Who is Merve Sevin? Religion boyfriend TV series and bio

Information about Merve Sevin

The name in Turkish: Merve Sevin
Date of birth: 27 – July 1987
Age 2021: 34 years old
Place of birth: Istanbul – Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Hair color: Yellow
Eye color: green
Profession: Turkish actress
Beginning of her artistic career: 2004 – until now

Life story of Merve Sevin and her family

The Turkish artist Merve Sevin was born in 1987 in Istanbul. Turkey. And her father is called Arhavi Seifi and is from the state of Laz. The artist Merve Sevin obtained her secondary education from Yeditepe schools in Turkey and joined Nişantaşı Nuri Akın University in theater department and graduated in 2004. The artist Merve started Sevin her professional life.

Before entering the artistic field. Appeared as a model in a number of famous commercial advertisements in Turkey. Including the Fanta Light advertisement. Ritmix advertisement, and others, she was able to draw attention to her and to her natural beauty. Lightness of movement and grace. So she made many nominations to participate in the artworks As an actress.

Merve Sevin begins acting

The beautiful young artist. Merve Sevin. With green eyes and yellow hair. Who was able to steal the hearts of viewers from her first appearance on the screen for her natural beauty. grace elegance remarkable elegance. Her skill in acting and her natural talent.

Her artistic career began in acting since 2014 and was her first appearance On the screen through the Turkish series Yalancı Yarim and achieved great success and wide fame from her first artistic work and participated in the series starring Turkish artist Barış Akarsu and then participated in another Turkish series entitled Shoulder to Shoulder and Life Sciences, and it is a youth series and the series got me High viewership and great audience success in Turkey.

And from this series. Merve Sevin was able to obtain the absolute starring roles for her in artistic works. And she participated in many works between Turkish series. Films and plays. Which achieved great success during them.

Merve Sevin begins acting
Merve Sevin begins acting

Merve Sevin’s Husband

The artist. Merve Sevin. announced her marriage recently to a young man from outside the center of art called Güzel oyuncu. and she was associated with him with a passionate love story some time ago and was seen with him in more than one place.

Series Movies and TV Shows Merve Sevin

In 2004. She presented two films: Ulker Karamyo – and Ulker Esim Eran
2009. she participated in a short film called Game
In 2010, she presented a movie called Our Lord
2014. She participated in the movie Golsimal

In 2015, she presented a movie called Salute 2 Journey to Spring
And in 2016. She appeared in the Ibiz children of Satan
In 2019, she participated in the movie The Death of the Corpse
In 2020, I participated in the movie I am a point on me

The plays in which Merve Sevin participated

2012. She participated in the play I die. I die
In 2013, she performed Hope Stuck in a Baby’s Poop – and last weekend’s


2014 I made a play just like this – and a play waste to mind
In 2015, I participated in the play My Dear Wife – and the play I Don’t Ask
2016. She participated in a play called Mice and People
In 2017. She participated in a play called Kifi Ramadan – and the play How Many My Father
And in 2018 she presented the play Woman’s Head
In 2020, she presented a play entitled America

Dramas by the artist Merve Sevin

In 2004, she made her debut in the series shoulder to shoulder
2006 she presented a series called Layar Yarim
In 200, she participated in the series Man of the Mountains
2008, she participated in the series “Life is Beautiful.”

In 2010, she presented a series called Betrayal
2011. she participated in the Izmir Gang series – The Liar Spring series
In 2012, she presented a series inside My Soul
2015, she participated in the series Life Is Pregnant with Miracles
In 2021,  participated in the series This is My Story

The last artworks represented by Merve Sevin

The Turkish actress Merve Sevin participates in the new Turkish series championship. This is my story. Which began its episodes in January 2021 on one of the Turkish electronic platforms.

This series is my story is a youth singing series whose story revolves around a 17-year-old girl who is embodied by the famous Turkish singer Elena Telky and embodied in the series The role of a girl whose dream is to become a famous artist in life.

But she is afraid of standing on stage and facing the audience. but in her life she encounters many situations and difficulties that she faces in her life to reach the world of fame and singing.

A large group of artists participates in the series “This My Story”. including the Turkish singer Alina Telki – Jamal Kansen – Merve Sevin – Göksun Buyuk Kahraman – Soud Odonzo – Gulce Kanturk – Faruk Aran – Nefra Cerezli – Emre Honer – Eiji Gonulal and other artists

Merve Sevin and a series of information about life

A series of information about life is a Turkish series of its kind. A youth comedy drama whose story revolves around a girl whose father and mother die in the accident and leave her younger brother. She has been subjected to many cruelties from many people around her.

Including her schoolmate who beat her younger brother on the face and quits school And she decides to travel and complete her studies in another place. So she goes and lives with her brother in Istanbul.

And enrolls in high school there and begins there a new life and new colleagues to study and teach in a better and better way. Because she prefers education in a way of understanding and long-term education. Afet Güçverir and teachers Renew and love to study and be one of the first students in school.

A group of distinguished artists in Turkey participated in the series. Information About Life. And the series included many new and young faces.

Because Maam Taladwar in the series is for young people in the high school stage. and among these artists are Biran Kutman – Tariq Babucooglu – Sarhan Arslan – Umit Erdem – Hakan Altiner – Sirin Soylu – Attila Oljak – Erdal Turkman – Anis Buyukseller and other artists. The series is directed by Tarkan Karlidag – and written by Jani Mogdi.

Merve Sevin and a series of information about life
Merve Sevin and a series of information about life
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