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Turkish star Metin Akdülger, a comprehensive report on his nationality, religion, weight, height, marital status, the beginning of his artistic career and social networking sites, and a new, exclusive photo collection of him.

personal details

Date of Birth: April 10, 1988 AD
Age: 31 years old
Place of residence: Born in Bursa, Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion Muslim
Height: 184 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Marital status: unmarried
Hair color: dark brown
Eye color: brown
Astrological sign: Aries
Academic Qualification: Graduated from Koç University, Department of International Relations
Beginning of her artistic career: 2017.

Complete information about the star Metin Akdülger

A Turkish actor born to an immigrant family in the Turkish city of Bursa on April 10, 1988 Graduated from the International Relations Department of Koç University
In 2010, he worked as a model in the field of modeling. He received intensive acting lessons. He loves swimming, boxing, skiing and gliders. He received training in fighting techniques, he loves shooting, he is fluent in the use of various weapons, and he is fluent in English well.

Metin Akdülger’s sweetheart

As for his love life, he was in a relationship with the artist Farah Zainab in 2017, but they separated, and Dilara Vindicolo (2014).


Metin Akdulgers sweetheart
Metin Akdulgers sweetheart

The beginning of his acting career

He started his artistic career in 2010 through the play “Romeo You Are Stupid.” The work won the admiration of viewers and directors, and became highly sought after.
He was followed by a theatrical work “The Olive Season” in 2011, then two theater works in 2012 and 2014, the audience knew him through his first television work.
“Med and Gesr”, which was taken from an American series and was one of the most successful productions in the world and got a bigger role in the series “Mothers and Mothers” starring Sinem Kopal, Hazar Ergulu, Akan Yalabik, Benur Kaya, Mehmet Ada Oztekin, the story of Kader, a young man from Anatolia who lives In a small village in Anatolia, Zuleiha, a married young woman studying at a university in Istanbul, due to poor viewership, stopped working on Episode Nine.

Murad IV in the series The Sultan’s Harem

He participated in the series Harem Al Sultan – Sultana Kosem as Murad IV, and despite the fact that all his previous works are only about 9 works between films and TV series! However, he played the role perfectly. The series started in a slightly contrived way, but his performance improved in the last episodes… He even became an icon of the series in the second part, more than Cosim herself throughout his stay in the series, of course.

The choice of the actor was very successful in that he resembled the child who played the role of Murad in the first part in a very big way, as he was successful in that he is 29 years old and he was almost the same age as the real Sultan Murad, and he excelled in showing the character of the nervous, bloody Sultan, the actor The young man metin akdülger was so good at creating an atmosphere of nervousness that he would instantly sweat at the moment of his fanaticism.

Murad IV in the series The Sultans Harem
Murad IV in the series The Sultans Harem

TV series, films and plays in which Metin Akdülger has participated

2021 Kulüp (TV Series) (post-production) 2019-2021 The Gift (TV Series) 2020 Insanlar Ikiye Ayrilir 2020 Yarina Tek Bilet 2019/II The Ruse (Short) 2018 Sahsiyet (TV Mini Series) .

2018 Mon tissu préféré 2016-2017 Muhtesem Yüzyil: Kösem (TV Series) 2017 Kirik Kalpler Bankasi 2016 Tereddüt 2016 Yok, sag ol (Short) 2016 Farewellcome (Short) 2015 Analar ve Anneler (TV Series) 2013-2015 Medcezir (TV Series) 2014 Bensiz.

Awards received by Metin Akdülger

He received the 2nd Outstanding Achaemenid Theater Awards, 2018, Most Promising Actor of the Year, Baldan Dark, and at the 42nd Golden Awards in 2015 he received four awards simultaneously in the categories of “Best Actor” and “Best Director of a Series”

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Metin Akdülger

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com./metinakdulge
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/metinakdulger
Twitter: https://twitter.com//metinakdulger

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