Who is Tolga Mendi? girlfriend age, his religion, his series

Personal information about Tolga Mendi

Date of birth: 23 – March. 1993
Age 2020: 27 years old
Place of birth: Izmir – Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Height: 186 cm
Weight: 78 kg
Religion Muslim.
Astrological Sign: Aries.
Hair color: Black.
Eye color: brown
Profession: Turkish actor
Beginning of his artistic career: 2015 – until now
Academic qualification: Civil Engineering from Cukurova University
Favorite hobbies: swimming – horse riding.

Life Story of Tolga Mendi

Tolga Mendi is a Turkish actor. Born in 1993 in Izmir. Turkey. The actor Tolga Mendi graduated from the Anatolian German School in high school and then joined the undergraduate university of Cukurova University.

Department of Civil Engineering. And after his graduation from the university. The actor Tolga Mendi studied acting for two years and appeared for the first time on Ali Turkish screens in 2015 through his participation in a Turkish series entitled Bitter Love. then his various. varied and successful artistic works followed. During which he achieved great successes.

Tolga Mendi and his girlfriend

Actor Tolga Mendi is not married. But recently some reports have surfaced indicating that there is a passionate love story that brings him with Survivor Damla Can and that they have been living together with each other for the past 8 months in a secret relationship away from people in the Belgrade forest in April, and they decided to live together.

By taking a big step for themselves. Actor Tolga Mendi has previously stated that when he has an emotional relationship with someone. he will hide his love and feelings from all social media sites.

Tolga Mendi and his acting career

Actor Tolga Mendi began to experience acting at the beginning of his life for the first time and before entering the world of art since he was in high school. As he participated in a number of plays on the school theater. which prompted him to love the world of art and acting and wished to become an artist and enter the world of art.

When Tolga Mendi finished his education. He joined the Institute of Crafts Theater to study and teach the art of acting and mastery. He entered the world of art and appeared on screens for the first time in 2015 through the series “Bitter Love” and was able to achieve great success from his participation in this series and also achieved the series High viewership and great viewer success.

Tolga Mendi and his acting career
Tolga Mendi and his acting career

But one of the most famous series that was the reason for its launch and great fame in Turkey and abroad is the series The New Bride. and actor Tolga Mendi became one of the most famous and successful young artists in Turkey. And his works and distinguished roles varied between romance comedy. Exciting drama and others.

The series Tolga Mendi

2020-2021 Sol Yanim (TV Series)
2015-2016 Aci Ask (TV Series)
2017-2018 Yeni Gelin (TV Series)

So much about Tolga Mendi

– Actor Tolga Mendi participated in a youth radio program entitled “Come on be” and answered all the questions the audience asked him. And also talked about his personal and family life and the difficulties he faced in his life and artistic career.

Actor Tolga Mendi stated that his mother was at first strongly opposed to his entry into the world of art and acting. but he insisted a lot because he loved art. So he focused a lot on his studies so that he could fulfill his dream of entering the artistic world.
– Actor Tolga Mendi. When he was young. Before entering art and acting. Wished to be a pharmacist or engineer when he grew up.

– One of the best things about Tolga Mendi is eating. as he always described his mother as a skilled cook because she cooked delicious food for him to the point that he gained a lot of weight and this made his friends describe him as panda

– Many fans and the public follow on social media. most of them are girls. And the number of his followers has reached about 300 thousand followers on social networking sites.

Actor Tolga Mendi in the series Yeni Gelin

Yeni Gelin is a Turkish romantic series written by Ersoy Guler and directed by Ersoy Guler. Tolay Kokatürk. and a number of distinguished artists in Turkey participated in it. including the actor Tolga Mendi – and Jessica May – Mustafa Afkran – Dagan College – Sima Cicek – Yonka شاهahinbash – Zainab Kankondi – Bursin Beldek – Essien Gundogdu – Farid Hilal Akin – Resol Aydin and other artists.

The story of the series revolves around the beautiful girl whose name is Bella. Who is embodied by the Turkish artist Jessica May. She was born in Spain in the high society in Madrid and Milan and is the only daughter of her family and her father was a new ambassador to Turkey. On the other hand. There is a handsome tea named Hazar. Agha. who is embodied by the actor Tolga Mendi. Who belongs to the Bozuk tribe in Turkey. and they meet and create a great love story between them. But there is a big difference in customs and traditions.

As she is a liberal girl and from a high society. and he is a young man who adheres to the values ​​and customs they are from Two different worlds. two different cultures and traditions. But this does not prevent and does not stand in the way of their love for each other, and they were able to challenge all of this and got married.

Actor Tolga Mendi in Deli Yürek

Actor Tolga Mendi starred in Deli Yürek. a Turkish police action series. and co-starred with the actor Tolga Mendi. a group of artists including Onur Tuna – Sidam Yanai – Rufida Oksuz – Hakan Yevkasijil – Ismail Hakki – Risa Akin – Sultan Olotas – Scape Taspinar Faik Ergen and others. and the series directed by Kudret Spancy.

The story and events of Deli Yürek revolved around a man who was in military service. and when his military service ended. He returned again to his country. Istanbul. in the district in which he lived. And when he arrived. He found this neighborhood inhabited by mafia gangs.

Drug and weapons dealers. Human organ dealers and He decided not to leave the neighborhood under the control of gangs and mafias. he wants to cleanse the neighborhood from them. And this makes him enter into many conflicts and wars between them. The rest of the events of the series take place in an interesting framework.

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