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Facts and data about “Özge Törer”

Özge Törer, the Turkish actress who became famous through her role in the series Resurrection Osman in Dol Bala Khatun, got to know with us the actress Özge Törer ozge torer, age, upbringing and study, what is her most prominent work and how the artistic opening was and the many statements and pure and renewable news.

Information about Özge Törer

Birthdate 1998
The birthplace of Istanbul
Turkish citizenship
Academic Certificate Muğla Sıtkı Kocaman University, Department of Performing Arts
Social circumstance not married yet

Who is Fourth Bala Hatun?

From her first moments on television. The question began about who she is the owner of the fourth role. Bala Hatun and the second wife of Othman. And how the biggest role for her is with that distinction. Even though she had no attempt to act before her. From just 22 years old. He dazzled followers with his apparent beauty.

The young actress. Osman’s Bala Hatun. Attracted caution through her social media posts. She was highly rated by her natural countries. Here is Osman’s Bala Hatun basis by Özge Törer.

Özge Törer was born in Istanbul in 1998. Her education remains at Muğla Sıtkı Kocaman University. The Department of Performing Arts. He had his first acting endeavor with the Osman series Özge Törer. Who gives life to Bala Hatun in the Osman series. Which is canceled on the screens ATV. 1.68 m. 56 kg and payload.

The beginning of her acting career

Her artistic career has begun since the beginning of the work in which the Othman series appeared. Which obtained the unprecedented number in history on all on the screen. Osman Company was created with great care in the world. And became the forerunner in the Turkish serial episodes sector in the global arena and on Wednesday nights that are He sang it. with the cast. Standout version. costumes, and gorgeous plateau.

Meet Bala Hatun

The character of Bala Hatun. who was brought to life by Ozj Turer. wife of Osman Bey at the same time. and also the daughter of J. Idibaly surprised the fans who followed Ozg Tourer. Who attracted caution with her beauty Osman managed to free Idibali’s daughter Bala Hatun from the hand of Yanis. But Bala Hatun Poisoned and his antidote in the hands of Yannis Osman. Who was thrown into a tent in a cage because he stabbed Batur. son of Dundar Bey he will face Dundar for the first time after he passed away.

Ozj Turer, The heroine of the founder Osman (Bala Hatun). Was among the names most complemented by the fifth part of the trailer for a commercial facility Othman about the beautiful actress. Who is the methodologist of Othman Bala Hatun Ozj Tourer? Where does Osman Bala Hatun Uzi Tourer come from? The questions were searched in a series. the character Bala Hatun.

Who was brought to life by Ozj Turer. Osman Bey’s wife at the same time. and also the daughter of J. Idibaly. Fans who followed Özg Tourer. Who attracted the attention with her beauty. were surprised to see her brother on social media. Bala Hatun ozge torer and her brother were liked.

Facts and data about Ozge Torer
Facts and data about Ozge Torer

Here is Osman Bala Hatun company

Who is fourth Bala Hatun. how did she live in the pastime and when did she die?

Rabia Bala Hatun. whose exact time of birth is unknown. lived in the 13th century. She is the second wife of Othman Ghazi. the daughter of Sheikh Idbali and the mother of Alaeddin Pasha. Osman Ghazi revived his elder marriage in 1280 with the Hatton fortune. daughter of Orhan Ghazi’s mother and Umar Abd al-Aziz Bey. one of the Seljuk viziers.

When did Bala Hatun get married how is he in this world, and where is she?

Osman Ghazi gained power in the year 1289 with the marriage of the second daughter of Sheikh Idbali Rabia. Bala Hatun. Rabia’s cemetery without Hatun with her mother. in a place next to the tomb of her father Sheikh Idibali in Bilecik. Rabia Hatun passed away in 132. grandchildren: Yildirim Bayazid. Public Prosecutor. Yaakov Jalibi. Qayyim Hatton. Sultan Hatton. Khalil Bey. Ibrahim Bey Turunlar: I. Murad. Suleiman Pasha. Shehzad Khalil. Fatima Hatun K Özg Tourer. who portrays the character of Rabia Bala Hatun. is also a name that attracts discretion.

ozge torer and its first experience

Özge Törer, who gave life to the character Bala Hatun in the Osman series popular company Osman. is done to GÜNAYDIN ​​about his character and the series. Looking at Bala Hatun as her inspiration. Özge Törer said. “It is not simple to give life to a name known as Bala Hatun and whose history he enjoys. With a fine personality. ”

“The Founder Othman” series is your first acting endeavor. How did it feel to start your career with a luxury project?

It is a craft to which I am dedicated. Yes. regardless of my first experience. I always felt the confidence of our producer. Mohamed Bouzdag. and our general manager Thabet Gounay and our managers were aware of the extent of the great project and the aspiration with which I started my career. It is a job I want, and I think she works hard. I try to reflect that the excitement of the personality that I give Life has a positive way.

What would you say about the historical figure “Bala Hatun”?

It’s very hard to give life a clear name with a good history. Bala Hatun is pure. Witty brave hero and more. The daughter of Sheikh Idbali. Who established the inauguration of the Ottoman country. Passed by her education. I admire Bala Hatun’s position as a result of that admiration. I feel it and play it. Furthermore, I am a partner in her struggle. Furthermore, I feel perfect and fine throughout playing the character.

With Episode 13 it aired just as it was held in Apogee. On the street. What is the pattern of action responses that you get over it?

Reactions are very nice from my close circle that I get intense group, and at times there is no automatic passing over the exercise for this. I can hardly go outside a lot. I submit my resignation as soon as there are people in the street. Of course to me the craft that I dreamed of the maturity of the acquisition of a possibility, and I am proud by this.

You use swords and horseback riding in the chain How did you get the exercise?

With the Hollywood equivalent. We seek in the framework of Bozda cinematic action a plethora of successful global actions for months from the site dance club. Riding mares. Throwing arrows and using swords I took lessons.

Bala Hatun Our history Tomris Hatun is as real as Nene Hatun the hero. Brave and warrior and also well-trained. Spying when needed can carry out activities. effort in the series I participate in the scenes. Bala Hatun in those scenes to properly reflect I should be a successful warrior-oriented part of your personality.

Burak Özçivi Main actor in the series How do I tell you about your first experience helped?

Burak Özçivit is a very professional actress. a good partner except that above all things a good individual first. My first job of mine never felt like it was being issued. Technically needed. when acting. This happened in my company. Experience and know-how contribute to my company.