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We have collected for you complete information about the talented Turkish child Emir Zzyakisir, known as Jan, and details about his age, religion, nationality, social networking sites, series and films he has done, a new photo collection of him, and details about his role in his new series, The Hero with the star Toljahan Şaşman.

personal details

Birthdate: August 12, 2011
Age: 8 years old
Height: 1,24 cm
Weight: 20 kg
Eye color: green
Place of birth: Istanbul
Astrological sign: Leo

Instagram and Twitter Emir Zzyakisir

His Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emirozyakisir/
His Twitter site: https://twitter.com/emirozyak?lang=ar

The works of Emir Ozia Ksier

Amir Zzyakı;ır participated in many TV series before that. Her first role was that of Ali, who played a small role in the series This City Will Follow You. The series was broadcast on ATV screens and actors such as Kerem Bustin, Gurkan Uygun and Leyla Tugutlu participated in the series. Emir Zzyakı;ır played 6 episodes and played Kerem Busten’s childhood. After playing one episode in the series Masum Değiliz, which was broadcast on ATV screens, the actor played the role of Can Ta;kın in the series Gülperi, which was broadcast on Show TV screens last season.

The blue-eyed young actor has also appeared in many commercials and Bellona, ​​ABC Bleach, Arçelik Vacuum Cleaner, Ziraat Bank, Torku Confectionery and Maret have also appeared in these films. In 2019, he joined the cast of the series Champion, which was broadcast on TRT 1 screens.

Emir Uzia Kesir series and movies

2017 series This city will follow you
2018 Jolliberry series

the movies

2019 Konu;an Hayvanlar

Information about young star Emir Zzyakisir known as Jan

Born on August 12, 2011, in Istanbul, Zyakı;ır is a primary school student. He is a model and actor who has appeared in several commercials.

In March 2017, he was a guest at Beyaz Gallery. Abc ads. He started his acting career in 2014 and has appeared in several commercials. Recently, he appeared in Thisehir series This City Behind You Gelecek. Emir Zzyakisir lives in Istanbul. Despite his young age, he works as a model and has succeeded in starring in many commercials, his first acting experience in the series “This City Will Follow You”.

In 2018,

he played in the drama series “Gulperi” Ibn Aslan, and the story of the series revolves around the character of Gulperi, who struggles with life after her husband’s death on the Turkish-Syrian border, where her husband’s family will hold her responsible for his death. She will be imprisoned and deprived of her children after her release from it. Her father-in-law will force her to go to Istanbul, where she will work first as a gatekeeper and then in a fashion house in order to be able to collect money and fight a big legal battle to get her children back from her husband’s family. Lawyer Kadir Aydin, who was a lover of Julberi in their youth, will be her biggest supporter in this case. Nurgul Yesilchai as Gulpiri and Temuşin Esen as lawyer Kadir Aydin. Director of work: Jim Karaja, director of “Song of Life” series, Screenplay: Sima and Ilam “Al-Qabaday” … The show will be in October on the Show channel.

Emir Uzia Kesir series
Emir Uzia Kesir series

He played the main role in the family comedy “Talking Beasts”. According to the plot of the film, nine-year-old Jean loves animals and spends all his free time at the zoo where his family works. And now there’s a problem – they want to sell the park land. But what will happen to the poor animals when they lose their home? Jan’s father is trying his best to prevent this from happening.

In 2019, Amir Ozyekshir joined the cast of the series “The Hero”. He played the role of Gunes – the son of a famous successful boxer, broadcast on TRT screens the next season. His story tells of the hero Virat, surnamed Caucasian, a promising young boxer whose life was destroyed due to the unfortunate accident.

His role in the Jolliberry series

He plays Bedriye, the youngest son of Kahn Gulberry. He was left both without mother and father when he needed the warmth and love of a father. He is the only grandson of Jacob who cannot influence.

He is still of primary school age and still needs the love of mom and dad. He has lost his father but lives with the hope that one day his mother will be with them. He is very smart. His intelligence made him more mature than his peers and even his older brother and sister. Despite all the efforts of his grandfather, grandmother and aunt, the maternal love in him did not wane. But he is afraid to show it because he is afraid of the elderly. Follow Flood family rules. He tries to act as he wants.

His role in the Jolliberry series
His role in the Jolliberry series