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personal details

Date of Birth: August 14, 1973
Age: 46 years old
Jaw sign: Leo
Wife: Bilge Torey, (m. 2012)
Children: He has two children
Education(s): TED College, Ankara University, State Institute
University: Mimar Sinan University, Faculty of Fine Arts
Occupation: Actor, musician and Thespian
Beginning: 2003-present
Albums: Bodrum Tale Vol.3, May \ hoş, Kapalicarsi
TV Shows: “Bodrum Tale” with Ceval Sam, Dylan Cesc-Deniz, Aslhan Gurbu, Helmy Jim Entebbe, and Albrine Dumaz
Films: “Muslim” in 2018
Award(s): Golden Orange and SIYAD Award, 2004
Religion of Islam
Nationality: Turkish
Residence: Istanbul, Turkey
Eye color: brown
Hair color: black

Who is timucin esen


He was born on August 14, 1973 in Adana, Turkey, in the Turkish TV series “Gonul Yarasi” in 2004. He studied acting in the United States.

After studying at TED Ankara College, he enrolled to study theater at the State Higher Institute of Ankara University and eventually graduated from Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts. Then he went to the California Institute of Art in the United States to obtain his master’s degree. He received training from acting teacher Larry Moss. After returning to Turkey, he played in the series. Essen starred in the movie Heartache, which won Golden Orange and SIYAD.

Timuçin Esen graduated from TED Ankara College, studied theater at Ankara University Higher Institute for two years and then graduated from İstanbul Mimar Sinan University’s Department of Theater. While studying at the Hacettepe State Institute in Ankara, he began to sing and play in bars.

He also studied theater in Italy and the USA. She did her MA in Film Directing at the California Secluded University of the Arts in Los Angeles for 7 years.

Date of Birth August 14 1973
Date of Birth August 14 1973

Series and movies timucin esen


the movies

The Night of the Madman (2003)
Heads or Tails (2003)
Heartache (2005)
The Blue Elephant (2008)
Lake (2008)
Grand Bazaar (2009)
Labyrinth (2011)
Seaburners (2012)
Your Story (2013)
Master of the Seagulls (2017)
Muslim (2018)

TV Series

Expatriate Woman (2003-2005)
Thief Police (2005-2007)
Conscience (2013-2014)
Business of the Heart (2014-2015)
The Bodrum Story (2016-2017)
Goldberry (2018-2019)

theater games:
2006-2008 – Garbage from Mikado

timucin esen family


Timuçin Esen was born to a lawyer mother and father who works for State Hydraulic Works in Adana. His mother’s name was Nihal and his father’s name was Timossen Essen, and he spent his childhood in Kiban Dam until the age of seven.


Wife Bilge Torey

His acting career

During his school years, he made a medium-length film titled “Cikmaz Sokak”. After completing his education, Timuçin Esen returned to the audience with his role as Hakkı Ağa in the series “Gurbet Kadını”. After the series, Meltem Cumbul and Sener Sen “Gönül Yarası” participated in the cinema movie.

In Gönül Yarası, he portrayed Esen Halil, the man who was breaking the world for love and won the Best Male Supporter award at the 42nd Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival. He also participated in, “The Thief Police” devoted himself to his work in the series, Living For ideals, and Cinar gained public appreciation for his role. Istanbul Beyoglu opened in 2012, and sold in loincloths, towels, soap dispensers and similar souvenirs. The name of the store in French was named “Peche de Malle” (Peaches in the Box). Timuçin Esen, who is also a musician, released his debut album “Mayhoş” in 2011.

Bodrum Tale series


The story of the Bodrum Tale series revolves around a very rich class, and the property of this family goes to hotels and ships, but unfortunately this pamper did not last long, as the risk of the father and greed made him lose everything he owned in a blink of an eye, and return from scratch where he started. It is the village of Bodrum. Star Timuçin Esen played the role of Faryali.
Gulbeire series

The events of the work revolve around Gulpiri, whose husband dies and leaves her three children, a boy, a twin daughter and a young boy. She lives in the midst of her husband’s family who treat her badly, but she lives for her children, dreams of settling for them, but fails because her husband’s family is one of the great agas, the father of the husband. The head of the town and Agha Maarouf, and the owner of influence and money.

The dialogue begins when a brother-in-law molests her, and they are alone, and she tried to defend herself by stabbing him, the uncle did not die, but she tried to defend herself, but they proved that she was notorious and that she had an affair with one of the men, and when he discovered the boys’ uncle she tried to kill him so that he would not expose her, she was sentenced With two years in prison, and after she got out of prison, the grandfather of the boys refused to return to the palace or see the children and forcibly traveled her to Istanbul, I searched for a lawyer so that she could obtain custody of the children again, and I found a friend of hers of 80 years and he is now working as a lawyer who plays the role of the artist ( Temuchin), when he hears her story and that the Agha, who was the cause of his father’s flight from the town when he was young, decides to help her and stand in front of the injustice, without getting any fees from her.

Gulberry started looking for an apartment and a job, and indeed she was able to live in a building and work in it as a gatekeeper instead of paying the rent. She also got a job in a store. She returned with the lawyer to the town because of her case, and the lawyer was able to deny her the idea that she was related to one of them. She has to take custody of the children again, but her children do not treat her well, rather they are convinced that she is wrong and that she tried to kill their uncle, and they refuse to live with her, and she will begin to suffer by convincing them that she has been wronged. The children’s grandfather did not remain silent and will try hard to obtain their custody again by tightening the screws on her. You think she will receive a mother who will get the children’s love again.

Muslim movie


The role of the artist was embodied during his childhood by the actor Şahin Kındırı, while the Turkish actor Timucin Esen embodied his role during his adolescence. Famous actors participated in the film, about the life story of one of the Turkish singing legends, Muslim Gurses
Co-starring Temucin Asin, Erdal Basikcioglu, Aysha Benjul, Zerin Tekindor, Tanar Olmaz, Joven Kirac and Arkan Can
Taymour will play the role of a Muslim, and Zerin will be the role of a respectable Nour wife, while you will find Aisha Benjul the role of his mother, Amn Akbash, where she will appear in flashback scenes. The role was for actress Burger Corel, who declared her admiration for the work, but she refused it because she was preoccupied with her son and filming her series You Are My Homeland, especially since the filming of the film will be in Adana

Doctor House


In 2019 and 2010, timucin esen will be the hero of the Turkish version of the series “Doctor House”. The plot revolves around Dr. House, who leads a team of doctors, who is a genius, eccentric, cynical, narcissistic, and addicted to Vicodin. Karga 7 production company presented the script to Timochin a year ago, but his response was not positive. She offered the role to Haluk Belgener, who initially agreed, but then withdrew. So the company negotiated with Temucin and an agreement was reached. Temucin Esin gave his consent to star in the Turkish version of the series Dr. It remains only to sign the contract.

Instagram and Twitter timucin esen


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/timucinesenfanpage
Twitter site: https://twitter.com/timucinesen1?lang=ar

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