Who is Pelin Karahan? religion, husband, children

The Turkish star Pelin Karahan, information and details about her age, what is her religion. Who is her husband, the number of her children, the most important information about her personal life and her favorite things.

Her husband and children and new photos of her. We also show you a report. Detailed information about the most important works in which she participated in. including series, films, plays, and the awards she received, and their role in the series Stuat Alsafat and Muhteşem Yüzyıl.

Information and report on Pelin Karahan

Pelin Karahan is a Turkish actress, who was born October 6, 1984. And she is aged in 2021. Is 37 years old, and her real name is Bilin Bekiroglu. She is one of the signs of Libra She started her artistic career in 2007.

She studied and graduated from Anatolian University. Department of Tourism Administration. Actress Pelin Karahan is an actress of Arab origins, her mother is Turkish. And she used to work as a fashion designer. She is Nural Kochet and her father is from Libya, which is Biram Ali Karhan.

The beginning of the actress Pelin Karahan

Actress Pelin Karahan started her career as a pop singer in Turkey. And she enjoys a very wonderful voice when she was young and liked to participate in the activities. That were staying in the school such as singing, dancing and acting.

The actress Pelin Karahan also participated in the Kavak Yelleri series. It was her first Turkish series in which actress Pelin Karahan appeared. And after that she became more famous in Muhteşem Yüzyıl. Which won the admiration of many viewers and achieved a very high viewership. And the actress Pelin Karahan participated in Muhteşem Yüzyıl as Maryam.

Pelin Karahan’s husband and children

The Turkish actress Pelin Karahan was married to the Turkish play Ardingoglu for two years. The public avoided their separation for reasons not yet known. After a period of time, the Turkish actress Pelin Karahan announced her marriage again to well known. And well-known Turkish businessman named Badri Gontai. Their wedding was held in Sultan Adilah’s palace. During the wedding ceremony.

All attendees were surprised by the well-known actress Nour Fattahoglu witnessing the marriage. Contract due to the relationship that binds them together. As a strong friendship between actress Pelin Karahan and Nur Fattahoglu.

Who was known through Muhteşem Yüzyıl, and she played Nahed as her second husband. She also gave birth to her second husband Badri. Guntai had two children, Ali Demir Guntai. And Ayoub Guntai lived a happy, stable life with her husband and children.

Pelin Karahan family
Pelin Karahan family

Actress Pelin Karahan’s TV series and movies

Kavak Yelleri 3 series 2010: The series was shown on March 2, 2010, in Turkey. It is a dramatic work. The events of the series revolve around the completion of the events of the first.

The second parts and continue the events in the third part of the series. Which is the story of friends in Izmir. Forever. Eitan, Ngoglu, Asli Enver, Ibrahim Kendrisi, Dagan Kulakac. and Pelin Karahan participated in the work.

Muhteşem Yüzyıl Part Two in 2012:

It was shown in 2012. And it is a dramatic series that revolves around the events of the second part by completing the events of the first part. And completing the events in the second part of the series. Which is the life of Sultan Suleiman. Who ruled the Ottoman state for a period of time, which is in 1520 AD until his death in 1566 AD. The most important rulers who ruled the Ottoman state.

The series revolves around the sixteenth century and all its events about what is going on inside the palace ruled by Sultan Suleiman. The great Ottoman ruler. And Sultan Suleiman will fall in love with one of the slave girls, Huyam. Who is Russian, and everything that goes on inside her is opening the way for her son Selim to take over his father’s position. So Rustam Pasha helped her in Plots were made. They succeeded. And the travel of Sultan Mustafa. It was used in one of the military campaigns to inform Suleiman that his son wanted to assume his position.

Selim the first took over his grandfather, who was Bayazid the second. And was killed. And his son was summoned to his tent and killed him. Sultan Suleiman for him. Another named Jahangir died after the death of his brother Mustafa. A little out of distress and grief for his brother. The work was attended by Muhammad Gunsur. Handi Subashi, Arda Anarat, Hilal Nebahat Jahri, Milik Yalova. Okan Yalbek, Uzan Govin. Maryam Ozerli, Khaled Argenich. Nur Fattahoglu and Pelin Karahan.

Muhteşem Yüzyıl Part 1 2011:

The series was shown on January 5, 2011. And it is a dramatic series. That revolves around what is going on inside the Sultan’s palace, known as Haramlek. Nationality.

The work was attended by Maryam Ozerli, Khaled Argench, Mujda Ozman. Mehmet Polat, Naji Adigüzel, Nur Fattahoglu, Abeer Hariri, Hilal Nipahat Jahri. Milik Balova, Okan Yalbek, Burak Ozgivit, Berghuzar Korel and Pelin Karahan. The series is written by Miral Okay and directed by the Tylan Brothers.

Awards received by Pelin Karahan

Actress Pelin Karahan won the Media & Arts Award as the most successful. The best woman and actor for her role in the series Kavak Yelleri.

Information about actress Pelin Karahan

Actress Pelin Karahan is one of the stars who love and is most interested in fashion. Fashion and is always keen to appear in full elegance on any occasion. Or attend parties while she was working for a period of time. As a fashion designer and this helped her a lot in choosing her clothes. Being one of the stars able to choose her costumes. That impress many of her friends In the middle and viewers too.

Actress Pelin Karahan is one of the actors who are very attached to pets. Pelin Karahan loves raising animals. Also shares her blood on social media accounts. With pictures of animals. She always talks about kindness and how to deal with it gently and this as it is stated in the Islamic religion. Out of love. Actress Pelin Karahan presented a program about animals, their breeding and how to deal with them. She says that dealing with pets makes her feel safe and happy. Actress Pelin Karahan’s favorite sport is swimming.

From the sayings of Pelin Karahan

Actress Pelin Karahan said that one of the reasons for her fame is her childish face. Which radiates innocence, and her spontaneous way of speaking with which she treats people.  the same way she appears on television.

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