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Turkish star Yildiz Çagri Atiksoy, details about her age, religion, nationality, the most important works she has presented from series, films and her social networking sites, and a new and exclusive photo collection of her.

Yildiz Çagri Atiksoy Religion, Nationality, Age, Spouse and Family

Birthdate: April 1, 1986
Age: 33 years old
Residence: Izmir, Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion: Muslim
Eye color: black
Hair color: black
Profession: actress
Years of work 2004 – until now
Weight: 56 kg
Height: 176 cm
Family: unknown
Her best friend: Hazal Kaya
Astrological sign: Aries
Husband: Berk Oktay

Full information about the star Yildiz Çagri Atiksoy

Her Turkish name is Yıldız Çağrı Atiksoy, and she is a Turkish actress, born on April 1, 1986 in Izmir, Istanbul, Turkey.


The most important works of Yildiz Çagri Atiksoy from series and films

2004 The Great Rendezvous
2005 love game
2006 after the rain
2006 Ah Istanbul
2007 No Possibility No Home
2008 Inheritance (Turkish film)
2008 invader
2008 The Lost Princess
2009 spring branches
2010-2011 over time
2015 angry married women
2017 warrior

Her career in acting

The beginning of her artistic career in 2004 when she participated in the series “The Great Meeting”, and in the following year she presented the series “The Game of Love”, then participated in 2006 in the series “After the Rain” and the series “Akhbar Ya Istanbul”, and in the following year, she participated in the series “No Place, No Home” and in 2008 she participated in the series “The Princess” The missing and in 2009 she participated in the series “Agsan Al-Rabeeh”, and in 2010-2011 she participated in the series “Mar Al-Zaman”, and in 2015 she participated in the series “Angry Wives” and tells the story of four married women, who are betrayed and deceived by their husbands, but they quietly support each other to make married life Continue, and continue to think, to give different responses against the deceptions of husbands, to confront the problems in a socially romantic and comic way.

In 2017, she participated in the Turkish series “The Warrior”, which is shown in its third season on Turkish screens, as the first episode of the series has exceeded all expectations until it topped the viewership percentage yesterday in Turkey to outperform all programs and series that are shown on the same day. “Al-Muharib”, although he is showing the third season of it, but he excelled strongly to continue at the forefront of the series until the third season, and even with the presentation of the first episode of it, the viewership ratings were released yesterday, achieving 6.44, the Warrior series starring Perak Oktay, Furat Al-Bayram, Murat Serzli, and the actor Murad joined them for this season. Han and star Yildiz Çagri Atiksoy.

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Yildiz Çagri Atiksoy

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yildiz_c_atiksoy/
Twitter site: https://twitter.com/yilcagatiksoy
Facebook site: https://www.facebook.com/YildizCagriAtiksoyLovers99/posts

(Yildiz Çagri Atiksoy) in the series “Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman ki”

(Turkish: Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman ki), a 2010 Turkish drama television series, starring Arkan Petkia and Ayesha Bingol, written by Kozkin Ermak and directed by Zeynep Günay. The soundtrack is set for the composer Erkin Koray.

His story revolves around the captain, Ali, who is married to Jamila, but falls in love with a foreign woman, so he marries her and leaves his wife and four children. Also, but he continues to support her in every problem she falls into until he dies. Jamila takes over raising her children and fights for them. The star Yildiz Çagri Atiksoy plays the role of the eldest daughter in his children. She was studying at a university in Istanbul and she fell in love with a communist colleague at the university.

A wonderful group of stars such as Farah Zeinab Abdullah, Wilma Ellis, Arkan Petkia, Nilbri Şahinkaya, Aras Bulut Enimli, Zainu Arakar, Matta Horooglu, Ayga Benjul, Meral Çetinakia, Dela Akbas, Mehmet Gurhan, Yildiz Çagri Atiksoy, Tolga participate in the work. Serkan Badu.

the star Yildiz Cagri Atiksoy boyfriend

Husband Berk Oktay

Birthdate April 1 1986

Religion Muslim