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The Turkish star Halit Ergenç, known as Sultan Suleiman, details about his age, religion, nationality, wife, social networking sites, most important works of series and films, his artistic career in acting, and a new and exclusive photo collection of him.

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Halit Ergenç Age, religion, wife, family, nationality and more
Full information about the star Halit Ergenç
Halit Ergenç .’s wife
Halit Ergenç . series and movies
Sultan Suleiman in the series Harem of Sultan
Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Halit Ergenç

Halit Ergenç Age, religion, wife, family, nationality and more

Age: 48 years old
Birthdate: April 30, 1970
Education: He studied marine engineering at Istanbul Technical University and continued studying opera at Mimar Sinan University after one year
Astrological sign: Taurus.
Occupation: Actor
Wife: Gizem Swisaldi (m. 2007-2008), Berguzar Korel (m. 2009)
Children: Ali Ergenç
Nationality: Turkish
Residence: Istanbul, Turkey
Religion Muslim
Eye color: green
Hair color: brown

Full information about the star Halit Ergenç

Halit Ergenç (Turkish: Halit Ergenç) is a Turkish actor, born in Istanbul. He completed his university studies in marine sciences in 1989. In the same year, he entered the artistic field through the specialization of opera and ballet, and presented works that later met with success. He presented a number of films and television series. He became famous in the Arab world after the series “Waqqi Al Hob” was shown, where he played the role of Anwar, and the series “Alia.” Songul Odin “Noor” and Kansu Diri “Sila” participated in the movie “The Bitter Love” that was shown on Arab channels.

Halit is married to the Turkish artist Bergüzar Korel, whom he met on the set of the series “Love Remains”. He was shown in Turkey the series, which received many criticism and success, “The Magnificent Century”, which plays the role of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. In the Turkish series Harem Al Sultan. Currently, he is shown in the series “You are My Homeland”, and he plays the role of General Jawdat, and his wife, actress Berguzar Korel, is co-starring, as she plays the role of Nurse Aziza. The actor also visited Pakistan and attended the Lux Style Awards – where he was honored with the International Icon Award – due to his popularity in the country.

Halit Ergencs wife 1
Halit Ergencs wife 1

Halit Ergenç’s wife

He has been married to Berguzar Korel since August 7, 2009. They have one child named Ali.
Halit Ergenç . series and movies
Zerda (TV series)
You Are My Home (TV series)
The Sultan’s Harem (TV series)
Alia (TV series)
Love Fire (film)
Love Remains (TV series)
Red Istanbul (film)
Casablanca: 2019

His career in acting

In 1996, he began acting in the Dormen Theater and had his first leading role in the musical The King and I and established himself on television with his role in the series Kara Melek. He continued to work in theater with plays such as Kiss Me, Kate, Tatli Charity, Beni Seviyor, Kral ve Ben, Amphitrion 2000, Evita, Hayalet, Ötekiler and Sarkilar Susarsa. After appearing in Köse Kapmaca and Böyle mi Olacakti, he went to New York and starred in The Adventures of Zak.

In 2000, he participated in the films Hiç Yoktan Ask and Ölümün El Yazisi and then the Dedem and Gofret ve Ben and Zerda series where he starred opposite Ece Uslu. Then, he appeared in a number of plays such as “Bugün Git Yarin Gel, Popcorn, Arapsaçi and Sevgilime Göz Kulak Ol. In 2004, he starred in the Aliye series with Sanem Çelik and Nejat Isler.
In 2005 and 2006, he worked in the films Babam ve Oglum directed by Çagan Irmak, The Net 2.0, Tramway and Ilk Ask. Starting in 2006, he starred as “Onur Axal” in the series “Binbir Jess” which was on the air until 2009. During this period, he also had roles in the Devrim Arabalari films which were based on a true story and Aasy Ask. He also played Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in Dersimiz Atatürk which was also based on a true story. Make-up artists transformed his face into Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. In 2011, he starred as Suleiman the Magician in the series Harem Al Sultan until 2014.

His career in acting

He participated in the Gezi protests in 2013, appearing in newspaper photos wearing a Bob Marley T-shirt and a surgical mask to protect against tear gas. His presence made for an interesting version, because he simultaneously played the role of one of the most prominent leaders of the Ottoman Empire in the exhibition Mohtasib Yuzel, and at the same time was protesting the actions of the government invested so much in the celebration of Ottoman glory. Orgenek was then summoned with other cultural leaders to meet with the Prime Minister. Turkish Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Erdogan apparently questioned Ergenec over the Ottoman words used by Suleiman, the character Erçin played in Mohtasib Elis.

After that, Fati Khan Khoisky played the first prime minister of the independent Azerbaijan Democratic Republic in Ali and Nino. He played in the Istanbul movie Kirmizisi directed by Ferzan Özpetek. In 2016, he started playing opposite his wife Berguzar Korel in Vatanim Sensin.

He stated that he likes Zeki Demirkoboz’s style and Ferzan Ozbek’s passion, but prefers to work more than others with Reha Erdem and Shagan Irmak, whom he described as young and talented directors.

Facts You Didn’t Know About Halit Ergenç

He studied marine engineering at Istanbul Technical University and continued studying opera at Mimar Sinan University one year later.

He won Best Actor at the Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards, the organization’s forty-first time in 2014.

He began acting in the Dormen Theater in 1996.

He worked as an assistant and dancer for the singer, Ajda Bikan.


Sultan Suleiman in the series Harem of Sultan

He plays the role of Suleiman the Magnificent, the tenth sultan of the Ottoman sultans, and the series Harem of the Sultan (Turkish: Muhteşem Yüzyıl The Magnificent Century) is a 4-season Turkish historical television series, about the Muslim Caliph Suleiman the Magnificent, produced by Timur Safji according to Meral Okay’s novel, on the Turkish TV channel Show TV. Weekly and at prime times on the Turkish Star TV channel, the series has achieved overwhelming success in Turkey to be shown in several countries dubbed in the Syrian dialect.

The series presents an imagined picture of the life of the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent and his whims, focusing the role more on his private life, which raised a great deal of confusion in Turkey to the extent of demanding his arrest by the Turkish Parliament, given that the Islamic state reached its maximum extent during his reign until it became the most powerful country in the world, which is what The series ignored him.

Facts You Didnt Know About Halit Ergenc
Facts You Didnt Know About Halit Ergenc

The German actress of Turkish origin, Maryam Uzerli, was chosen because the role she is supposed to play is a Russian maid who does not master Turkish at all, and later becomes the most powerful Sultana in the Ottoman Empire. Also, the Turkish actress Nur Fattahoglu, known as Bisan, appears in the series Forbidden Love (series) through the series in the role of the Sultan’s first wife, Sultana Nahid Duran, and the mother of the first crown prince, Prince Mustafa.

The Turkish actor, Khaled Erganj, embodies the role of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. For the selection of the Turkish beauty queen, actress Nabaht Jahra, known as Firoz Khanum, in the series “The Forbidden Love” (series), to embody the role of the mother Sultana, the mother of the Sultan and the head of the Haramlek.

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Halit Ergenç

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/halitergencresmi/

Twitter site: https://twitter.com/halitergenc?lang=ar

Facebook page: https://ar-ar.facebook.com

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