Who is Ezgi Asaroglu Religion? info, age, boyfriend and husband

Ezgi Asaroglu, the famous Turkish series (That is My Life), where Ezgi Asaroglu presented the role (Bahar) and the hearts and minds of the masses were attached to her, and for all fans of the beautiful young artist’s audience, ezgi Asaroglu, we offer you this article that includes information about her upbringing, birth, and stations of her artistic career, We also show you a set of pictures of the beautiful artist, Ezgi Asaroglu, with distinct and different views.

Ezgi Asaroglu and her ID

Date of birth: the eighteenth of June 1987
Place of birth: Izmir, Turkey
Age: 33 years
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Nationality: Turkish
Religion: Muslim
Marital Status: Unmarried
Profession: Actress and model ads
The beginning of her artistic career: She started her artistic career in 2004

Her artistic age: 16 years of success and brilliance, and she is still working in acting
Hobbies: She loves to raise cats and has a beautiful cat that always appears with her.
Most important TV artworks: the role of (Bahar) in the series That Is My Life, and the role of (Miral) in the series “The Hard Decision”

Date of birth the eighteenth of June 1987

Most important cinematic works: her role in the short film What’s love doing in the mountain?

The most important prizes she received: Best Actress Award in 2014, awards from the Istanbul Film Festival.
Academic qualification: I graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Istanbul University
The famous saying: People can easily be better than ever
Features from the biography of the artist Ezgi Asaroglu (birth and upbringing)

The beautiful artist, Ezgi Asaroglu, was born on June 18, 1989, in the beautiful Turkish city of Izmir. She loved acting since her childhood, and she studied acting at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts at Istanbul University, Turkey.

Ezgi Asaroglu was born in the sign of Gemini, and therefore she has the most important traits and qualities of the people of Gemini, as she has a fun personality who loves freedom and fun, but she has an emotional and highly sensitive and sensitive personality.
The beginning of the artistic career of the artist ezgi Asaroglu in the field of commercials.

The young Turkish artist. Ezgi Asaroglu. Was distinguished by her great beauty and attractiveness. As well as her high charisma. Overwhelming presence and a huge ability to attract attention. And she is distinguished by her slim body. where the length of ezgi asaroglu is 1.65 cm. and these beautiful qualities were her passage to participate in advertisements Commercial.

As it was used by major advertising companies to participate in its commercials. and ezgi Asaroglu presented nearly 10 commercials for different products. participated in advertising campaigns for major companies such as Vodafone. Coca-Cola. and advertisements for some famous cosmetics and skin care products in Turkey.

The beginnings of  Izei Asaroglu in the field of acting in cinema and television

The beautiful Turkish actress Ezgi Asaroglu had her beginnings in the field of acting in 2004, and she was 17 years old at the time. And despite her young age. She played a distinguished role in the television series “Bir Dilim Ask”. Then she had the opportunity to participate in the wonderful Turkish movie “what’s love doing.” In the Mountain ”. Who won many awards in many festivals. And for her role in that film. Ezgi Asaroglu won the Best Actress Award.

Ezgi Asaroglu presented a special role in the series Al-Ishq Al-Burr. As was the role of (Bahar) in the series That My Life. and I also attracted the attention of the fans when I presented the role of (Miral). the girl who faced many difficulties in the series The difficult decision.

The number of Turkish TV series presented by Ezgi Asaroglu reached about 18 series. and Ezgi Asaroglu presented various and varied roles. And she received many awards from the Istanbul Film Festival.

The most important television works presented by the Turkish artist. Ezgi Asaroglu

Below we will show the most important artworks presented by the Turkish artist Ezgi Asaroglu over nearly 16 years. Which are the age of her artistic career. and among the most important works presented by ezgi Asaroglu are the following:
2004-2005 Bir dilim ask (TV Series)
2006 Kizlar yurdu (TV Series)
2007 Menekse ile Halil (TV Series)
2008 Hatirla Sevgili (TV Series)
2008 Gece Sesleri (TV Series)
2009 Binbir Gece (TV Series)
2011 Leyla ile Mecnun (TV Series)
2012 Isler Güçler (TV Series)
2013 Yagmurdan Kacarken (TV Series)
2014-2017 O Hayat Benim (TV Series)
2020-2021 Mucize Doktor (TV Series)

The most famous work of the Turkish artist Ezgi Asaroglu

Ezgi Asaroglu has presented a range of different roles in many films including the following:

2014 Cennetten Kovulmak
2014 Sag Salim 2: Sil Bastan
2013 Ask Kirmizi
2010 En Mutlu Oldugum Yer
2009 Aci Ask
2009 Kampüste çiplak ayaklar
2008 Ein Augenblick Freiheit
2005 Ne Gezer Ask Daglarda? (Short)

Personal accounts of the artist ezgi Asaroglu

The fans and fans of the beautiful Turkish artist Ezgi Asaroglu can follow her latest artistic news and the latest artworks that the star has begun to contract to represent. and the audience can see the pictures of the young artist ezgi Asaroglu by following the personal accounts of the artist ezgi Asaroglu on social networking sites.

Ezgi Asaroglu And her boyfriend lover

The beautiful Turkish artist has a sentimental personality, and she believes a lot in love. And believes that love. Marriage and the formation of a happy and successful family must be among the most important priorities in the life of any person. And now the Turkish artist ezgi Asaroglu lives a love story with the young artist and famous Turkish singer keremcem. Some of them more than once. And many photos were taken of them together on many occasions. But neither of them made any future projects regarding their relations together.

The most important television

Ezgi asaroglu Instagram Facebook

The beautiful artist. Ezei Asaroglu. is keen to share her photos daily with her audience through social networking sites. and is always keen to participate in social and artistic events. And ezgi Asaroglu loves photography and is always keen to appear with a variety of distinct and different looks. To surprise her audience every time with a distinct look.

In this article. We offer you a set of the latest photos taken recently by the young artist. Ezgi Asaroglu. in a range of social and artistic events. and in some places where her latest work was filmed.

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