Who is Hande Erçel? husband, religion, series and more

What is the religion of Hande Erçel?

Hande Erçel is probably Muslim.

2. Who is Husband Hande Erçel?

Hand Arcel Husband is unmarried

3. How old is Hande Erçel?

Age of Hande Erçel in 2020: 28 years.

4. How tall is Hande Erçel?

Her height is 175 cm.

5. What is Hande Erçel’s birthdate?

November 24, 1993.

Hande Erçel Information on Turkish Actress, Hande Erçel height, age and birthdate, gorgeous actress who is best known for great roles, and a lot more about her in one article.

Religion Hande Erçel height weight

What is her date of birth: November 24, 1993, how old is she in 2020: 28 years What is her religion: probably Muslim. What is her height: 175 cm. What is its weight: 60 kg.

Actress Hande Erçel and her life story

The life of the 28-year-old is a Turkish actress, actress and model.
Hande Erçel was born on the 24th of November 1992, in Banderma Belkseer in Turkey.

Her mother’s name is Olin Ersil, and she is the first daughter of her parents
She embraces the Islamic religion, and her sister is a young actress named Ghamza Archel With a friend and her sisters, she lived with a friend, whose grandmother was closer to her, She loves traveling and reading, along with a skill in acting

Graduated from Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts, BS, and her parents wanted to become a doctor, but she loved art since her childhood.
She won the Miss Turkey title for the year 2012, and then got a beautiful title and gained fame in a very short time.

Learn more about it on social media

She is the fifth most active actress on Instagram, she has more than 8 million Turkish and Arab followers, as well as other nationalities. Ambassador of famous brands such as L’Oréal Paris Turkey Continuing to study art in the United States of America, and her dream is to have Hollywood stars participate in their artwork, such as Leonardo DiCaprio

Aristocratic archives on TV shows, She took first place among eight popular Turkish actresses, She became an ambassador for Marda Defacto in 2017 Some rumors surfaced of a relationship between Handa and actor Tolgahan sayisman, but she spoke and denied this news and said that there is no relationship between them. And it was a romantic relationship, between the Turkish actor, times and then again You activate it and this appears during the photos that you post on social networking sites.

About Hande Erçel

Date of birth: November 24, 1993
Age in 2020: 28 years old.
Place of birth: I was born in Bandurma, in Asir (province) – Turkey.
Nationality: Turkish.
Religion: Muslim.
Marriage: Unmarried.
Height: 175 cm.
Hair color: black.
Eye color: Dark brown.
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius.
Academic Qualification: Graduated from Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts
She started her artistic career: She started her artistic career in 2013.
Favorite sport and hobby: acting, drawing, and doing sports like yoga

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religion of Hande Erçel
religion of Hande Erçel

Hande Erçel series, movies and TV shows

Handa is one of the most beautiful, famous, popular, and Instagrammed actresses in Turkey, and the business is:
The Black Pearl (series)
Love Cannot Be Understood From Words (series)
Girls of the Sun (series)
Tree of Life (series)
Aziza 2019 episode

Information about her heroism in the series Love is not understood from the words

Handa was named Miss Turkey in 2012, then she turned to acting and her start was just a hobby and entertainment, but she succeeded and got fame in a very short time, and occupied the first place among the eight best popular Turkish actresses. She won the Best Actress Award for 2016 for her role in the series “Girls of the Sun”, and she won the Best Comic Actress Award for 2017 for her role in the series “Love does not understand from words”, and before that she was awarded the (Turkish Oscar) as the best rising actress for her first role Her series çalikusn. Her beauty had a big share in her fame, which helped her get an absolute starring role in the series “Love Cannot Be Understood From Words”.

The story of the series

The story of the series “Love Does Not Understand” tells the story of the love of the two heroes “Hayat” and “Murad” in a funny comic way, as “Hayat” is a village girl who came to Istanbul from a rural village to complete her studies and then search for a suitable job opportunity, while “Murad” is a young man. A rich man is responsible for his father’s company specialized in fashion, design and fashion.

The events of the series begin when Hayat’s mother comes to Istanbul to check on her daughter and make sure that her affairs are going well. She is surprised that her daughter is still looking for work in vain and tries to return her to the village, while Hayat tries getting a job as soon as possible to stay in Istanbul, “Hayat” applies to two jobs in the hope of getting one of them, and in the morning she hurries to search for a taxi to arrive for the interview, and by chance Murad’s car is out of order and the other is a passenger in a taxi, so she asks him to give it to her and help her to reach On time, and thus takes place the first meeting between the two heroes.

The plot of the story of the series “Love Does Not Understand” appears when “Hayat” is late for the first interview and turns to the second, and upon her arrival she is surprised by another girl who applies for the job and it is clear that she is recommended by one of the owners of the company, and for some reason the girl gets angry and receives her papers and CV on the ground and leaves The company, in good faith, gives “Hayat” the papers of this girl to the secretary, and a misunderstanding occurs so that the secretary thinks that “Hayat” is the owner of the papers and intervenes to meet the company director “Murad” who met him in the morning and clashed at the taxi. Then the events of the series “Love” does not understand who Speaking of impersonating “Hayat” as another rich girl, unintentionally, while she is trying to get out of the dilemma and lie that she has caused herself, in addition to that “Murad” falls in love with her and does not know her truth.

Awards that she has won so far in her artistic career

She won the Best Comic Actress award for 2017 for her role in the series Love Doesn’t Understand From Words
She won the Best Actress Award 2016 for her role in Celine in the series Girls of the Sun
She won the (Turkish Oscar) Golden Butterfly Award as the best rising actress for her role in her first series, çalikusn.

Hande Erçel and her lover or husband

Hande Erçel is interested in the public in searching for the emotional and personal life of the artist as well, as she has emotionally occupied them after the much news that she had a relationship with more than one artist, including the existence of a relationship between her and the star Toljhan Saishman in the past, as well as her relationship with the Turkish actor Ekin many times, where they separated Then they came back again and finally separated.

now Hande Erçel is preparing to marry the artist, Murad Dalcic, after they had a long love relationship that began in 2017, and although they had disagreed and separated in 2018 due to her lover’s betrayal with two women, and his indifference to the difficult circumstances that she had gone through, but they returned again to each other after the strong relationship Which appeared on them during the quarantine period.
The news of the separation of actress Hande Erçel and her lover, Turkish singer Murat Dalcilic

More than two months ago, news spread that Handa and Murad are preparing to get married next summer and ready their home. Handa and Murad’s separation was preceded by news that Murad is jealous of the rapprochement between her and Karam Bursin, who participates in the summer series “You knock my door”, and that jealousy ignited in his heart because of the kiss scene in the first episode of the series, and that this kiss is the spark that I ignited the fuse. “Hurriyat” newspaper titled the news of their separation, “The End of Great Love.”

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