Who is Hazal Subasi? friend religion Instagram and a report

About the Star Hazal Subasi

Hazal Subasi is a 25-year-old TV actress, and she is from Taurus. Date of birth May 8. 1996 place of birth Izmir. Turkey. She is 7 feet 10 inches tall Weighs 370 pounds 167.8 kg. brown eyes brown hair color black. her main source of income is the acting.
Favorite Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis
Favorite Actress: Grace Kelly
Favorite books: Jack Qadri
Favorite Colors: Carmine
Preferred destination: Beijing (China)
Favorite food: Croissant
Favorite fruit: musk melon.

Hazal Subasi life story

Hazal Subasi was born on May 2. 1996 in Izmir. She is 24 years old. Her religion is currently unknown. And she is a Turkish actress and model. And she has a degree from Izmir University of Economics in public relations and advertising. Our beautiful star Hazal Subasi entered the Beauty of Turkey contest in 2005.

2015 and she won the third place. And then after that she developed her proficiency in the field of acting and took an acting course at the hands of great masters. And her first work was with the star Arkan Meri in the series Adını Sen Koy and was broadcast at the time on TRT 1. then after that she presented a role Bahr in the episode Halka series.

Hazal Subasi life story
Hazal Subasi life story

The most important works of Hazal Subasi from series and movies

In 2016-2018 she played the role of Adını Sen Koy in the series Zehra Kaya Kervancıoğlu. In 2018, she participated in the series Bir Umut Yeter as Elif Ozcan Karabi. 2019 she presented the role of Bahar Birks in the series episode. And then participated in the series The Pit and presented the role of Naher And this year. She will participate in the series The dividing line between us and the star Ozan Dolunay.

As for the awards she has received since she started acting. She is the Miss Narciam Award in 2015. And the Cyprus Havadis Media Award for Best Actress for 2018. She has more than 800,000 followers on Instagram. As for her family life. she has a brother named Batuhan. Hazal Subasi. Who is a cat lover. And she has a gray cat named Minos. She is one of the famous actresses in the world of cinema.

Hazal Subasi’s Boyfriend

The star Hazal is in a relationship with the star Arkan Mertesch. as it is said. Where this relationship began through the filming of his series. Who met in the series Adını Sen Koy. However.

This relationship did not last long. as Merich announced the news of the separation on social media. where actors Hazal and Merch broke up. And Mertesch announced the news of the separation on his account on social media.

Erkan Meri  who won the title of the best model in the world after Kivanc Tatlitug and Kenan Erzaloglu. Was born on July 25. 1986 in Mersin. He is a graduate of the Department of Electronic Automation at the University of Mersin.

It was Erkan Merich

Who played football professionally for many years and worked as a goalkeeper. Also interested in sports such as volleyball. Swimming, basketball and body building.

After he decided to work as a model after graduating from the university. Erkan Meri joined the agency and began his modeling career. Participated in the fashion competition and was the best Turkish model in the competition held in 2009.

She was chosen as the best Turkish model in this competition. After this competition. She participated in the contest for the best model in the world and became the best male model in the world in this competition.

Erkan Merich rose to acting after modeling and played the character of Omar on the TV called “You Put Your Name”. Which airs on TRT 1.

Hazal Subasi in the series Adını Sen Koy

It revolves around an impossible love story between two spouses. Zleiha and Omar. The series premiered on TRT1 television. Playing the role of the star. Arkan Merrick. Who is a person whose life is a combination of victories and successes.

The most important thing for him is his sister Aisha. Who will live for only six months Hazal Subasi plays the role of (Zahra). She is a beautiful girl. And there will be a turning point in her painful life. Which is her husband’s plot to save her father’s life.

LEV Durmaz plays the role of (Aisha). She is Omar’s sister and always protected by his brother Omar, and she will marry someone He is called Nihad. And he is an insincere person. As he always betrays his wife Aisha in revenge for her brother Omar. She has an inferiority complex. While Omar is a polite and successful person, and he will hide from him that Aisha will die after six months.

Hazal Subasi in the series episode

Episode series is a Turkish series that was shown for the first time on January 14. 2019 and it includes many bright stars. Namely, Serkan Shaioglu, Handa Erchel. Nazan Kisal and Kan Yıldırım. And it tells the story of the series about a large gang that runs an organization operating in the illegal trade.

Run by a person called Han A person characterized by neck and oppression. And one day a market asks a person called Iskandar to kill another person who has a wife and child named Kahan. And this child will grow up and become a young man.

And take over the events. As for our star. She plays the role of an exemplary police officer who loves her work in her twenties Dedicated to fighting crime. The series premiered on November 15. Corresponding to Tuesday. And episodes of the series were shown on TRT1 screens.

Hazal Subasi in the series The Line Between Us

A new series for the star Hazal Subachus and the star Muhammad Ozan Dolunay. Will soon be shown on the newly established gain platform. And the serie’s episodes are few as viewers like to watch the series whose episodes are short and the episode will be only twenty minutes long. The series will be produced by Tolga Afsin Kaya (Cesur Ve Güzel. Kara Sevda).

Screenwriter and Soner Caner. The series’s story revolves around romantic drama. And there will be a lot of case stories. Separation and trauma between the serie’s protagonists.

Hazal Subasi in the series episode
Hazal Subasi in the series episode
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