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Gökçe Bahadir religion is longevity, weight and more

Date of birth: 9 – November 1981
Age: 39 years
Place of birth: Istanbul – Turkey
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Hair color: dark brown
Gökçe Bahadir Religion: Muslim
Nationality: Turkish
Height: 1.72 cm
Weight: 56 kg
Academic qualification: Faculty of Acting, Department of Radio and Television
Profession: theater, film and serial actress
Years of activity: 2001 – yet
Marital Status: Divorced

Life story of Gökçe Bahadir

Gökçe Bahadir Born on November 9, 1981, Turkish actress, she graduated from the Radio and Television Department of Istanbul Academy. Gökçe Bahadir learned to act at the Mojdet Jezzine Art Center. On the other hand, Gökçe Bahadir broadcast a radio program on Fenerbahçe FM.

After graduating from school, Gökçe Bahadir broadcast a program called “VJ’lik” on “Best TV” and then broadcast a great program on “Show TV”. She was part of the successful series of the period such as “Life is Good, Cradle of Arrangements and Sealed Roses”.

Gökçe Bahadir’s beginning of acting

Gökçe Bahadir represented Tobro in the series Life Sciences and then became popular with many audiences. Then. She broadcast a children’s program called “Jojo” as it was broadcast on the “Digi Turk” channel. Embodied the character of Layla in the series Fallen Leaves. which gained great fame and success and was one of the best actresses in this series.

Then Gokcha played the role of Begum in the series Without You Impossible. Which garnered many views. In the series The Lost City. Gokcha completely changed her character in the roles that she presents from a good and naive woman to a girl who is confident. Strong attractive and sexy. Who met many reactions due to her creativity and the excellent characterization of her characters.

The brilliance and success of Gökçe Bahadir

Since 2013, the actress Gökçe Bahadir has embodied the character of Yadjar in the series “To Stay in Between Us”. As it was broadcast on Star TV and achieved great success and is still in the minds of viewers until now. The woman who tries to take revenge on her ex-fiancé after playing on her and deluding her that she is his wife because of her memory loss.

In 2017, Gökçe Bahadir starred in the series Al-Ostoura (Turkish) in the role of literature teacher Bahar. But she was forced to withdraw from the series and not complete the second part. As for cinema. Gokcha presented the movie. “My Ancestors.” which was an unprecedented success in Turkish cinema in the second millennium. And which narrates about the homeland and foreign immigrants in Turkey. Then the character Yonsei was presented in the series Sleeping Love. Ali Kanji.

Life story of Gokce Bahadir
Life story of Gokce Bahadir

Movies. TV shows and series

Ancestors. Igd E. 2011 movie – The 2017 Sleeping Love movie

The series presented by the artist Gökçe Bahadir

2001 Life is Good Fulden
2002 Cradle of Arrangements
2003 Sealed Roses A.
2003-2005 Life Sciences
2004 Killed on the way to the palace
2006 – 2010 Fallen Leaves
2009 Hirschen’s Daughter Amaranth.

2011 without you is a impossible Begum
2012 Five out of five
2012-2013 The Lost City A.
2013 to stay in between us
2015 Remember oh my heart
2017 the legend.

So much about Gökçe Bahadir

Artist Gökçe Bahadir net worth. Gokcha’s net worth in 2019 is estimated to be around $ 5 million

Gökçe Bahadir in the series Remember Oh My Heart

Remember My Heart. It is a Turkish series produced in 2015 and released in September 2015 on the Turkish Star TV channel. The series revolves around an action drama about a woman who lost her identity and tries to struggle to recover the information and data that she lost as she lost her family and lover And all of her past. The series. Starring Gökçe Bahadir. Onur Saylak and Anjin Ozturk. And the number of episodes of the series is 13.

The events of the series revolve around “Gonul”. Whose mother left her in an orphanage since she was young, and her father did not recognize her. Who lived a cruel childhood and grew up with difficulty. But life made her a strong and solid woman. Who was not easily defeated and volunteered to become a nurse and fell in love with the doctor Teken the owner of the hospital.

The one you work with but discover many things about him and reveal his dark face to escape from him and meet Joseph. Who does not know that she is the daughter of his fiercest enemies. But he had loved Gonul. Later on. Gonul suffers. Who lost her identity and lost everything and who lives in a big lie with A man she does not remember. Does not love. And is looking for her old love.

Although the series did not achieve sufficient success in Turkey, and it received low viewership rates. The series was sold to several countries such as Venezuela. Argentina. Spain. Puerto Rico. Greece. And the series was shown on the American Telemundo channel in addition to being presented on Arab websites for translation.

The role of Gökçe Bahadir in the Turkish series Legend

Asma Al Ostwa / Legend (in Turkish ADI EFSANE) is a Turkish social drama series starring actress Gökçe Bahadir known as Lily in the Arab world from the series Fallen Leaves and actor Erdal Besiksilo. It was shown on the Turkish channel Canal de on January 28. 2017.

The story of the series revolves around Tariq (Erdal Pisikchilo). The famous old basketball player who retired due to an injury that threatened his career in the basketball courts. And he is the father of two daughters. One of whom is called Melis and the other Zainab.

But his wife died and his uncle daughters Seychelles (Rugda Demir) takes care of them because she is Who has wills over them. Tariq tries to improve his bad life in order to regain his daughters and establish a bright future for him and his daughters. Tariq works in a government secondary school and gets to know the Turkish literature teacher (Gökçe Bahadir).

There Tariq gets acquainted with some students whom he includes in the basketball team led by their colleague Hakan (Jim). Susceptible. But it has seen a drop in some cases.

Gökçe Bahadir and her husband

The artist Gokcha married the artist Ali Sonal for a short period. and then a separation occurred between her and her husband on February 23. 2012 and she had no children.

Gökçe Bahadir and the awards it has received

2012 Bilkent University- Film and Theatrical Awards for 17th Alishik Chest- The 44th Siyad Award for Best Performance by a Supporting Actress
2012 Political Magazine Awards TV Actress
2013 Antalya TV Awards Best Actress in Series Drama- 2nd Crystal Farr Awards Best Series Actress

2013 Mimar Sinan School of Fine Arts.
2014 Political Magazine Awards Best Television Actress
2014 Ayakly Newspaper Best Supporting Actress.

Gokce Bahadir religion
Gokce Bahadir religion
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