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Mert Yazicioglu, hero of the series One Liter of Tears, full information, height, weight, age, wife, private life, religion, nationality, astrological sign, his works and secrets of his life, upcoming projects and biography, private details about his life, his talent, his favorite sport, his academic qualification, and websites his social networking.

Personal card and private information

Date of Birth: May 10, 1993 AD.
Age in 2018: 25 years old.
Place of Birth: Born in Istanbul – Turkey.
Nationality: Turkish.
Height: 177 cm.
Weight: 68 kg.
Hair colour: dark brown.
Eye colour: dark brown.

What is the religion of Mert Yazicioglu?

He is a Muslim.

Astrological sign: It is Taurus.
Academic/scientific qualification: He is studying at the university in the Department of Business Administration.
girlfriend of Mert Yazicioglu: Afra Saraçoğlu.
When did his artistic career begin: His artistic career began in 2013.
What is his favorite sport: His favorite sport is walking, swimming.
What is his hobby and his favorite things: His hobby is photography, as he has his own camera.

The works of Mert Yazicioglu, series, films and plays

The series “Wards and Forks” – Kraugel – The Lost City – Shaab Dedeman – Jahan the Conqueror.

Secrets and life story of Oglu and biography

The story of the actor’s childhood, upbringing, study and education: The young actor Mart was born in Istanbul in 1993 AD. Passionate about photography, he owns his own camera and takes beautiful pictures, and displays them on his own sites. He owns a motorbike. He loves riding motorbikes more than cars.

In 2012, he stood on his feet in the TV series The Lost City, competing against Dennis Bisel, Sanan Demir and Dilek Govan. His novel revolves around the alleys of Istanbul, in poverty, and there are a large number of street children, both female and Roma, and their common people are discriminated against. On the other hand, there is A typical family lives in lions. That poverty seeks to hold on to life.

In the years 2013-2014, he was involved in acquiring his first huge role, in the Karagul series, as Bern Samurdi, a drama series about a young and beautiful girl called (Ebru) who is married to (Murad). They have two daughters, Ada and Maya, and a boy Rogan, who live together in Istanbul as a joyful family, Quiz Asim Spanci, Mesut Acosta, Hilal Tenblik, Kan Atek, Yabuz Bingöl.

He went to study theater and added his university studies, until he returned in 2016 AD to secure the role of Firat in the Umuda Kelepce Vurulmaz series, which revolves around various cities, different lives and various crimes, using seven different people. Styles and life This is his first massive role, despite his young age, as he plays the role of a young boy

His artistic beginnings are acting

His first artistic steps in front of the television camera, and television drama, were in the series Dedemin Insanlari in 2011, directed by Chagan Ermak, starring Cetin Tekindor, Yigit Ozner, Goke Bahadir and Homayra, events revolve around a family whose lands were torn apart, and they were forced to emigrate from Their town, in 2012 AD, participated in the TV series The Lost City, starring Deniz Baysal, Sinan Demirer and Dilek Guven, his story takes place in the back streets of Istanbul, in poverty, there are many street children, women and gypsies, they are all victims of discrimination, and on the other hand there is a typical family living In the Black Sea, who was forced to live in that slum, she tries to hold on to life.

In 2013-2014 AD, he began getting his first major and main role, in the series Karagul, in the role of Baran Samverdi. It is a drama series about a young and beautiful girl named (Ebru) who is married to (Murad). They have two daughters, Ada and Maya, and one son, Rozjan, who live in Istanbul Together as a Happy Family, starring Asim Spence, Masoud Acosta, Hilal Al-Tanbelik, Kan Atak, Yavuz Bingol.

He moved away for a while to study acting and complete his university education, until he returned in 2016 AD to get the role of Firat in the series Umuda Kelepce Vurulmaz, which revolves around different cities, different lives and multiple crimes, through seven characters with different ways and lives. This is his first major role, despite his young age He presents the role of a teenage boy, 2018. He co-starred in the Al-Fateh series, a historical and war series, about the Ottoman Sultan Fatih Sultan Muhammad.

Mert Yazicioglu and his girlfriend

Mert Yazicioglu, a lover of the artist Afra Sirajoglu. “I trust the taste of my love” were Mert’s words when asked about his love for Afra,

Mert Yazicioglu, who has been in love with his classmate Afra Saraçoğlu for two years, said his style advisor was Afra Saraçoğlu. The handsome actor said, “I don’t follow fashion. I go shopping with my girlfriend. I trust her taste.” The couple, who from time to time come up with their fun posts on social media, prefer to live their relationships out of sight.

One of the situations that happened to him, a question from one of his fans if he wears lipstick because of its pink color, he said that he does not, but this is the true color of his lips, after acting entered many things that changed in his life, his style, events and the way he looked at life and people’s view of him, one of his secrets is also that He loves to read before bed, especially the book From Fire to Freud by Peter Watson.

Mert Yazicioglu and his girlfriend Afra Saracoglu
Mert Yazicioglu and his girlfriend Afra Saracoglu

Instagram Mert Yazicioglu

The famous actor Mert Yazicioglu, his birth was in Istanbul on May 10, 1993, he is upstream from Denizli, as he has a brother, after he completed his primary and secondary education in Istanbul, he joined Aydin University to continue his education, and after obtaining the certificate he trained in a teaching workshop Acting, and it was revealed in his first feature film work (My Grandfather) in the year 2011, and it was his first experience in acting, as he stood on his feet as the starring role in the 2012 clarification Kayip Sehir, and he became a famous star in Turkey, as he gained more than 140,000 followers. On his mertyazicioglu Instagram account.

Instagram Mert Yazicioglu
Instagram Mert Yazicioglu