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Information about Elif Dogan, biography and personal secrets. Her favorite foods and her highest ideals in acting, and new and rare photos of her albums.

Personal card and Elif Dogan information

Date of Birth: September 6, 1994 AD.
Birthplace: I was born in Istanbul.
Nationality: Turkish.
Elif Dogan’s religion: Muslim.
Elif Dogan and her husband: Not married.
Weight: 53 kg.
Height: 162 cm.
Hair colour: brown.
Eye colour: dark brown.
Astrological sign: Virgo.
Academic qualification: Department of English Language Teaching at Istanbul University and joined the Conservatory Department at the Conservatory of Music.
When did she start her artistic career: She started her artistic career in 2016.
What is her favorite sport: Swimming and exercising in the gym and gyms.
What is her hobby: Her hobby is dancing and singing.

Elif Dogan’s works Movies, TV shows, and plays

Love is not understood from words – life is sweet sometimes – the movie I lost my soul – the hole – the obstacle for us.

The actress’s childhood and upbringing story

The Turkish actress was born in Istanbul in 1994 AD, her childhood was simple, she did not imagine becoming an actress, she lived most of her childhood away from acting, after she finished her secondary studies, she joined Istanbul University and studied English as a teaching department, but she did not find herself as a teacher at all, and began Looking for another profession that she finds herself in, especially as she has a beautiful voice, she joined the Conservatory Department at the Conservatory to study music, and continued studying and training in singing and music, and then played many musicals for years until she started her television career.

Elif Dogan as a child

A girl loves her family very much, and enjoys being with them, as long as she is a loving girl, takes care of her family, and is close to them, especially her mother, since her childhood and she loves nature, especially sitting in front of the sea, and playing with the sand. She loves singing and playing musical instruments. She memorizes many children’s songs and songs that love her heart She would repeat it, and her family would gather to listen to her singing and imitating the singers she loves.

Art became for her over time one of the most important things she does, and she does not think about anything else, besides her passion for music. She has many pictures of her as a child, and she always says that she is a happy and lucky child, and that she has the best sister ever, and she always shares her audience with pictures of her with her sister when they were young, and their beauty and the similarity between them appeared.

Her artistic debut is acting

She started acting in 2016, through a role in the series (Love Doesn’t Understand From Words), starring Hand Ercel – Burak Deniz – Ozkan Tekmeder – Merv Cajiran – Ogzhan Karpi – Demet Gul – Suleiman Faylik – Sultan Kroglu Kılıç – Evren Dual – Guzdi Kocaoglu – Nazan Deber, his story is about a girl named Hayat, who lives with her friend in Istanbul. Her father forbade her to either get a job or go back to her town and live with them, but she got used to living in Istanbul.

Hayat decided to look for a job in order not to return to her hometown, so she found a job in one of the textile companies, and worked with Murad, the man she despises, but with the passage of time things change and she falls in love with Murad, but life opposes them a little, although she played a small role in this work, but she She has proven her ability to take on bigger roles.

Turkish actress Elif Dogan

She became more famous in the role of Zainab in the series Life is Good Sometimes, the series revolves around high school students, it was a quiet and cheerful school, and between them there was a great friendship, until the rich savage boy came to school and life began to turn upside down, starring (Pierce Akalay – Konbult Gurkum Arslan – Ufuk Ozkan – Deniz Can Aktas – Zeynep Alkan – Alyan Arasi – Simai Barlas – Sevda Agency – Hamdi Kahraman – Melis Sezine – Nadim Suri).

She made her first movie starring in the movie (Losing Inse) in 2016, directed by Ozar Kiziltan, writer Albert Erez and Abu Kaya, starring Pinar Pepin, Ismail Hasioglu, Su Kutlu, Ararat Mor, Oguz Okol, Ahmed Fuat Anan, Suna Selin, Erdogan Sikak, Ozlem Kakar Yalcinkaya, Levent Ozdilek, Volya Olvan.

Elif Dogan series

One of the most important series that she participated in, and considered her first absolute championship in 2018, in the Aqaba Us series, she presented the role of Oiko, the girl who got engaged to one of them, but she discovered that he was cheating on her, and she was on her way to return to her country, she met Ozan, who fell in love with each other, but her fiancé returned Once again to confirm that he did not betray her, as he is close to her lover Ozan, and she became a reality between her old love and her new love and how she would choose between them.

The Aqaba is Ours series, starring Ozan Dolunay – Sahar Devrim Yakut – Eselia Topaloglu – Burak Jan – Narges Kombazar – Ibrahim Kendarki – Civink Erbulak – Olfi Alakacaptan – Dilek Shelby – Ozcan Karaman – Gizem Ergon – Ida Baslamlisi – Aisha Akkar – Josed Gurkan.

But her role in the Aqaba Lana series made her a distinguished artist, when it was shown in the summer season, and gained a place among many series at the time, and it was a very strong start for the series, and she presented her role as a professional actress whose presence the audience loved, as a first work hero, who has no precedent as an artistic director. For the animated film Bizim Ezel.

Instagram photos of Elif Dogan

Elif Dogan’s photo. Although she is an actress at the beginning of her artistic career, but she quickly caught the attention of viewers and producers, and the demand for her to present the main roles quickly became, she is distinguished by her strong presence, and her great talent, she studied acting and attended many acting workshops, in an advertising agency,

in order to improve her talent He made her very distinguished, and she became closer to her audience after she played a wonderful role in the series Life is Good Sometimes, and predicted that she would present roles closer to the championship in the future. She also worked in voice acting in cartoon films such as the Smurfs movie and the Emoji cartoon, and she continued to provide major roles.

Until she presented starring roles through the starring role in the Aqaba series for us, and despite the many advertisements for the series, it did not receive the new follow-up that allows the series to continue, so the series was discontinued.

Elif Dogans photo 1
Elif Dogans photo 1
actress Elif Dogan 1
actress Elif Dogan 1
Turkish actress Elif Dogan 1
Turkish actress Elif Dogan 1
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