Who is Turkish Nazli pinar kaya and religion report

1. What is religion Nazli pinar kaya?

Nazli pinar kaya is probably Muslim.

2. Who is boyfriend Nazli pinar kaya?

Nazli pinar kaya is unknown.

3. How old is Nazli pinar kaya?

Omar Nazli pinar kaya in 2020: 28 years.

4. What is the length of Nazli pinar kaya?

Her height is 165 cm.

5. What is Nazli pinar kaya’s date of birth?

November 16, 1992, AD.

Nazli pinar kaya Information about the Turkish actress TV series, Nazli pinar kaya length, age and date of birth, the wonderful actress who became famous in many wonderful roles, and a lot about her in one article.

religion Nazli Pinar Kaya Length Weight

What is her date of birth: November 16. 1992. how old is she in 2020: 28 years old What is her religion: probably Muslim. What is her height: 165 cm. What is its weight: 46 kg.
Actress Nazli pinar kaya and her life story

In addition to great beauty and tenderness. she has beautiful. attractive and delicate features. her pure white skin and brown eyes with brown hair that gave her a natural beauty. Nazli pinar kaya is about 160 cm in length. and weighs 46 kg. and is characterized by grace and consistency.

Information on Nazli pinar kaya

Full name: Nazli pinar kaya
Date of birth: November 16. 1992
Place of birth: Istanbul. Turkey
Age in 2020: 28 years
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Profession: a young actress
Nationality: Turkish
Religion: Muslim
The most important works of art: the Turkish series The Sea in My Heart
The beginning of the artistic career: 2013 in small roles
Close friend: Cagri Buyukyar
Artistic age: 7 years old and still working in the field of acting.
Popularity name with which she is best known: Vigan. named after her role in the series The Sea in My Heart.

Nazli pinar kaya series. movies and TV shows

Nazli pinar kaya began her artistic career in 2013 when she was 21 years old. and despite her young age. she managed to draw the attention of the public. producers and critics to her. due to her distinctive talent. presence and ability to perform various roles. and Nazli participated in many Turkish series such as The Bride Small. volunteer orphans. endless love.

The turning point in Nazli Pinar Kaya’s career was her role in the series “The Sea in My Heart”. as she presented the role of Vigan. and she starred in providing this role. and her name was even associated in the minds of the audience with the name Vigan.

TV series with the participation of Turkish actress Pinar Kaya

The Little Bride series
Beyond the Clouds series
Orphan volunteer series
Sea series that is in my heart
The series of love has no end

Official websites of Turkish actress Pinar Kaya


Information about Nazli Pinar Kaya. starring in the series Al Bahr

The Sea in My Heart series. which was produced and shown in 2016. the Turkish series revolves around the Deniz family who lives a happy life with a loving husband and has two children. and suddenly happiness turns upside down as a result of the husband’s sudden disappearance. so Deniz lives in a state of fear And anxiety. and the search for her husband begins. to discover that he has left her to marry a young girl. The star Nazli Pinar Kaya has co-starred in the series with many of the stars of the Turkish drama. including: Ozga Osberk. Kutsi. Sabhat Komas.

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