who is Hatice Şendil Sağyaşar? religion, husband

The Turkish actress Hatice Şendil Sağyaşar the heroine of the series Hatice, a full report on her religion, nationality, age, life and upbringing, when her artistic career began, and the most important artistic works in which she participated, and the social networking sites of the actress Khadija, and a set of new photos of the artist Hatice Şendil.

Hatice Şendil, heroine of the series The Game of Fate, and information about her

Date of birth: 2 – August 1983
Age 2020: 37 years old
Place of birth: Antalya – Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion: Muslim
Height: 1.75 cm
Weight: unknown
Academic qualification: College of Business Administration
Marital Status: Married
Number of children: 1
The beginning of her artistic career: 2001 – until now
Profession: Turkish actress

Hatice Şendil Sağyaşar’s family life and upbringing

The distinguished actress Hatice Sendil was born in Antalya, Turkey. Her father is Greek, and he came from the Greek city of Thessaloniki to Turkey. Her mother is Turkish and she has 2 sisters and she is the third sister.

Khadija lived in Turkey and was educated there and graduated from the College of Business Administration. In 2017 her father died in a tragic accident while crossing the road, he was hit by a car and caused severe injuries and a number of fractures, and when he was transferred to the hospital, he died immediately and her father was reporting She is 71 years old at the time.

Her father died after giving birth to her first child a few days, which made her feel very sad about the death of her father and forget her joy as a new one for the first time in her life and Khadija was very attached to her father and loved him very much, which put her in a state of depression that lasted for a while and this appeared on her. Intense sadness while praying for him in the mosque, as she was in a state of constant crying and collapse.

Actress Hatice Şendil and her career

After obtaining her university degree, the actress Khadija took lessons in the world of acting with the famous Turkish actress. Ella El-Jan. In 2001 she participated in the Miss Turkey contest, during which she won the third place.

In the same year, she also participated in the (Miss Europe) competition in which she won the fourth place and appeared in a video with the singer Çelik Erişçi Besides. She took lessons in teaching and horse riding from “Töre”.

In 2008, she made the series “Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu” as Ebru Alemdar

In 2010, she participated in the series “Karadağlar” as “Gulhayat”. Aziza and many stars, including Erdal Özyağcılar, İbrahim Çelikkol, Korel Cezayirli, Burak Sağyaşar, Ahmet Rıfat Şungar, and Güzin Özyağcılar. Participated in the tournament, and she was able to draw attention to her in her first dramatic work and praised her performance a lot.

In 2012, Khadija appeared in the series “Dila Hanım”, with Erkan Petekkaya, Mahir Günşiray, Necip Memili and Yonca Cevher, which is her first absolute starring in dramas, and the series achieved great success in Turkey at the time of its release.

In 2014, she participated in the series The Day My Destiny as Özcan Deniz.

Actress Hatice Şendil’s acts and series

2015 movie film Kiss of Life
2001 series The New Life
2005 September series
2007 series Two Foreigners and the series Fesupanallah
2008, Wild Rose, and Kurtlar Vadisi Ambush
2010 as a guest star on Extended Family and Montenegro
2012 Della Hanim series
2014 series The Day My Destiny Written
2016 as a guest in the series High Society

The social networking site for actress Khadija Shendil

Facebook: https:// WwW.facebook.com.Hatice Şendil Sağyaşar

Instagram: https:// WwW.instagram.com.Hatice Şendil Sağyaşar

Twitter: https://WwW.twitter.com.Hatice Şendil Sağyaşar

Actress Hatice Şendil has a large audience that follows her on her social networking sites and more than one million and 500 thousand people follow her on the Instagram site. She is one of the few stars who comments on her pictures that she publishes in English and publishes pictures of her on the sea and with her son Kan and the special events that She brings her with her husband.

Her pictures impressed many followers, and a while ago she published photos of her gathering with her husband, Burak Sichar, while they were on a romantic trip to France and taking a walk in the streets of Paris to spend the holiday and renew their honeymoon there. They wished their followers a happy journey with each other and more happiness and Stability in married life.

As for actress Khadija, she follows 661 other accounts of many personalities, including Beyonce – Chiara Ferragni – Camila Coelho – Henry Cavil – Adele and comments on their photos.
Actress Hatice Şendil’s husband and son

Actress Hatice Şendil is married to Turkish artist and producer Burak Sağyaşar, after a love story and an emotional bond that lasted for 4 years. They celebrated their wedding in May 2015 and gave birth to her first child, Jan, in 2017.

After she gave birth to her son, “Jean,” she decided to move away from acting and devote himself to the home and family, and at that time she decided to retire from acting, but her husband had a different opinion from her and gave her an opportunity to withdraw from this decision and think about it again.

Hatice Şendil as a bookseller in the Fate Game series

Kaderimin Yazıldığı Gün The Game of Destiny is a Turkish series, starring the Turkish artist Ozcan Deniz and actress Hatice Şendil with another group of big stars in Turkey.

It is a romantic social drama series whose story revolves around a married couple, Omran and wife Dima, who live together a quiet married life and love each other very much.

However, their lives change upside down, and many problems occur with them because it is known that Dima, Imran’s wife, is sterile and does not give birth, and after that, many disputes occur between her and the family of her husband Imran and his family’s constant demand for the presence and childbearing.

Even Imran himself and his wife, Dima, hope to have children and become a large family, and after a while, Dima and her husband Imran have to make a difficult decision, which is to search for a surrogate mother or a pregnant mother from Imran and then take the child from her and cooperate with her in the search for me This mother is Imran’s mother herself, and a girl named Rafif is found, who plays the role of Khadija.

Rafif comes from the countryside and accepts this offer from the Omran family to help her family with the money she gets in exchange for this agreement and sacrifice her love from the young Mahmoud whom she would marry when she was living in the countryside.

After her presence with Imran’s family, many situations happen between her and Imran’s first wife, Dima and his family, and Mahmoud, who comes behind her when he learns that she married another person, and many conflicts happen.

Actress Hatice Sendils acts and series
Actress Hatice Sendils acts and series
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