Who is Tolga Güleç Religion? Age TV series and report

Information about Tolga Güleç, his religion, his age, his nationality

Date of birth / 20 September 1981
His birthplace / Iskenderun. Turkey
Profession / TV Actor
Age / 39 years old
His nationality / Turkish
His religion / Muslim
Its weight is / 74 kg
Height / 176 cm
The eye color is green
Brown hair color
Astrological Sign / The Maiden
Marital Status / Married Yeliz Saar from 2013 to 2017
His artistic career began in 2009
Academic qualification / Cukurova University. University of September 9

Instagram. Twitter and Facebook Tolga Gulich

Instagram / https://www.instagram.com/tolgagulec/?hl=tr
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tolgagulec?lang=en
Facebook /facebook.com/officia/tolgagulec

Tolga Güleç and his biography

Tolga Güleç was born on Sunday 20 September 1981 in the city of Iskenderun is a Turkish actor who studied at Samsun Primary School. and lived in Izmir after graduating from high school (Izmir). After completing his studies. He lived in difficult teenage years and settled with his family in Adana. His father worked in A company in Adana.

At the same time Tolga graduated from high school in 1999 and completed his studies at the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences in the Department of Business Administration at Kokulova University. Then decided to pursue a different path in fine arts and leave the University of Cukurova to study and graduate from the acting department at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Dokuz Eulul University.

Information about Tolga Gulec
Information about Tolga Gulec

Everyone said once that he does not care what he read because he was lazy but despite that. Tolga Güleç is still a very smart boy. and after he obtained his university degree in the drama department. he joined the university and the drama became a part of it. Tolga Güleç is not ambitious but he is determined that he does not see Anyone posing as his competitor stated. “Everyone advances in their own way I try to conquer myself with determination I think you can be Uğur Yücel and Şener Şen like this.

He is lucky to have the opportunity to work with big names in the industry and our star said “I am very lucky. I have worked with very big names like Aisha Banjul. Fikret Kushkan. Erkan Petkaya. Shibnam Sunmez. Miral Chetinkaya. Hussain Avni Daniel I played with them all.

His hobbies include horseback riding, sports fishing, basketball, volleyball. fencing, dancing soccer swimming, diving. And musical instruments.

Tolga Güleç’s career in acting

He began his artistic career on stage in 2001 he appeared at the National Theater of Izmir and in August 2003. he joined the Dokuz Elyl Academy of Fine Arts to perform and work in theater for 6 years. and he graduated in 2009. His only dream was drama. and he was also a student. Studying and working hard. He initially played a bunch of interesting small roles in a range of Turkish successful feats. Such as Remember My Dear. Broken Wings.

He also acted in “Orange Juice”. a short film that was shown to the public in 2004. and he presented many Turkish series and won high fame. and participated in the series Fadela and her daughters. Fazilet Hanımve Kızları. Which enjoys high popularity and high ratings in Turkey and the Arab world.

In 2010, the industrious Turkish actor Tolga Jülich was chosen to be the role of Ahmed in the successful Turkish series. Over time. Tolga Jülich performed well in the three parts of the series. This is the most important stage in Tolga Jülich’s artistic career. And this is the starting point for him to enter the world of championship. And fame the work was co-starred by a group of the best stars of Turkish series. Among them Arkan Batkia. Aisha Banjul. Wilma Ellis. and Zainab Abdullah. and the work was written by the successful Turkish writer Gökçen Ermak and directed by Zainab Johnny Tan.

Tolga Gulecs career in acting
Tolga Gulecs career in acting

In 2017. Turkish actor Tolga Güleç was chosen to play the role of Gökhan in the successful Turkish series “Fadela and her daughter”. a Turkish drama series where Fadela and her daughters were filmed in a social and family environment. The series was produced in 2017 and broadcasted on Star TV. 50 episodes. Starring actors Deniz Baysal, Avra ​​Sarac, Caglar Artgrel and other actors.

Tolga Güleç and his wife

The personal life of the artist Tolga Jülich is full of surprises Tolga had a strong love story with the beautiful Turkish actress Yeliz Sar. they got married after a short engagement but separated from each other after nearly five years of marriage. They separated in 2017.

The news of their separation shocked the entire audience. Because the lovers of these two stars never expected that the love story between the two Turkish stars Tolga Julic and Willis Sarr would end with a divorce. Focusing on each other’s work.

After the divorce. The two stars were staying in the same house. But one night when the two stars met with friends. Because Tolga Güleç gave Lilles Sarr extreme jealousy. a violent dispute broke out between the two stars. then Tolga Welles returned home and packed their bags and left the house both deleted their shared photos and canceled Their friendship and posting on social media.

Turkish actress Yeliz Sar said. She can no longer stand Tolga Güleç’s excessive jealousy. Nor can he interfere with her clothes. Business and friendship.

Tolga Güleç Series and TV Shows

2019 Leke / Mehmet Tuna
2019- Showdown / Bronze
2017/2018 Mr. Fadela Hanim and her daughters / Gökhan Egemen
2016 Poyraz Karayel / Neşet Topal
2015 latest release / Brave
2014 Tree of Life / Kenan Yener
2013 I wrote your name to my heart / Khalil
2010/2011 This Time Is Passing / Ahmed Tashir
2008 day and night / Ahmed
2006 Remember my dear / Necdet Adali
2005 Messi / Young Aydin
2006 Broken Wings / Costas
2004/2007 Senior Encounter / Tonkai

Tolga Güleç Movies

2019- You smell like my daughter / Mustafa

2014: A Cow in Exile / Hazem

2013 missing pages / Ali

2012 Lost Sons in Difficult Years / Honor

2008 Sen Jasidi / Murad (short film)

Tolga Güleç’s plays

2020- Secret
2018 that night
2015 Inspector
2009 Chamaco (Abel Gonzalez Melo)
2009 Roberto Zucco (Bernard Mare Koltes)
2008 The Little Man That Happened To You
2006/2007 Avoid humans
2005/2006 Yer Demir Gök Copper
2005/2006 Zifir and Shevder
2004/2005 Tent of Those Who Cannot Touch Life
2004/2005 Cauldron Witch
2003/2004 III. Richard
2003/2004 Game of the Game
2002/2003 Taurus Monster at Izmir State Theater
2001/2002 The Saintness of Stories on the Izmir Theater

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