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ilayda alişan, the heroine of the Çukur series, is a Turkish actress who became famous for many roles, she became a great actress with time, the audience loved her and had a large fan base that qualified her to become a star.

ilayda alişan and her young life story

A young rising actress was born in Istanbul, her birthdate is January 1, 1996, she had a lot of followers in a short time, her love for acting since she was young, dreams of fame and her great ambition, after she finished her school studies at Bahjat Kamal Shaalar High School, she started looking for an opportunity To enter the world of art and acting to start this journey in 2011 AD, it is 1.58 meters long and weighs 48 kilograms.

Her astrological sign

Her astrological sign is Capricorn, and she is distinguished by many qualities that distinguish her from others, she is very diligent and I do not say ambitious, but the exact description is aspiring, she sees that her means to achieve her goals is effort or effort. Which makes her feel that she is wronged because she measures everything by effort.

Very emotional, therefore, she is affected by sweet words, but because of her skeptical nature, she suspects speaking after a short period, and the solution is more sweet talk, swearing and constantly affirming your sincerity. It can be influenced by emotion and it is the shortest way. As for persuasion, it is an endless path even if She showed you her conviction in the end, she will run out of her brain! But if you affect her emotionally, she will often get what she wants.

ilayda alişan and her young life story
ilayda alişan and her young life story

The personality of the Capricorn woman is one of the personalities that loves to look at everything so that it is information and a general idea about all matters around her. She also loves to work a lot, works with high accuracy in it, and she adheres to and adheres to customs, traditions and values. She is considered one of the most resolute, serious, diplomatic personalities. In dealing with others, she is modest, patient, wise, careful and loyal, and she always prefers to enjoy freedom and independence in her life, whether from the practical or personal aspects.

Her series

Her artistic start was in 2011 through the TV series I Love a Girl, starring the famous actor Bollent Inal, Kulkan Arslan and Hakan Kurtas, and has been dubbed into Arabic and shown in the Arab world. The first time on the date of January 26, the series revolves around: Maine (Mini) She is the youngest of a loving family on one of the islands of Istanbul, which lives in a middle-class neighborhood.

As for Sinan, he is the only son of one of the richest families, and he has got used to getting everything he desires. He is a glorified student who graduated from the university and prepares to travel to complete his master’s studies. The two of them had a stormy love, despite the different class of their families and the social circumstances surrounding each of them, and each promised the other that they would never separate and spend their lives together.

Her second appearance was through the series My Name is Goltepe. The story takes place in the eighties. It tells about a neighborhood called Izmir Gultep. There are 3 friends in this neighborhood. Saifi Fawzi Ali Gul will face difficulties in this neighborhood and ampiyonah. She has a son Ali Gul and her husband in prison, so she tries to start finding money for her son She is in a relationship with Khalil and the personality of Mitti in this neighborhood is known for his prestige and respect.

Her business and TV shows

In 2015, we see her in the series “Qusu Al-Asfoura”, and then she presented the role of Elul Erin in the series Tell Me How I Love You, starring Kadir Dogulo, Sida Bakan, Mustafa Ostendag. His story revolves around Laila, who moves with her child to Turkey from Germany after divorce. Leaving her family’s home, she meets Hasmet through a job. Meanwhile, Albert tries to keep up with his marriage and his work in trouble. He meets Albert and Leela unexpectedly through an unexpected punch.

TV series and movies starring Aslıhan Güner

2011 – Love a Baby (Merve) (TV series)
2014 – My Name is Gultap (as Nurten) (TV series)
2015 – Qasr Al Asfour – (Cinema) (TV series)
2016 – Tell Me About Love (September) (TV series)
2017-2018 Cukur (TV series)
2019 series ampiyon (Neslihan).

Exclusive news

She talks about herself in an interview and said that she always strives to organize her plans and goals, manage all her work, whether home or practical, well, encourage herself to do and look forward to the best, also she has the ability to control her movements and herself, and she has a sense of humor but only shows it to individuals Who are close to her.
One of the negatives of the Capricorn woman is her claim that she is knowledgeable, stubborn, selfish, and does not forget about situations, thus she is intolerant, also pessimistic, and always waits for the worst, moody sometimes she is happy, sometimes sad, tends to be alone most of the time.

She has a great degree of sensitivity, romance, and emotion, and this is despite her need for a lot of time to express what is going on inside her, specifically when it comes to the man she loves, in these moments she is firm and serious trying with the greatest of her ability to hide what You feel it from emotions, even if they are burning from within.

She is best suited to the man who tends to challenge, because she has a great degree of patience so that she cannot dive into a relationship without making sure that the man in front of her is perfect and that he is right for her, as she does not like randomness when it comes to her personal life, so she loves control and orderly matters As soon as she falls in love with this man, he will feel that she is always on his side. She will feel her love and care for him, her interest in him.

(ilayda alişan) and her role in the Çukur series

Çukur is one of the most important Turkish series that was shown on television and on the course of all its seasons, attracting the viewer’s attention to him, and it is considered a great move for her in her artistic life, despite the Turkish Minister of Interior criticizing the series and saying that he is cursed, but this does not change the reality that it is a successful series and has its followers , Production of El-Qamar Productions, starring Aras Bulut Inmly, Dylan Shishik Deniz, Arkan Kulchak Kostendel, Oner Arkan, Ercan Kisal, Reza Kucaoglu, Albiran Doemaz from the first part, Naguib Memeli, Tansu Bashar, Berkai Atash, Arkan Oji, Damla Sunmez from the second part, and Jurakjir Jahangir III from the second part .

The series revolves around the most dangerous neighborhood in Istanbul under the control of the “Kosovali” family, but in this neighborhood drug trafficking is forbidden. Yamash (Aras Bulut Enemli) is the youngest son of the “Koshovali” family. He left his neighborhood and his family behind and decided to travel far to start a new life. Yamash got to know a beautiful girl and loved her and decided to marry her so that he was surprised when his mother came to him and told him that he should return to Çukur because she needs him and leave his wife His girlfriend is alone and returns to Çukur

Neslihan is the heroine of the series ampiyon

In 2019, she began her role in the series ampiyon, which revolves around the boxer Virat who loves that game, and his struggle to become the greatest boxer, the story begins with Boxer Virat, who was also a boxer and the head of his family, and he has a son and wife, who worked throughout his life to achieve his dream Virat, a Caucasian nickname, was a promising young boxer whose life was ruined by the unfortunate accident.