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Kaan Sevi biography and information about his age, sweetheart and his religion. A full report on the hero of the Kardeslerim series and the wrong master is a rising star of Turkish art and acting. He has an audience who follows him on social networking sites Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. Let’s get to know Kaan Sevi and his life story. A lot about his personal life, where he was born and raised. Who is his sweetheart? His beginning with acting, and his most important new and old works.

Who is Kaan Sevi?

Place of birth: Izmir
Kaan Sevi was born on April 25, 1994 in Izmir
Age: 27
His religion: Muslim
Sweetheart: None
Nationality: Turkish
Astrological sign: Taurus

Kaan Sevi’s religion

“Kaan Sevi” is a young Turkish actor who managed with his simplicity and strong talent to get you into his role with ease. Where he played the role of Muhammad in the series The Ambassador’s Daughter. He also drew more attention through the first works in which “Al Ostoura” and others participated.

Sefi is a rising actor, born in Izmir in 1994. His age in 2021 is only 27 years old. His height is not much, he is 178 cm. And it weighs as little as 66 kg. His studies were in acting, where he graduated from Bilgi College, Department of Film and Television. To start his career with acting and art.

The love of acting is not a surprise to his family, they know very well that our young star has a great talent from his childhood. When he imitates his favorite artists. Because he loves acting. When he finished pre-university high school, he settled on entering college to study acting.

his girlfriend

Kaan Sevi’s girlfriend does not exist yet, and when asked about this, he said he is thinking about his future career. And he doesn’t have time to get into any relationship that’s holding him back from his goal at the moment. Because of his preoccupation with current and future work.

Instagram wallpapers, Facebook, Twitter

Our rising star has a lot of accounts on social media, although he doesn’t always follow them. He is not fond of social media. Meanwhile, he posts his photos on Instagram regularly. We will find pictures of him with his dog, which he likes very much. There is also a group of pictures of him with his family members.

Actor Kaan Sevi: Beginning and Artistic Career

“Sify” started acting in 2017, in the role of Ali in the series “Ostoura”. Adı Efsane is the Kanal D series, which began broadcasting on January 28, 2017 and is produced by Devrim Yalçin, directed by Müge Turalı Pak and Elif Ayşe Durmaz. He finished by making the final on August 29, 2017.

The main character of the series, Tarik Aksoy (Erdal Beşikcioglu), at the height of his career, had a serious accident and got injured and then started losing everything in his hands one by one. Finally, he loses custody of his children. Tariq, who wants to get his children back, has to find a job and thus transfers to Yalıköy High School. Here, he has to form a new basketball team and get the team he founded into tournaments. However, this is more difficult than you think.

One of the most important works in which he participated was the series “Nubat”, a military series. It revolves around the lives of some soldiers. In every country, every Turkish child is born as a soldier. Some of them are soldiers and heroes. They work day and night for the survival of this country and this nation. When the time comes, they will die for this nation. We call them “the hero”. They answer us by shouting: “Long live Turkey.”

Kaan Sevi’s Works, Movies, TV Shows

His second role came stronger and more important, as he made his first cinematic movie, “New Game”, a good game. Director: Umut Aral, Writer: Emre Cyril, Stars: Mert Yazicioglu, Afra Saragoglu, Orkun Isetmak.

Its story is about Cenk who is a recent high school graduate and a very skilled video gamer. He works part-time at a toy house to support his mother and sister. He also plays the popular video game “League of Legends” as a fan (player for other people) to earn some extra money. One day, he is discovered by Ada, the manager of the new professional e-sports team “The Odd Five”, and suggests him a place.

Cenk decides to join the team owned by former pro player Ruzgar, and sets out on a journey into the professional gaming world. He will face tough challenges and adventures to play in the season championship finals with his teammates Pato, Naz, JJ, Aslan and their mysterious coach Ozer.

Since then, the role of the rising star has grown and he has participated in “The Wrong Master,” a comedy series starring the famous Turkish actor “Can Yaman” who plays the role of Özgür, a very wealthy restaurateur who lives a sloppy but lucky life. He does not believe in love. Izji is now tired of wrong relationships and is determined to have a healthy relationship and marriage. Since Ezgi is unsuccessful in relationship matters, Ozgur begins to mentor her about relationships and gives her tactics to get the man she loves.

Kaan Sevi new, old and exclusive pics

A collection of the sweetest photos of the artist, beautiful and upscale surprise photos, old photos from childhood days and new ones, and a selfie of the actor Kaan Sevi. We mention that one of the works in which “Kaan Sevi” participated in is the Kardeslerim series or The Brothers. While he will play a role close to the championship. As it is a youth series that revolves around three brothers who are exposed to many stories and tales. He co-starred in the crime and drama film “Digital Slavery.” Director: Imre Kavuk, Writer: Birol Guffin. Stars: Simai Barlas, Rasim Oztekin, Ozgun Chopin.

Kaan Sevi was born on April 25 1994 in Izmir
Kaan Sevi was born on April 25 1994 in Izmir
Kaan Sevi is a young Turkish actor
Kaan Sevi is a young Turkish actor
His age in 2021 is only 27 years
His age in 2021 is only 27 years
Kaan Sevi biography
Kaan Sevi biography