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Ozge yagiz, her religion, her height and weight

Date of birth: 10 – April 1997
Age: 23 years old
Astrological Sign: Aries
Place of birth: Turkey – the town of Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Academic qualification: I graduated from Baskent University with a degree in Communication Sciences. She studied acting at No10Studios.
Marital Status: Unmarried
Height: 165 cm
Weight: Unknown
Years of activity: 2016 – until now
Profession: Actress.

Information on Ozge Yagiz

Born in Turkey on April 10. 1997 Ozge Yagiz is one of the successful TV actresses. She has been ranked in the list of those celebs who were born on April 10. 1997. She has a sister. Who is one of the richest TV actresses. Who was born in Turkey. She also has a place among the list of the most popular TV actresses. Ozge Yagiz is one of the famous people. And despite her simple beginning. She became a well-known artist in a short time. She became very popular. Has a great future in art. And won a wide fan base due to her successful works and distinguished roles.

Dazzles the audience with her beauty Özg Yagiz. Who appears among the future leading actresses. Especially admired for her successful acting. Özge Yağız. Who tries to give full right to every role she plays. Owes her acting skills to the communication lessons she took at Bakent Academy of Communication Sciences and the acting lessons she took at No10Studios.

Ozge Yagiz Social Media Sites

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ozgeyagizz/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hashtag/ozge yagiz? Lang = en

Facebook: https://ar-ar.facebook.com/ozgeyagizofficial/? Ref = page_internal

Ozge Yagiz’s friend and lover

The artist Ozge prefers not to mention the details of her marital status. As she is not related and does not have a lover or close friend. But she has many friends that she loves to go out with and share with her, and she is an aspiring artist. So all she thinks about is her artistic future and work only. We mention that Famous TV Actress Ozge Yagiz’s net worth is $15 Million at the age of 22 years. She got the money being a professional TV actress.

Ozge Yagiz TV Series and Movies

2020-2021 Sol Yanim (TV Series)
2019-2020 Yemin (TV Series)
2016 Adini sen koy (TV Series)

Ozge Yagiz TV Series and Movies

Yemin (TV Series) Reyhan

She stars in this series and embodies the character of Reyhan. the Yemin series written by Gökhan Zincir and directed by Serkan Birinci and starring Özge Yağız. Gökberk Demiri. the number of seasons 2 and the number of its episodes 227 episodes.

Reyhan is an orphan girl in her twenties. Rihan was raised. With a respect for tradition. One day. Rehan’s mother passed away and the girl’s life drastically changed.

Yemin series story

The series tells the story of Hikmat. Who brought his niece Rayhan to Istanbul to marry his spoiled son Amir. Rayhan did not want to marry a stranger. But her uncle asks her to tell him about his illness. She agrees to marry her uncle. Amir did not want to marry either because he loves his freedom so much. But after his father forced him to do so.

he agreed. But he vowed to treat Rehan badly until she divorced him himself. Rayhan has been mistreated by Amir and his mother. Kavidan. But they find comfort in her uncle and her sister-in-law. Sona. Things changed and Rehan and Amir fell in love with each other. But at the end of the season. Rehan decides whether to leave the prince.

At the start of the next season. Rehan decided not to let the prince, and they were both upset with each other. He will pass on fire to set the house where Prince and Rihan reside. The next day. Rayhan confessed her love to the prince. Cemre thinks it’s more beautiful than Basil. One day Cemre runs into basil and tells her she is taller. Fairer prettier and smarter than Reyhan who looks like a dwarf in front of tall Cemre. Kimry and Rehan get into a physical battle in which Simri defeats Rayhan.


feels offended and seeks revenge in order to regain her lost honor. but Cemre defeats her every time and everywhere. As the days went by. Cemre created a fake video against the prince and Rayhan threatened to divorce the prince for a well. Rehan Well Amir considered so well that she decided to divorce. But Amir was still fighting for his love. Simre’s mother. Sohaila. learns Simer and Cavedan’s evil plans against Prince and Rehan and decides to tell the Prince everything. but she is beaten and killed by a car.

Days later. Amir finally saw the fake video and Simri was arrested. Believing that she has lost everything. Cemre tries to commit suicide by throwing herself in a car. but she escapes and escapes from the hospital and tries to burn Amir and Basil again by kidnapping Suna. This time Suna managed to walk and save her. Cemre ends up in a mental hospital and reveals Cavidan to the police. However. Nobody believes in Cemre because she gets mad and in order to save herself. Cavidan hires a man to give Cemre an electric shock so that everything is wiped from her memory.

Ozji Yajs in the series Adini sen koy

The series “You Call It What You Want” revolves around “Omar”. a rich man whose sister is sick. The doctor told him that she would not live more than 3 months only. His sister loves very much and wants to see him happy. Married. As for “Zahra”.

She is a beautiful girl from a poor family who is looking for a job. And her father is sick in the hospital and needs money to be cured. They met by chance many times under different circumstances. When “Zahra” came to the company to request a job. “Omar” thought that she had an affair with his sister’s husband. so he tries to solve the matter by making “Zahraa” his sweetheart and his wife.

The series is called (Adını Sen Koy) in Turkish. and it is a romantic drama series. which is one part. It was shown on the TRT channel and premiered on September 19. 2016.
The heroes of the series are (Erkan Meriç as Omar. Hazal Subaşı as Zahra. Ezgi Baran as Elif. Yaprak Durmaz. Aykut İğdeli)

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