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Mahima Choudhury, her religion, her age, her work, her life story, her nationality, her most famous works, information about her and pictures, all of this in a detailed report about her, we present to you to know everything about the Indian actress Mahima Choudhury, who has been out of the limelight for a long time for reasons that have not been announced before, Mahima Chaudhry is one of the most beautiful actresses of Indian cinema who presented a few works of art, but she carved her name in the hearts of followers of Bollywood cinema, we will get to know closely everything related to her, her life, her marriage, her religion, and the secret of the accident that she was exposed to.

Details on Mahima Chaudhry

Date of birth: 13 – 09 – 1973
Age in 2020: 47 years old
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Place of birth: Darjeeling – West Bengal – India
Mahima Choudhury’s Religion: Hinduism
Nationality: Indian
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 65 kg.
Hair color: brown.
Eye color: brown.
Marital Status: Divorced.
Number of children: She has one child.
Ex-husband: Bobby Mukherjee.
Hobbies: swimming – reading – cooking.
Favorite Actor: Shah Rukh Khan.
Favorite Actress: Juhi Chawla.
University: Holds a BA from the University of Loreto – Darjeeling.

Mahima Chaudhry’s Childhood and Life Story

Indian actress Mahima Chaudhry is one of the most beautiful faces of Indian cinema that appeared during the nineties. and was known through her charming smile that struck the hearts of millions. Mahima was born in the city of Darjeeling in India in 1973. With her clothes.

Mahima obtained a bachelor’s degree from the University of Loreto and then was able to start her artistic career with all seriousness. She had many steps that preceded her acting. but she managed to gain a prominent position since her first artistic work.

Mahima Chaudhry worked as a model

Mahima did not start her artistic career through acting. but she initially managed to get an opportunity to participate as a model. And Mahima’s attractive appearance and delicate features were among the most factors that helped her to succeed in her modeling career. and then she got the title of Miss India in the year 1990.

Mahima began to appear on television through some promotional advertisements for the most important companies at that time. and before the acting experience. Mahima participated in Aamir Khan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in the Pepsi advertisement. and at that time it was one of the most successful commercials ever. and Mahima became one of the most well-known faces. in India.

Her work in cinema

Mahima was lucky enough during her artistic career. she was able to get her first role in Bollywood through the movie “Bardis” and it is fortunate that Mahima was the first heroine in front of the King of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan. so this experience was the opportunity of a lifetime for her, and she got through this movie On the wide fame at the beginning of her career.

Everyone was wondering about how a new face got the opportunity for the absolute championship in front of Shah Rukh Khan. but Mahima’s great talent was the perfect answer to that question and the film met a great success at the time. and it is still one of the most beautiful films of Indian cinema.

Who is Mahima Chaudhry’s husband?

After her great success in the movie “Bardis”. Mahima got wide fame. making her the talk of the hour since 1997. then Mahima announced after that about her association with the famous Indian tennis player “Leander Bayes”. but soon the duo separated and Mahima did not want to talk about it. until She surprised her fans in 2006 by announcing her marriage to Bobby Mukherjee.

Which arose between them a very big love story. and this marriage resulted in her only daughter. Ariana. Then the announcement of the marriage to her. and this marriage continued for many years until the divorce of the couple was announced in 2013. and Mahima had suffered because of this divorce. so she had to get money by participating in artistic works that we were not fully convinced of.

Mahima Chaudhrys husband
Mahima Chaudhrys husband

Mahima Chaudhry Incident

In 1998. after a year of participating in the film Bardis. Mahima managed to get many offers and roles in Bollywood cinema. and although she did not get enough success or the same success as Paradise. Mahima had a talent that made her participate with top Bollywood stars in a lot. Among the works of art. while filming the movie “What Does the Heart Do” starring Kajol Wagay Devgan.

Mahima Chaudhry had a terrible accident. her car collided in a huge truck. and the windshield of the car shattered until much of it hit Mahima’s face and body. and she stated that the doctors had extracted More than 63 pieces of glass from her body. and that accident was one of the most difficult moments Mahima lived.

Mahima Chaudhry’s success with Akshay Kumar’s success

After many experiences that did not get enough success after co-starring with Shah Rukh Khan. Mahima got another golden opportunity through the participation of Bollywood first box star “Akshay Kumar”. one of his best films entitled “Heartbeat”. The film tells about a love story that she lived. The rich heroine with a poor young man.

her husband her daughter
her husband her daughter

Whose father refused to marry her due to his bad morals and actions and expelled him. to arrange for her to marry a young man from a wealthy family, but he has a good and educated heart. which makes her fall in love after marriage. to show her former lover again trying to separate them. Mahima won more than one award in the same year for her role in the film and was nominated for more than four awards.

Take away from acting for a while

Many Bollywood fans are wondering why the star with the most beautiful smile has disappeared. Is she no longer what she wants in this profession? or are there other reasons that no one knows? After her great success in the movie “Heartbeat” in front of Akshay Kumar. everyone expected that she would become Mahima is the first window star in Bollywood. but the winds come with something that the ships do not desire.

So Mahima became the owner of many commercial films that do not get enough viewing and revenue until her artistic work decreased by a large percentage. and Mahima remained silent for years and moved away from the artistic scene. but she left Her silence by announcing that Bollywood allocates powerful roles and successful films to those who have fathers and relatives in Bollywood. As for the stars of our generation. they have not been appreciated enough by the filmmakers. so we must look back and restore the glory to that talent that everyone is missing.

List of Mahima Chaudhary’s works

Dark Chocolate
Ishani Banerjee
2014 Kaanchi
Special Appearance
2010 Pusher
2008 Gumnaam: The Mystery
Ria / Semon
2006 Kudiyon Ka Hai Zamaana
2006 Mr. 100%
2006 Sarhad Paar
2006 Hope & a Little Sugar
Saloni Oberoi

2006 Sandwich
Sweety S. Singh
2006 Souten: The Other Woman
Mitali ‘Mita’ R. Singh
2005 Home Delivery: Aapko … Ghar Tak
The sensational Maya
2005 The Film
Sushmita Banerjee
2005 Film Star
Heera Pandit
2005 Sehar
Anamika Kant
2005 Bhagmati
Animated Bhagmati (voice)

2005 Kuchh Meetha Ho Jaye
Ghulab Khan
2005 Zameer
Supriya Maheshwari
2004 Dobara
Dr. Anjali Sehgal
2004 Chess: A Game Plan
2003 LOC: Kargil
Reena Yadav
2003 Baghban
Arpita Raj
2003 Tere Naam
Dancer (Special Appearance)

2003 Saaya
2002 Dil Hai Tumhaara
Nimmi (as Mahima Chaudhary)
2002 Om Jai Jagadish
Ayesha (as Mahima Chaudhary)
2002 Tere Bina (Short)
2001 Yeh Teraa Ghar Yeh Meraa Ghar
Saraswati (as Mahima Choudhary)
2001 Lajja
Maithili (as Mahima Choudhary)
2000 Khiladi 420
Ritu Bhardwaj (as Mahima Choudhary)
2000 Kurukshetra
Anjali P. Singh
2000 Deewane

2000 Dhadkan
Sheetal Varma (as Mahima Choudhary)
1999 Dil Kya Kare
Kavita Kishore (as Mahima Chaudhary)
1999 Manasulo Maata 1999
1999 Pyaar Koi Khel Nahin
1999 Daag: The Fire
Kajal Verma / Kajri
1997 Pardes
Kusum Ganga (as Mahima Chaudhary)