Who is Oktay Çubuk? religion, girlfriend, age series

Oktay Çubuk, the hero of the Ah Nerede series, let us get to know him and his life and a lot of information about him that we have collected for you.

Here are his date of birth, current age, nationality, religion, astrological sign, educational qualification. religion, height and weight, and when did he start his artistic career with acting.

What are the most important works he has presented so far and other details of his personal and artistic life. with a set of new pictures of the Turkish artist Oktay Çubuk.

Information about Oktay Çubuk

Birthdate: March 12, 1996
Age 2022: 26 years
Birthplace: Izmir – Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion Muslim
Astrological sign: Capricorn
Eye color: brown.

Hair color: brown
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 73 kg
Profession: Turkish actor
Academic qualification: Istanbul Bilgi University
The beginning of his artistic career: General
2017 – until now

A lot of information about the life of actor Oktay Çubuk

The rising Turkish actor Oktay Çubuk was born in Izmir, Istanbul in 1996. He graduated from high school in Izmir High School. He studied at the university level at first at the American College of Izmir, Department of Communication.

was one of the outstanding students and always the first, so he received a full scholarship at Istanbul Bilgi University, Department of Cinema And TV.

and actor Oktay Çubuk joined Cüneyt Sayıl’s acting workshop for training in art and acting with important and famous names such as Yudum Erdem, Ayşe Direkoğlu and Cüneyt Sayil Atölye.

Actor Oktay Çubuk is one of the young artists who is always keen on communicating with their audience through his various social networking sites.

actor Oktay Cubuk
actor Oktay Cubuk

He is followed by many audiences and followers, and his number increases day by day, and he has more than 75,100 followers on Instagram and Twitter.

Awards: Young actor Oktay Çubuk won the Golden Boll Award for Best Actor. also won the 54th place of the Siyad Award for Best Promising Actor in 2020 for his role in the movie One Breath.

Actor Oktay Çubuk’s work

Heaven’s Tears Series
Baba series
Love series makes tears
Left side series
Ah Nerede series

Who is the girlfriend of actor Oktay Çubuk

Actor Oktay Çubuk is not married, but he lives a strong love story with the young Turkish star Bahr Shaheen, and they were seen and photographed by the Turkish press, holding hands together. some journalists told him, “Congratulations on your new relationship. We saw you hand in hand. what do you want to say? ” He replied with a short response and said, “Thank you very much, and he got into his car with his beloved artist, Bahar Shaheen.

Ferit in Ah Nerede

Rising and talented star Oktay Çubuk co-starred in the new Turkish series Ah Nerede, whose first episodes were shown on July 1, 2022. On the Turkish Star TV channel, it is a social drama whose story is adapted from an old Turkish movie of the same name.

The Ah Nerede series revolves around the family of a man named Hakim, his wife (Aisha Chubok), and he has 3 young children.

The eldest son Ferit (Oktay Çubuk), their middle son, Murat (Kurhan Herdoran), and their youngest son, Umar (Batuhan Siirt). Hakim, in agreement with his wife. sends his three sons to live in Istanbul on their own to complete their studies, but the unexpected happens.

Ferit in Ah Nerede
Ferit in Ah Nerede

She is a simple girl who lives with her mother Berrihan (Drea Alabora), her brother Ali (Mert Karim), her cousin Hori (Bala At Baba K) and her niece Doigu (Ahsan Turkilmaz) and Ferit wants to marry her, but Zahra does not trust men.

When Ferit’s wives learn about his intention to marry the girl Zahra, they decide to take revenge on him. but with the help of the girl Zahra, she has a major role in their revenge on him.

The series Ah Nerede From Where, directed by Bulent Eselin and written by Maryam Demirli, starring a group of young artists, including Neil Kisir – Oktay Çubuk. Tarek Babuçoğlu – Aisha Chubuk – Derya Alapura – Ferit Aktog – Rehan Asina Keskinci – Merv Nur Benji Aycan Koptur – Orhan Aksin – Kurhan Herdoran – Miray Akay. Batuhan Sirt – Samet Kan Koyoko – Ahsen Türkyılmaz.

Oktay Çubuk and Baba series

Baba Baba is a Turkish drama series that was shown at the beginning of 2022 on Turkish screens. The series is produced by Horzum and Ekin Atalar, and the script was written by Çağrı Bayrak and directed by Call Flag.

The story and events of the series revolve around a father who has a number of children and lives a simple and quiet family life. each of his children works so that he can support himself.

But their lives are turned upside down after their rich relatives suffer a painful plane accident when they move from one place to another and they are the closest to them and inherit a great wealth from them, so their lives become different from before.

Many conflicts occur between them until they reach Baba prison at the hands of one of his sons, and the work events continue in an interesting and exciting dramatic framework.

And the Baba series, starring a number of stars and artists, including Tolga Sarıtaş, Haluk Bilginer, Zeinab Tucha Bayat, Nihal Reeder, Jim Oslo, Damla Su Ekizoglu, Deniz Hamza Oglu, Ozge Ozakar and Taner Rumeli.

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