Who is the Turkish Azra Akın Koru? husband, religion, age, and a report

1. What is the religion of Azra Akın Koru?

The religion of Azra Akın Koru is most likely Muslim.

2. Who is Azra Akın Koru’s sweetheart?

Habib Azra Akın Koru is married to Atakan Koru and has children.

3. How old is Azra Akın Koru?

Age of Azra Akın Koru in 2020: 39 years old.

4. How tall is Azra Akın Koru?

Its height is 177 cm.

5. What is Azra Akın Koru’s birthdate?

December 8, 1981.

Azra Akın Koru Information about the Turkish actress TV series, Azra Akın Koru’s height, age and date of birth, the wonderful actress who became famous in many wonderful roles, and a lot about her in one article.

Religion Azra Akın Koru height weight

What is her date of birth: December 8, 1981 AD, how old is she in 2020: 39 years What is her religion: Probably Muslim. What height: 177 cm. and What is its weight: 65 kg.

Actress Azra Akın Koru and her life story

Azra Akın Koru Azra Akın born December 8, 1981, Turkish actress. She is a modern Turkish model who speaks fluent Dutch, Turkish and English. Akin won the Miss Turkey title in 2002 and in the same year she won the Miss World title, best known for the role of the orphan

Aylul in the series Yağmur Zamani

Her father, Nazem Akin, is from the province of Ushak. He played football once at Eskişehir club, graduated from Yildir University of Purification and currently works as a translator. Her mother works as a teacher in the Netherlands and is from Afyon Emerdag. The family settled in the Netherlands in 1971. She has a sister, who is two years younger, named Doruk. Azra Akın Koru learned arts fields such as music, ballet and painting in the Netherlands.

Biography of artist Azra Akın Koru

Date of birth: 8 – December – 1981
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius.
Place of birth: Almelo, Netherlands.
Age in 2020: 39 years.
Nationality: Turkish – Dutch.
Religion: Muslim.
Height: 177 cm.
Eye color: brown.
Hair color: brown.
The beginning of the artistic career: The artistic career began in 2004
Years of activity: up to about 16 years.
Marital Status: Married.
Spouse’s name: Atakan Koru.
Date of marriage: 2017
Number of children: She has one son.
Son’s Name: Demir Koru.
Father’s name: Nazem Akin.
Sister’s Name: Doruk Akin.
Most important artwork: Yağmur Zamani series, Poyraz Karayel series.
Most important awards and titles: She was called Miss Turkey and Miss World in 2002
Profession: Actress, model and beauty queen.
Spoken languages: Turkish, English and Dutch.

Azra Akın Koru Series Movies and TV Shows

Besides being a beauty queen and a famous model, Azra Akın Koru has joined the artistic field and presented a group of works that we mention as follows:

television series

Yağmur Zamani in 2004
The Big Family 2011
MUSK in 2012
Darwish victory in 2014
Poyraz Karayel in 2015


Chest Alishk in 2009

She won first place at the foot of Turkey in the elite model competition in 1998. After that, she won first place in the Miss Turkey contest organized by Star TV in 2002. The result of this competition made her join the Miss World contest, and she was called Miss World in 1932, then she became the second person Nicknamed Miss Turkey after Kariman Halis, Azra Akın Koru who continued to model and starred in TV series and advertisements as well.

Information about her starring in the series Yağmur Zamani

A Turkish series, dubbed into the Syrian dialect, was shown on Al-Rai Channel, which is a social series about an orphan girl who was raised in a shelter and found on a rainy day on a September day, so the character’s name is September. The heroine of the film is also former Miss Turkey. Starring, Mahmoud Hassan, Lina Hawarneh, Sorry Akin, Dinner Woud, Aki Hakim.

The series revolves around the story of the rich Furat, who owns the most famous nightclubs in Istanbul, and despite this wealth, he suffers from the problem of his wife leaving and leaving her young, especially his young daughter “Naz”, so Furat tries to find a good nanny to take care of his young children, so he meets the girl of the shelter “September” who is exposed to Exciting events and situations inside the family home of Mr. Furat, as September dreamed of completing her studies in London, but she left that dream for the sake of work.

Eulul tries to take care of his young children, especially the girl “Naz” who is kidnapped by people trying to pressure Mr. Furat to sell his share in the nightclub, and with the passage of time, “Naz” begins to get closer and harmonious with September, so that interest develops in the heart of Furat to the love of September, At the expense of his relationship with Aida, which was gradually developing into his wife, does September occupy the position of Aida in the heart of Mr. Furat? Many family situations and events that take place between family members, the nanny and the clinic.

Azra Akın Koru and her lover or husband

Azra Akın Koru explained that her lover, Atakan Koru, offered her marriage while they were on a tour in Brazil, and Azra Akın Koru said that at this moment she was overwhelmed with great happiness and did not hold herself up and cried from joy after a 4-year love story she married in 2017 until now and gave birth Demir Koru.

Her relationship with the artist Kivanc Tatlitug

Azra Akın Koru had a romantic relationship with the famous Turkish star Kivanc Tatlitug known as Muhannad for nearly seven years, during which they separated once for two years and then regained the relationship again, and some sources stated that they had married after that return, but that relationship did not continue to return to separation Once again definitively despite their many efforts in trying to maintain the connection, but the problems and differences had reached their peak, which led to their final separation in 2017.

Her visit to the prisons of Turkey

Miss Azra Akın Koru and the Turkish actress, Erzum Onan, on their initiative to draw attention to the children and infants who were staying with their mothers in prisons, she took 40 children from the prison in Kerkoy in Turkey out of the prison for one day.

Akin stated on her own page on the social networking site Facebook, saying: “What is the fault of these children to stay with their mothers in prisons, proper education is the right and duty of every child. We cannot ignore the right of these children because their parents or mothers are prisoners, if these children are forced to grow up. Inside prisons, accompanied by their mothers, then we have to make sure that conditions inside prisons are not different from their lives outside, so that our conscience reassures.

She added, “I want to ask, is everything okay with regard to the nutrition, health and education of these children ?, What about their psychological state ?, We must not forget that every child who is not brought up in healthy conditions will live in our conscience as if it is a deep wound. It can be closed.

Azra Akın Koru attached a photo of these children during their visit to an aquarium in one of Turkey’s parks during the day I accompanied them outside the prison.

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