Who is Wilma Elles? Her husband’s religion

1. What is the religion of Wilma Elles?
Wilma Elles is probably Muslim.
2. Who is Wilma Elles’ sweetheart?
Sweetheart Wilma Elles is married to Karim Josh and has children.
3. How old is Wilma Elles?
Age Wilma Elles in 2020: 34 years.
4. How tall is Wilma Elles?
Its height is 177 cm.
5. What is Wilma Elles’ birthdate?
October 18, 1986.

Wilma Elles Information about Turkish actress TV series, Wilma Elles’ height, age and date of birth, the wonderful actress who became famous in many wonderful roles, and a lot about her in one article.

Diane Wilma Elles Height Weight

What is her date of birth: October 18, 1986 AD, how old is she in 2020: 34 years What is her religion: probably Muslim. Height: 177 cm. Weight: 65 kg.

Wilma Elles’ Religion and Her Life Story

She turned into born on October 18, 1986, in Cologne. A well-known Turkish actress become born and lived her formative years in Germany. Her parents are Veronica Ellis and Stephan Ellis. She has two brothers and two sisters, and each her dad and mom work in the engineering enterprise and owns the Ellesos distribution organisation.

Wilma graduated from the French and German Betor school and lived in Burgau- fitness center when she became one and a half years vintage until she became 10 years vintage and Wilma began to examine in performs and took lessons in acting and dancing on stage. So, then she is also reading on the university of Cologne and performed her first role in tv in a film in Germany .

It’s far noteworthy that Wilma, who currently received Turkish citizenship, had received Kerem’s request to marry her romantically in the sky of Cappadocia, whilst the 2 were enjoying a excursion internal an air balloon, to wonder the megastar of the collection “through the years” with the idea to marry her lover, and certainly the couple wore engagement rings In a dreamy romantic placing.

Information about Wilma Elles

Date of birth: October – 18 – 1986
Age in 2020: 34 years
Astrological Sign: Libra
Place of birth: Cologne, Germany
Nationality: German – Turkish
Religion of Islam
Weight: 52 kg
Height: 1.77 meters
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: green
Academic qualification: Abitor School of German Language – University of Cologne in Political Science
Marital Status: Married
Spouse’s name: Karim Josh
Number of boys: 2
Boys’ names: Veronica – Stephan
Years of artistic activity: 2005 – now.

As for his family, she is experiencing the shock of the death of her mother, Veronica Ellis, in Germany after a long struggle with cancer. Wilma published the news of her mother’s death on her personal account on Instagram, accompanied by gentle and painful words, confirming that her eternal love will remain in her heart and the hearts of all her family forever, and she has received thousands of condolences in social media from her Turkish, Arab and foreign fans.

Wilma Elles visited her mother with her twin children (Milad) and (Melody) and her husband, the Turkish businessman Karim Josh, shortly before her departure, and she was forced to return to Istanbul due to her association with filming her scenes in the series (Kafa – yeter) with an important pivotal role alongside his first hero, Belen Karahan. Famous Sultana Maryam.

Wilma Elles series, movies and TV shows

Wilma Elles said she is interested in foreign cultures, and that she loves Turkey and wants to obtain Turkish citizenship. She wants to take the Turkish name Asli alongside Wilma. She said that it ended in the Department of Political Science at the University of Cologne, Islamic Studies with an award. The German actress Wilma Elles, who embodies the role of “Caroline” in the series “Over Time”, decided to obtain Turkish citizenship, so she asked the German government to issue a permit so that she could obtain a Turkish passport in her name.

In addition to her German passport, the application that Wilma sent six months ago to the German authorities, was accepted as she indicated in her application that she lives and works in Turkey and therefore requires her to hold two nationalities. Upon receipt of the approval document, the representative will start the procedures in order to obtain the Turkish passport as soon as possible.

Wilma Elles TV series

2010-2012 over time
2011 children hang a castle
El Yazisi, 2011
Ihr mich auch (You and Me Both)
Fahr zur Hölle,
Das Ding (The Thing), 2010
Türk Usulü, 2008
Komissar Stolberg, 2007
Das Weinen davor, 2007
Soko Köln, 2007
Hafen der Hoffnung- Die Gustloff (Harbor of Hope), 2007
Gameshow Marathon, 2007
Das Spielzeug, 2007

Wilma Elles’ plays

Weihnachten in Transilvanien (Christmas in Transylvania), ‘2009
Die Ratten, 2006, Frau John
Woyzeck, ‘2006, Marie
Yard Girls, 2006, Bo
Die Zoogeschichte (The Zoo Story), 2004
Antigone, 2004 Antigone

Information about her starring in the series over time

Through the years, the collection is considered the main cause for the Turkish public’s know-how of the German artist Wilma Elles. It changed into additionally the cause for the actress Wilma’s association with the Turkish human beings and gaining knowledge of about their tradition, or even her acquiring Turkish citizenship because of the severity of her affiliation with him. A series over the years is taken into consideration one of the maximum beautiful Turkish collection that It was produced in 2010 and the series gained the affection of Turkish audiences, and whilst it was dubbed into Arabic,

The collection become proven for greater than a year on many Arab channels, and it achieved the best viewing fees. The activities of the collection revolve around the political turmoil that turned into taking place in Turkey in 1967, and clarify the occasions Which had a extraordinary effect on the Turkish people, Ali works as a captain and is pressured to travel to many nations round the sector, and on a adventure of tour,

Captain Ali (Caroline) meets a overseas woman who works to separate Ali from his spouse and youngsters, and works to fully manage Captain Ali so that she will be able to Captain Ali falls into a battle between selecting Caroline the girl who loved him, or selecting his spouse and youngsters, the collection starring Arkan of Tekkia, Aiga Banjul, Yildiz Kajri Attksoy, Farah Zainab Abdullah, written by means of J. Shkun Ermak and directed by Zainab Junai Tan.

Awards won

She received many awards, inclusive of, in 2011 she gained the excellent Actress Award from the european nice Awards, she turned into chosen as the pleasant actress within the Femme Fatale software for Turkish tv in 2012, and he or she changed into additionally selected because the nice individual in Turkish tv by 48,6%. She became offered a prize. At the Altın Portakal movie pageant, she seemed on the cover of magazines which include GQ Turkey, Instyle home Turkey and pace mag, and he or she also became a style model at the catwalk of the fashion shows at Istanbul and Berlin fashion Week from 2011 till 2013.

Wilma Elles and her lover or husband

Wilma Elles is one of individuals who enjoyed sufficient good fortune, to be able to get the love of her existence at a young age, and he is the Turkish businessman Kerem Josh, and it’s far well worth noting that Kerem become able to offer marriage to Wilma inside the romantic Hollywood way, Wilma changed into within the town of Cappadocia, and she changed into imagining Her scenes in the collection “over time”, then Kerem surprised Wilma by imparting her marriage and supplying a marriage ring, then absolutely everyone congratulated them wishing them more fulfillment. Wilma gave beginning to two kids from Kerem, Veronica and Stephan.

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