Who is Murat Boz? Religion, wife, series, weight, height biography

Murat Boz his religion, his height, his weight, and more

Full name: Mourad Bose
Date of birth: 7 – March 1980
Age: 40 years
Place of birth: Zhanguldak, Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion Muslim
Academic qualification: Graduate of Istanbul Technical University
Profession: Singer, songwriter, composer, producer
Height: 178 cm.
Weight: 75 kg.

Murat Boz Social Media Sites

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/muratboz/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/muratboz?lang=en

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MuratBoz/

Life story of Murat Boz

He was born in the city of Zanguldak, Turkey, to the couple Aisha Naderat and Jaafar Boz, to come as a second child after his brother, who is called Ali. His mother felt that he was talented in music and singing, so she encouraged him and worked to develop this talent. His mother directed him to join music competitions after completing the elementary and preparatory stages, and prepared him to join the School of Fine Arts.

After he successfully passed the proficiency exams he entered in 1995. He began his studies at the Anadolu School of Fine Arts. a boarding school in Istanbul. Where he continued to study for four years. And through school. He learned to play the piano and the violin. He achieved first place in the inter-school music and folk dance competition. Which was prepared by Al-Watania newspaper in 1998. After which he joined the “Jazz Vocal” department at Istanbul Bilgi University. And then joined the Institute of Music at Istanbul Technical University.

Murat Boz Girlfriend and Sweetheart

In 2016, the artist. Murat Boz. associated with the Turkish actress Asli Enver an emotional relationship in the scenes of their romantic movie “My Brother 1” with the actor Burak Ozjevit. Who Asli did not participate in its second part. And the relationship lasted two and a half years
Then they separated a while ago to accuse Asli Murad of betraying her.

After he spent a night in a media friend’s house with girls that lasted until the morning, and the press accused him on that day of betraying his girlfriend. Whose fans demanded that she separate from him to preserve her dignity. so she separated from him for a few weeks and then returned to him. So some believed that the case was It was a lie before them to gain extra fame for them.

After the separation. Asli took all her belongings from Murad’s house. and returned to her own apartment. To be the second and possibly the last separation for them.

The Turkish newspaper Hurriyet confirmed in its own news that Murad was the author of the separation decision and was not a native. And close to the actress leaked that she was shocked when her lover suddenly ended their relationship without any reason or disagreement between them.

The news of their separation shocked their followers and the Turkish media. As the duo was chosen as one of the duo candidates for marriage at the end of 2018 after they met each other’s family in official meetings.

And some sources confirmed that Murat Boz’s new love with one of the girls was behind his decision to end his relationship with Asli Inver.
Despite their separation. Murat Boz and Asli Enver still follow each other on social media and have not removed their shared photos from them.

When did Murat Boz start working on art

In the early 2000s. He began giving lessons in Vocals to many singers, and he started earning money from the vocals lessons that he gave and his first student. Amal Movtooglu. And after that he accompanied as a vocalist many singers in recording their albums: Borgo Gunsch. Dimit Saghiroglu and Group Hbsi. Hand Manson. Nazan Ongel. Neil Karah Ibrahimgil. Nilufer and Tarkan. And most of those singers he worked with him was Tarkan. who had been giving him vocal lessons for at least six years.

In 2004, he played a role in the clip “Bronzi Al-Lun” by the singer Neal Qara Ibrahim Gil and her album “Neal FM” in which this song occupies a place. And in 2005 he accompanied Hibsi in his song “Kazb”. Which is from the album “Wahid”. In 2006. Murad Powell launched his first single. “I Can’t Find Love.” which was written and composed for him by Neal Farrah Ibrahim Gil. Suleiman Yuksel directed Kelib’s video for this song. And in the same year Murat Boz created his first studio.

In 2007. his album “Maximum Degree”. Produced by “Stardium”. Was put up for sale. “Tarkan”. “Ozan Çolakoglu”. “Umit Sain” and “Mustafa Cagli” supported him on this album. Two songs from this album filmed a video clip: “Maximum Degree” and “Buff / Extinguish the Fire.” While the first clip of these two songs tops the third in the “Top Twenty Songs in Turkey” list in the “Billboard” magazine. The second clip Representing Turkey in the (OGAE Video) competition. She represents the European Song Contest fan organization to be ranked third.

Murat Boz is famous for singing

In 2008. the audience of Murat Boz met with his album “The Abyss” and was associated with the production company “Ninety-eight”. The song bearing the name of the album rose to the rank of fifth in the list of “Top Twenty Songs in Turkey”. Murat Boz said that he continued preparing his second album “Luck” in the summer months of 2008. In 2009 the album “Fortune” produced by “Ninety-Eight” sold 17,000 copies of the album during the first six months of the year of publication.

The song “There is no money”

That he released with the video clip before the album was released. Ranked five in the list of “The Twenty Best Songs in Turkey”. And he filmed more than one video clip after there is no money, and they are in the order: “I miss you.” “Burn everything”. “Badawy Shadid”. “Two civilized.” “I will leave here.”

Both “I Miss You” and “Motameela” were ranked among the top five songs in the “Top Twenty Songs” list. Murad made a new distribution of his song “Two Civilized” by filming a duet with the author and composer of the song “Soner Sari Qabdai” and presenting it as a single song.

In 2010, his single “Life is Beautiful For You” was offered for sale in 2011. and he continued preparing his new album in London and in April 2011. he released his single named the album itself. and the song was accompanied by a video clip that he filmed “Burak Artach”.

And in May 2011. his third album “My Love Is Greater Than Me” was offered for sale by contract with the trading company “Ninety-eight.” and he sold thirty-five thousand copies of this album and won an award from “Kader Khas University.” Despite the album’s nomination for an award from the prizes. Organized by one of the political magazines in the category of the best album. It did not succeed in receiving the award.

Then he filmed a video clip for the following songs: “Qibla Al Hayat” and “If there is a return” and I can’t stay my friend. “The Puzzle” and finally a video clip of “You are my second name”. Two of these songs top the official list of Turkey (Nielsen) and they are “If there is a comeback” and “I cannot stay my friend.” Music critics have given positive criticism for this album. “.

Singing in life of Murat Boz

Murat Boz participated in various projects far from his own albums and individual projects. and he joined the jury of the program This Voice of Turkey. and he was with him on the jury Hadisa. Hula Ushar and Mustafa Sandal during the first two seasons of publishing the program. which was between the years 2011-2013.

As for the third season. Which was released between 2013-2014. he was accompanied by Abru Gundesh. Gokhan Ozaguz and Hadisa. Oguz Berkai Feddan. who went to the qualifying stage. was among eight competitors in the Murat Boz team. one of the first season contestants. and became the first after winning many votes.

Singing in life of Murat Boz
Singing in life of Murat Boz

In December 2011

he organized a concert in Van. To help victims of the Van earthquake accident in Turkey at the end of 2011. In 2012. He provided support to the Greenpeace organization aiming to protect the North Pole. And participated in performing the song for the campaign film in Turkish. Besides. Since 2010 he is a representative of commercials for various companies. The clip “You are my second name” was attended by people who were chosen during a competition presented through an advertisement in which Murad Booz participated.

Murat Boz is a pianist. Violinist and flute singer. He believes that he will not be satisfied with singing in a live performance only. As he aims in his performances on the stage to rapprochement with the American singer. Madonna.

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