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Personal information about Miray Akay

Date of birth: July 17, 2000
Place of birth: Miraslava Kosyeva
Age: 19 years
Nationality: Turkish
Religion: Muslim
Weight: 50 kg
Height: 165 cm
Hair color: brown
Eye color: green
Marital status: engaged
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Academic qualification: She continues her education at Memaar Sinan School of Fine Arts.
Her artistic career began in 2010.

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

Her Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Miray Akay
Twitter post: https://twitter.com/Miray Akay? Lang = en
Facebook website: https://www.facebook.com/Miray Akay

Her childhood & upbringing Miray Akay

Miray Akay was born on July 17, 2000, in Ukraine, to a Turkish father and a Ukrainian mother whose family consists of her father, mother, sister and younger brother, sister born in 1993 and brother born in 2002 CE, lives and studies in Istanbul, completed his primary and secondary education at Istanbul Basilevler Ali School Haidar is now continuing her education at Mimar Sinan School of Fine Arts.
Fame opened its doors to the Ukrainian blonde Miraslava at the age of three. where she began appearing in commercials and music clips. and her name changed from Miraslava to Miray Akay.

Her childhood upbringing Miray Akay

Miray Akay’s acting debut

Akay began at the age of ten to become a professional acting. and appeared in many works as a main hero. despite her young age. she managed to achieve great success. and won awards from international and local festivals as the best actress. surpassing many Turkish stars.

Mirai is best known for her portrayal of the daughter of the star Tuba Bekoston in the Turkish action drama “20 Minutes” 20 Dakika. a Turkish TV series that first aired in early January 2013 on Star TV. Starring Tuba Buyukston. Welker Exum and Furat Shilik. the series’ story revolves around a couple who live in love and stability and have two children. but the wife (Malak) is accused of murder and is convicted of twenty years in prison despite her innocent. and the husband tries to help his wife escape from prison.

The series simulates the struggle of years of love. work. marriage and childbearing. in exchange for losing everything with only twenty minutes. as the heroine faces the court and is imprisoned and considers her husband and family with a painful scene. before entering the world of prison. which she fails to integrate into. The work presents the suffering of a married couple. a wife inside prison with all the tragedies of pain and a sense of injustice. and a husband outside with all indications of pain and helplessness.

As well as her participation in the starring in “Dream of a Butterfly” and “The Whale”. as well as starring in the controversial and award-winning film “My Aunt Has Come”. “Returning to the Homeland”. the series “My Name is Gultap” and the series “Girls of the Sun” as the younger sister Abeer. Berry. “and the series” Never End Song. ”

Its brilliance

In 2015. she participated in the series Girls of the Sun. which revolves around Gunes. a 35-year-old woman who lives in Izmir with her three daughters. she has twins. Celine and Nazli. who are 17 years old. and Berry. who is 15. is a teacher whose husband has left her. She meets Haluk and falls in love and he also loves her.

then she decided to marry him. and she goes to Istanbul with her daughters and moves to Haluk Palace. Celine is very happy with this step. and immediately tries to fill her way to the popular crowd of children. as for Nazli. she is not satisfied with the decision. so she is Constantly seeking to reveal the deep dark secret of Haluk Ali (the son of Haluk) is not happy to welcome guests and targets Celine as his new competitor. Savas is another character who lives in Hallock’s mansion and is the adopted son of Haluk’s older sister. Savas is a suicidal boy who is depressed due to his girlfriend.

Nazlı slowly won the heart of Savaş in time for Melissa to reappear in her life. claiming that Savaş’s mother was responsible for getting rid of her by pushing her away from Savaş. Melissa learns and calmly tells Nazli that Savaş’s adopted mother (Haluk’s sister) was responsible for the death of his maternal mother and this is it The reason why she adopted him Nazlı helps Savaş learn the truth. and at the same time Ali and Celine became good friends and then forbidden lovers. later. it was revealed that Ali is not the biological son of Haluk. his mother had an affair before marrying Haluk. Nazli revealed a secret The deep darkness of Hallock is that her mother was raped when she was young and her attacker was Hallock. so the biological twin father was Hallock.

Zeynep in Bizim Hikaye

Bizim Hikaye or Bizim Hikaye is a Turkish series. Which is the Turkish version of the American series Shameless. Which was shown in Turkey in 2017 and includes a selection of the brightest and most important Turkish stars. The most important of whom is Burak Deniz. And Hazal Kaya Bizim Hikaye tells the story of Velez.

The eldest daughter in a poor family who takes care of her siblings After the mother abandoned them. The father did not bear responsibility and his preoccupation with amusement. Which prompted Feliz to play the role of mother and father at the same time, and the events of the series continue until Phylliz comes across the wealthy young Parish. Played by the actor Burak Deniz.

He falls in love with her. Supports her and solves her problems. But she continues to keep him away from her. As she believes there is no place for love in her life. And that her family is more important than everything. Bizim Hikaye was able to achieve great success. Prompting the team to think about filming the second season of the series. Where events develop To the emergence of mafia gangs and Velez entering prison while she is innocent. It was broadcast in Turkey in September 2018 and its last episode was broadcast on May 16. 2019.

Miray Akay And her fiancé

She got engaged in 2019 from Turkey. Doukan Türkyılmaz. After a four-year-old relationship. Some rumors emerged that the engagement was canceled. to break his silence as a writer on his Instagram site.

I do not know how our culture made this way. But I was terrified when I read notes in some Magazine pages. That there is no marriage in the middle. But this is the second. There is nothing wrong in the middle of a four-year relationship to put the name of our intention, and to comply with customs and traditions. We wanted to speak with the consent of our elders.

The young Turkish actress. Miray Akay. 19. announced. Via a live broadcast on Instagram. That she had separated from her fiancé. The young artist Attila Dkan Torkelmaz. 29. after nearly a month had passed since they celebrated their engagement.

Miray Akay split from her fiancé

Regarding the reason for the separation. Akai said: “We did not succeed in that and decided to separate. but we still love each other very much, and we are close friends, and we have no problem.

We saw that we were still very young. We will rest our head a little and reflect on our actions; Because we are doing something serious, and continuing this matter requires seriousness and patience. We decided to stay separate and think about everything and then talk again. ”

A number of followers of the Turkish star interacted with this announcement. Describing her decision as correct due to their young age, and that the decision to link with this age was incorrect.

On the other hand. Many considered that the responsibility rests with their families. Who agreed to the decision of their engagement from the beginning. As the idea was not correct and logical.

Miray Akay movies and series

Bir Zamanlar Kibris (TV Series)
Zümrüdüanka (TV Series)
Beta Berk Bayindir: Otuz (Video short)
Bizim Hikaye (TV Series)
Servet (TV Mini-Series)
Dip (TV Mini-Series)
Dayan Yuregim (TV Series)
Günesin Kizlari (TV Series)
Benim Adim Gultepe (TV Series)
Halam Geldi.
20 Dakika
Eve Dönüs: Sarikamis 1915.
Kelebegin Rüyasi.
Türk mali (TV Series).

Zeynep in Bizim Hikaye