Who is Jessica May? Biography Religion, age, boyfriend

1. What is Jessica May’s religion?

Jessica May is probably Muslim.

2. Who is Jessica May’s sweetheart?

Habib Jessica May is married to Hussain Kara.

3. How old is Jessica May?

Age of Jessica May in 2020: 27 years.

4. How tall is Jessica May?

Its height is 172 cm.

5. What is Jessica May’s birthdate?

December 5, 1993, AD.

Jessica May Information about the Turkish actress TV series, Jessica May height, age and date of birth, the wonderful actress who became famous in many wonderful roles, and a lot about her in one article.

religion Jessica May Height Weight

What is her date of birth: December 1993 AD, how old is she? in 2020: 27 years old. What is her religion? Probably Muslim. What is her height? 172 cm. What is its weight? 50 kg.

Actress Jessica May and her life story

Jessica May is considered one of the youngest girls who worked in fashion shows at this early age. for her overwhelming beauty and attractive features were essential elements in Jessica’s success as a model. in addition to her ideal weight and height that matches other models. Which made her receive great success in this The field. Despite her young age. Jessica was able to obtain many great opportunities that enabled her to be a familiar face with the masses. and through her beautiful features. She was able to get the opportunity to present advertisements for the most famous international products.

religion Jessica May Height Weight
religion Jessica May Height Weight

A young actress. a young artist who started acting as a hero of her work quickly. she was born on December 5. 1993 AD. in Paranasity. Parana. Brazil. She lived in Brazil for nearly seven years due to the work of her parents. Her mother is a teacher and her father is a farmer. She started working as a model. She became interested in arts during her studies. In elementary. middle and high schools. she learned carving on wood. making hats and masks. sewing and embroidery. She became interested in decorating. She liked to learn new things and creative ideas.

Who is Jessica May?

Nationality: Brazilian – Turkish
Date of birth: 5 – 12 – 1993
Place of birth: Parana – Brazil
Residence: Istanbul – Turkey
Her mother: Maria Aparecida May
Her father: Ruggiero Drosionas
Age in 2020: 27 years
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Religion: Muslim “whose sect is not specified”
Weight: 50 kg
Height: 172
Favorite sport: swimming
Hobbies: acting – interest in fashion
Marital Status: Married
Spouse’s name: Hussain Kara

Religion Muslim
Religion Muslim

Online Revolution: $1 Million
Hair color: Shiny brown
Eye color: blue


Jessica May Series Movies and TV Shows

She got a great fame in the field of advertising. Presented the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week that was organized in Istanbul. She became the advertising face in the campaign of the designer Gedim Akin and in 2018 she became the model and the advertising face of the famous Turkish designer Dosso Dossi Fashion Show. She presented famous commercial advertisements and became the advertising face for them like Turkish Airlines. Arko and QNB Group.

Began acting in 2017 in the lead role (Bella) in the series The New Bride (2017-2018). The series gained great fame in Turkey and became number one in terms of viewership. It is a romantic comedy series about a luxury girl. I was born in Brazil and fell in love with a rich young man. But he was from the villages that have special customs and traditions, and are trying to adapt to living among them after marriage.

Information about her starring in the new bride series

Brazilian actress Jessica May. who starred in the Turkish series “The New Bride.” revealed that she was so affected in Turkey that she now sees her dreams in Turkish.
May explained that she now sees Turkey as her second country. where she participated in the series that was broadcast on SHOW over two seasons. According to what Hurriyet newspaper quoted her.

The Brazilian actress pointed out that she had lived for a long time in Turkey. and at the beginning of her arrival she was seeing her dreams in Portuguese (the mother tongue). But after a while she began to see her in Turkish. and sometimes in English. The languages ​​mixed on her. Which surprised her.

She indicated that the first song I listened to was by the able Turkish artist Cézan Aksu. and after spending a period of time in the city of Adana. Southern Turkey. to film the series. she began to enjoy the sad. emotional songs known in Turkey as “Arabesque”.

She added that she also listened to the late artist. “Muslim Gores”. and watched his movie. which is currently being shown in cinemas. and was very attached to his emotional songs. which prompted her to cry while watching the movie that tells his life story.

Jessica May and her husband

Jessica May is always keen to keep her personal life in complete secrecy. far from the press and from the media. So Jessica refused to talk about love or engagement. until her audience was surprised that she announced her marriage to the well-known Turkish photographer “Hussain Kara” on June 30th. 2018. and the press reported that there was a great love story between the two parties who agreed to marry. and Jessica actually celebrated her marriage to Hussein in the family of both the groom and the bride. with the presence of a few presses. and Jessica appeared in her white dress with a simple and wonderful look.

Actress Jessica May and her life story
Actress Jessica May and her life story
Jessica May and her husband
Jessica May and her husband
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