award in the Comedy or Musical Branch 2004 at the 8th Afifa Theater Awards for the role of “Mother Andreevna” in the movie The Inspector.
Best Actress in the Comedy or Musical category 2010 at the 14th Afifa Theater Awards for the role of “Anita Riley” in “God of the Universe” Best Actress Award for the year 2012 at the Savaz Denchel Theater Awards for the role of “Anita Riley” in the movie “God of the Universe”
Best Theatrical Actress Award 2012 at Galatasaray University’s IN Awards for her role “Cleopatra” in the play Anthony and Cleopatra
Best Supporting Actress in Dramatic Series 2013 at Antalya TV Awards 2013 for the role of “Golten

Birthdate August 5 1964
Birthdate August 5 1964

Çayak” in the series “North and South”
Best Actress Award 2013-2014 at the Theater Critics Association Awards for the role of Martha in her work called “Who’s Afraid of the Wolf”
2014 Most Successful Actress Award at the 18th Afifa Theater Awards for the role of Martha in her work called “Who Is Afraid of the Traitorous Wolf”
The Most Successful Actress of the Year Award 2014 at the 19th Suri Alishek Theater and Film Actor Awards for the role of “Martha” in her work called “Who Is Afraid of the Traitorous Wolf”

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