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The Turkish actress Özgü Kaya

1. What is the religion of Özgü Kaya?

The faith of Özgü Kaya might be Muslim.

2. Who is Özgü Kaya’s lover?

Özgü Kaya is single.

3. How antique is Özgü Kaya?

Age of Özgü Kaya in 2020: 24 years vintage.

4. How tall is the Özgü Kaya?

Her height is 163 cm.

5. What is Özgü Kaya’s beginning date?

June 17, 1996.

Özgü Kaya information about Turkish actress television series, height of Özgü Kaya, age and date of start, fantastic actress who have become famous in many brilliant roles, and loads about her in a single article.

Religion of Özgü Kaya peak Weight

What’s her date of birth: June 17, 1996, CE, how antique is she in 2020: 24 years vintage what’s her religion: in all likelihood Muslim. What’s her peak: 163 cm.  its weight: 55 kg.
Actress Özgü Kaya and her lifestyles tale

Özgü Kaya became born in 1996 in Istanbul, and now she keeps her schooling on the state Institute at Istanbul university, her first enjoy in appearing turned into Sibel Yılmaz within the Uday Evsan collection, starring Erdal Besikoglu, Göokay Bahadir and Rogda Demirer, her top is 163 cm, her weight is 53 kg, her astrological sign he is a Gemini, although she is fashionable like a deer at the age of 20, but she may be as powerful as a wasteland lion while necessary. He’s decided, bent and curious. He’s distinguished from his peers by using his intelligence and know-how of politics, records and geography.

Facts about Özgü Kaya

Date of birth: June 17, 1996
Age in 2020: 24 years vintage.
Place of birth: Istanbul – Turkey
Nationality: Turkish.
Faith: Muslim.
Marriage: single.
Peak: 163 cm.
Hair colour: black.
Astrological sign: Gemini.
Instructional qualification – educational: Istanbul kingdom college
whilst did she begin her artistic career: She commenced her creative career in 2017.

Series Özgü Kaya films and TV shows

She started out acting as an actress in 2017 through (Adi Efsane – The Legend), a Turkish social drama collection starring the actress Gokcha Bahadur, known as Lily in the Arab international from the series Fallen Leaves and the actor Erdal Bisikilo, aired on the Turkish Canal de On January 28, 2017, the story revolves around the collection is set Tariq (Erdal Pisikchilo), the famous vintage basketball participant who retired because of an harm that threatened his career inside the basketball courts, and he’s the daddy of daughters, one among them named Meles and the opposite Zainab, however his spouse died and his uncle daughters Seychelles (Rogda Demir) takes care of them due to the fact she is the one who owns Wills over them.

Tariq attempts to improve his bad existence for you to restore his daughters and set up a vivid future for him and his daughters. Tariq works in a government high school and receives to realize the Turkish literature instructor (Gokcha Bahadur), and there Tariq receives to know some of the scholars who he includes in the basketball team led by using their colleague Hakan (Jim) and seeks Tariq to sign the settlement at college and get a better life to get his daughters again, and the activities revolve around the troubles that Tariq faces and his tries to get his daughters back.

Records about her staring inside the series Kot Al Amara

The collection Kut’ül Amare (in Turkish: Kut’ül Amare), a Turkish history that started its presentation on January 18, 2018 advert and revolves around the role of Ottoman squaddies within the war of the Siege of Kut and the famous warfare between the British and Ottomans within the town of Kut (Wasit Governorate) southeast of Baghdad in Iraq all through the arena battle the first, wherein the English navy was defeated by the Ottoman military, the Ottoman victory within the struggle of Kut al-Amara, and it’s miles the closing epic left by using the Ottoman Empire to its inheritor, the kingdom of Turkey. The series revolves around the character of “Muhammad” who symbolizes the contributors of the Ottoman army.

The collection makes a speciality of him at each moment via the excitement, motion, and deep emotion of the Ottoman country. Further, even as Muhammad offers his lifestyles to the u . S . A ., Zainab Al Arabiya, who can also symbolize the Arabs, will love him. Muhammad, a student at Dar Al Funun, does no longer hesitate to show any sort of sacrifice and effort for his homeland for this. The purpose, he volunteers to work inside the Ottoman column (the squaddies’ battalion) below the command of the commander “Suleiman al-Askari” Bey, who chooses the most capable soldiers, and “Muhammad” fights a superb struggle to accept and be part of the Ottoman navy.

Özgü Kaya and her lover or husband

Followers of the actress “Özgü Kaya” have been surprised that she had a love affair with the actor “Sardar Chanal” who participated in the series “no person knows.” The story of their love started all through their filming of the first episodes of the collection, which fast lit the hearth of affection between them, and they did now not display this even after the whole collection ended, and they posted pics of them collectively having a laugh in Paris together.

The Turkish actress Özgü Kaya
The Turkish actress Özgü Kaya
with Burak Serdar Şanal
with Burak Serdar Şanal
Who is Özgü Kaya
Who is Özgü Kaya