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Today we get to know the star Tolgahan Sayışman. When he was born. How old he is now. And when his artistic career began. For each fan of the star this is a detailed report on all the details and information related to his religion. Nationality. Astrological sign. His communication sites. His works and the secrets of his personal life His artistic career. Upcoming projects. His academic qualification. Special details about his life. a collection of personal photos of him.

Tolgahan Sayışman his origin his religion his nationality his age his studies

Our star is the artist Tolgahan Sayışman who has outstanding talent and beauty since he appeared on the screen. Was gorgeous. He has genius. He has a huge fan base all over the world everyone saw him as one of the rising stars. And soon he became a true big star. Known for all his works.

Tolgahan Sayışman is a Turkish actor. Model and broadcaster. Born on December 17. 1981 in Istanbul – Turkey. Where he is 38 years old. And his height is 187 cm and weighs 79 kg. The artist. Tolgahan. Belongs to the owners of Sagittarius.

His nationality is Turkish and his religion is Islam. Tolcahan studied high school at Kadikoy International School and graduated from Dogus University of Business Administration. As for his personal life. he is married to Almeida Abaza in 2017.

The social networking sites of the artist Tolgahan Sayışman

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Tolgahan Sayışmanofficial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tolgahan Sayışman
Instagram: HTTP: //www.instagram.com/tolgahan Sayışman

Favorite and favorite things for him

Favorite food is pizza. pasta
Actor Brad Pitt. Tom Hanks
Favorite Actress Jennifer Lawrence. Charlize Theron. Jennifer Aniston
Movie The Avengers Endgame (2019)
favorite drink is fresh mango juice
website is YouTube
favorite color is black. green and red
Favorite place for vacationing Paris. Thailand
Hobbies. Traveling and shopping

Tolgahan Sayışman and many details about him

Turkish actor Tolchan Saishman was born in Istanbul on December 17. 1981. where he completed his primary and middle studies in Istanbul. Obtained a high school diploma from Kadikoy International School in Cazıköy and completed his university studies at the Business School of Dusunivers University.

After his graduation. He worked as a TV presenter and then became a model. And he became widely known after graduating from university. his father is Haluk Sichman from an immigrant family from Celanik. his mother is Aisha Sichman in Trabzonspor and he has a sister named Neil Sachiman in 2017. He married from Miss Universe Almeida Abbasi on February 13th.
His artistic career in the world of acting

Tolgan Saishman is a talented star with many talents and characteristics that make him eligible to be one of the greatest stars of his time. Our star shines and his name spreads widely. Becoming the most famous name at that time.

The Turkish artist Toljhan Saishman was famous for being a model before entering the field of performance. And he was known as the winner. As he won the title of the best model in the world in 2004. Which attracted the attention of film and television producers to him. he became a TV star because he attracted the attention of all over the world and became a model.

Before becoming a Turkish actor. He worked in many TV shows in South Korea. So after his return to Turkey he starred in the popular Turkish TV series “Goodbye Rommel” and then the TV series “Lila” (Lila) in 2008 he won an award for his role in TV series.


he presented Turkey in the Manhunt International Beauty Male International competition. Which was established in South Korea and won the title of Male Beauty King in the World. After which he studied drama and spent a long period of training under the supervision of acting coach Ayla Algan.

In 2006. he participated in the TV series Acemi Cadı as a guest star and began to appear on TV; In the same year. he appeared in a number of TV series. including Esir Kalpler on Channel D. where he played Levent. and also participated in the series Maçolar that was broadcast on Show TV with the body of a character named Tongai.

In 2007. he presented several series of shows. Including the series Dicle in which he played the character Farhat. And in the same year he appeared as a guest in the youth series Hepsi1. Where he played the character Ali Kush.

On September 20. 2007. he played his first leading role in the famous Turkish series Farewell Rumel. In which he played Mustafa and broke the record in the classification. Which lasted until 2009 on October 19.

On October 24. 2008. he and actress Fakhriya Avgen starred in the famous movie Aşk Tutulması called Eclipse of Love. On November 9. 2009. another film of him starring AşkGeliyorum Demez Berguzar Coral Berghuzar Korel was shown and the movie was called “Game of Destiny” meaning The game of destiny.

In 2010

he co-starred as a guest star in the Kavak Yelleri youth series known as “The Willow Years” and on September 14. 2010. he played Shinar Puzzles in the popular TV series “Tulip Revolution” as Lily and became his first absolute TV tournament and was broadcast on FOXTV until year 2014.

In 2013

he starred in the movie Sürgün or “Exile” with actress Saadat Eshel Aksoy. And played the role called Sadat. In February 2015. He played the character Yigit Kozan in the TV show Aslavazgeçmem I Will Never Give Up. and participated with him in the appearance Amine Gülşe. which It aired until 2016. The same year it guest-starred in the comedy film Mazlum Kuzey.

On January 15. 2016. a new movie for him and his starring was titled Bizans Oyunları. Where he played the role of Prince Adonis. In 2020, he presented the championship series and the body of the Virat character The story of the series revolves around the boxer Virat. Who loves this game and his efforts to become the greatest boxer. The story begins with the boxer Ferat. Who is also a boxer. The head of his family. Has a son and a wife. And has fought to fulfill his dream all his life. He is Virat. Which is a white nickname. A promising young boxer whose life has died in an unfortunate accident. Viral abandoned his career and said goodbye to boxing.

Tolgahan Sayışman’s wife

He married the young actress Celine. Who played Leila in the series Layla. and rumors did not spread until they separated from each other. Then he married Miss Albania Almeida Abazi. After a long-time love story. And they celebrated his wedding to Almeida Abazi in February 2017 in Los Angeles in February and his wife Almeida Ibazi gave birth to a son named Evhan.

Tolgahan Sayışman Film and TV Series

2020 Seref Sözü (TV Series)
2019-2020 Sampiyon (TV Series)
2018 Bir Umut Yeter (TV Series)
2017-2018 Siyah Inci (TV Series)
2017 Eski Sevgili
2015-2016 Asla Vazgeçmem (TV Series)
2016 Bizans oyunlari: Geym of Bizans
2015 Mazlum Kuzey.

2010-2013 Lale Devri (TV Series)
2013 Sürgün
2011 Yer Gök Ask (TV Series)
2009 Ask geliyorum demez
2008 Ask Tutulmasi
2008 Hepsi bir (TV Series)
2008 Kavak Yelleri (TV Series)
2007 Dicle (TV Series)
2006 Esir kalpler (TV Mini-Series) i
2006 Maçolar (TV Series)


2011 Antalya TV Festival jury prize for the Tulip Revolution series
2011 International Gold Award as the most successful TV actor for the role of Shinar in the Tulip Revolution series
2011 Talent Award as Best Young Talented in Film & Television from AKa College.

2012 Young Player of the Year award from Istanbul Cultural University
2013 Best Representative of the Year Award from the 25th International Summit
2013 Crystal Award as Best Actor from Medya Faresi Magazine
2015 Best Stylish Actor Award from Costume Awards.

Tolgahan Sayisman and his sun
Tolgahan Sayisman and his sun
wifes Tolgahan Sayisman
wifes Tolgahan Sayisman