Who is Evrim Alasya? religion husband age

Evrim Alasya, known as Samar in the series The Lost Years, we collected for you in this comprehensive report complete information about her, her nationality, religion, current age, astrological sign, academic qualifications, her favorite hobbies, height, weight, eye color and hair, and when did the Turkish actress Evrim Alasya start her career Artistic with acting and what are the most important works of art that she has presented so far, is she married or not, and many details about her with a set of new photos of the Turkish artist Evrim Alasya.

Who is Evrim Alasya

She was born on August 2, 1979
Age 2022: 43 years
Place of birth: Izmir – Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion: Muslim
Height: 1.60 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Hair color: black
Eye color: brown
Hair color: brown
Astrological sign: Leo
Academic Qualification: Faculty of Fine Arts – University of September 9

Actress Evrim Alasya and her biography

Turkish actress Evrim Alasya was born in 1979 in the city of Izmir in Turkey, her father is Suleiman Al-Asia and she has a brother named Arda Alasya. Evrim Alasya started doing gymnastics and continued it until her high school studies.

During her high school studies, her interests and inclinations began to turn to the world of theater and acting. Therefore, after obtaining high school, she joined Konak Municipal Theater for acting training. Then, she completed her education and joined Dokuz Eylul University, the theater department, and in 1999 joined the acting workshop that he founded. Zuhal Olcay and Haluk Bilginer.

In 2003, the artist Evrim Alasya moved to live in Istanbul to start her journey with acting, and her beginning was by working on the Pinar Children’s Theatre, and she worked there until 2006, during which she performed many distinguished theatrical roles.

Evrim Alasya and acting

Evrim Alasya is one of the well-known and famous Turkish actresses in Turkey and abroad, and she is known in the Arab world as Samar in the lost years. In the artistic community, and was the main reason for a major artistic leap for her when she participated in the championship of the series Harem Al Sultan, and Evrim Alasya embodied the role of the mother Sultana Hafsa Sultan in her youth and embodied Nabihat Shehri in her old age.

Turkish actress Evrim Alasya began her professional acting career in 2006, and her first drama series is the famous Turkish series “The Lost Years” starring Turkish star Tuba Buyukustun, star Ozji Burak and star Bulent Inal, which was the main reason for her artistic success in acting because the series happened Ali success exceeds all expectations when it was shown in many Arab countries dubbed.

Actress Evrim Alasya also achieved great success when she participated in the series “The Seller of Roses”, starring Tuba Buyukustun with star Jansel Elchin.

As for her first absolute starring when she starred in the series “Banat Shams”, in which she embodied the character of “Shams”, a woman in her forties who has three teenage girls and lives with them many difficulties and problems as they pass this critical age. She meets a man she loves very much and wants to marry him, but she does not know his past and then discovers many secrets and secrets about him.

The work of the artist Evrim Alasya


– Lukomapov
Androcles and the Lion
– Mutluluk Dağıtan Eskici
– Mavi Polo Balik
– Yell Degermini
– fertina
– Ben Bir Kurbağayım
– Küçük Kız ve Yıldız
– Ayrılık
– Daily Domroll
– Timon Athena
– 7 Şekspir Müzikali
No Nuit de Vallognes
– Ike Bikar

the movies

2008 Moro – and Başka Semtin Çocukları


2006 series Lost Years
2008 series Jess Sisliri
2010 series Gönülçelen
2012 series The Sultan’s Harem
2014 series Benim Adım Gültepe
2016 series Güneşin Kizları
2018 Coca Coca Yalanlar series
Year 2020 The Red Room series
2021 Akrib series

Actress Evrim Alasya and her husband

Turkish actress Evrim Alasya is married to the well-known Turkish artist and broadcaster Emre Kenai, and they had a love affair during their filming of the series Banat Al Shams, but she has not had children yet.

Actress Evrim Alasya and the series The Red Room

The Red Chamber series is a Turkish drama consisting of 61 episodes, and it is adapted from a book with the same title, The Red Chamber. Psychiatry Center of Dr. Manolia Hanim (Benur Kaya), who lives in Istanbul and owns a psychiatric clinic. A number of psychiatrists work in it, and they treat patients who go through many psychological crises and problems in their lives, which expose them to psychological and personal disorders in Dramatic frame.

The Red Room series is produced by OGM Pictures, directed by Jim Karji, written by Banu Kiremitçi Bozkurt and others, and starring Banur Kaya, Erkan Petekkaya, Merv Dezdar, Gulçin Kultur Sahin, Baran Can Eraslan and others.

Samar in the series Lost Years

The Lost Years series is the most famous Turkish series ever, despite the passage of many years since its presentation, while it remains engraved in the memory of the viewer in Turkey and the Arab world, because it is one of the most successful and distinguished works.

A poor class, who lives in the popular neighborhood, works in a clothing factory, and is a close friend of the girl, Rafif Habiba Yahya, and Samar is engaged to the driver Ali, who works in the same clothing company in which she works, and marries him, but she does not have children after marriage, and many problems occur between them and adopts He was born and considers him her son until the last episode that Samar is pregnant with, the series “Sunna Al-Dyaa” starring Tuba Buyukustun, star Ozji Burak, star Bulent Inal and Sinan Tuzcu.

Actress Evrim Alasya
Actress Evrim Alasya
Turkish actress Evrim Alasya
Turkish actress Evrim Alasya
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