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1. What is Melisa Dongel’s religion?
Melisa Dongel is probably Muslim.
2. Who is Melisa Dongel’s sweetheart?
Melisa Dongel’s boyfriend is unmarried.
3. How old is Melisa Dongel?
Melisa Dongel’s age in 2020: 21 years.
4. What is the length of Melisa Dongel?
170 cm in length.
5. What is Melisa Dongel’s birthday?
October 25, 1999 AD.

Melisa Dongel Information about the Turkish actress TV series, Melisa Dongel’s height, age and date of birth. the wonderful actress who became famous in many wonderful roles, and a lot about her in one article.

Religion Melisa Dongel Height Weight

Melisa Döngel is a Turkish artist, born on October 25, 1999 in Istanbul. And because of her love for acting since childhood, she chose to study acting at Osman Yamoridireli Academy of Arts, took basic acting lessons in it. and attended many acting workshops in Hilal Saral workshops. Worked as a model and tried to combine acting and her modeling work, she tried to develop herself since her first work. And took many lessons in order to start acting professionally.

Actress Melisa Dongel and her life story

Melissa participated in a small role in the Turkish series Backstreets. Which is considered one of the most famous Turkish series, and the events of the series revolve around the charming, wonderful and giant city of Istanbul. And how that city embraces all groups of people and societal classes and how they coexist with each other, so the series sheds light on a group Of the courageous policemen who work day and night to pursue crime and criminals in every street and alley of Istanbul, and they strive every day to make it a city free of crimes and criminals and to be quiet and livable

About Melisa Dongel

Name in English: Melisa Döngel.
Name in Arabic: Melissa Dongle.
Date of birth: October 25, 1999.
Age in 2020: 21 years.
Place of birth: Istanbul – Turkey.
Nationality: Turkish.
Religion of Islam.
Marriage: Unmarried
Height: 170 cm.
Hair color: golden.
Eye color :: green.
Astrological Sign: Scorpio.
Profession: Actress
When did she start her artistic career: She started her artistic career in 2014.
Academic qualification – Academic: I studied at Osman Yamoriderelli Academy of Arts.
What is her favorite sport: swimming.
What is her hobby: Her hobby is acting.

Melisa DongelSeries Movies and TV Shows

Melissa appeared to the audience on television in the Turkish drama with her angelic face, through the series Alif, where she appeared as a child actress at the time, and the events of the series, which consisted of 189 episodes, revolved around the story of a girl called “Elif” who lived in a Turkish village.

Her first and last ambition was to move to Istanbul in order to finish her university studies and achieve her dream and her preoccupation to become a doctor, but her father suppressed and restrained her dream with her nerves and forced her to marry one of the elders of the village, so Elif escaped from her father and his rulings for her to Istanbul, then she met Elif is the military young man who saved her from death, and there a love story arises between them … and the events follow afterwards.

Melisa Dongeland her lover or husband

Melissa is not married and did not engage or think about the relationship until our time, and she is young and did not think much about acting, all she wanted is to be a psychologist, her life and her choices have changed with time, but she finds a great connection between acting and psychology.

Being an original actress, her role model is the artist Johnny Depp, and she wishes to act in front of him. When asked about her work in acting for money, she said that loyalty, honesty and respect are more important than money, and the rest will be resolved in some way.

In an interview with her, she was asked whether her beauty would make her enter acting easily, or would help her a lot, she answered that beauty in acting is a necessary thing, but acting without talent and an illusion, the viewer will not enjoy seeing you, she is now enjoying every moment of her among the actors involved in the work, And the environment in which you are acting.

Information about her heroism in the series “Our Story, Part Two.”

Melissa participated in the series “Hekayatna” or Bizim Hikaye, which is a Turkish series and is considered the Turkish version of the American series Shameless. The series is classified as a drama in a romantic social context, where the series deals with the brotherhood relationship between the character Velez and her five siblings “They ruled, thought, Rahmat, Keraz and Ismat; Where you take care of them and educate them to give and sacrifice.

“The series also discusses many important social issues and problems such as poverty and family dispersion, and the abandonment of parents for their children. It was shown in Turkey in 2017 and includes a large selection of the brightest and most important Turkish stars, the most important of whom is Burak Deniz,” and the star Hazal Kaya, who appeared for the first time in Turkish drama And that is through the series “Al-Ishk Al-Mouraba”, and she was also the heroine of the famous Turkish series, named Fariha.

The series “Our Story” revolves around a girl named Phylliz. who is the eldest daughter in a poor family who takes care of her brothers after the mother abandoned them. and the father was not also responsible, and his preoccupation with having fun and leaving it to the house and the children. ” The events of the series until Velez met the wealthy young Barrish by chance, played by the actor Burak Deni., “and falls in love with her and a beautiful love story arises between Barrish and Velez, and he supports her and solves her problems, but she tries and continues to keep him away from her.” She believes there is no place for love in her life, and that she created to raise her sisters and take care of them, not for love, and that her family is more important than everything.