Who is Ecem Baltaci ? Her religion, her age, her boyfriend.

Ecem Baltaci her full name and when she was born and her artistic career, her religion, qualification and astrological horoscope, is she married with children and is her husband also an actor.

In the article full data about everything she likes to know about her from her works. secrets of her life, upcoming projects and biography.

She also loves animals a lot and reads comics and loves watching old movies as a dictionary and a permanent reference for her. she loves ancient cultures and reading heritage books.

One of her dreams is to get the fame that qualifies her to walk the red carpet and receive an Oscar one day, as for her academic qualification she graduated from ECEM Axeman education.


Ecem Baltaci eye brown eyes and blond hair which gives it a magnificent view of picturesque. new about the young actress Ecem Baltaci calm they are enjoying their ability to control neurological. and lost easily and more page that I knew about the possible Ecem Baltaci they possess positive energy and great.

Secrets and life story of Ecem Baltaci
Secrets and life story of Ecem Baltaci


She is also known for her high ambition she is famous among the Turkish artists with whom she acted with her love of work and her constant honesty and that she devotes all her energy to performing her roles perfectly and beautifully some viewers believe that she has that character. but this only indicates that she is very proficient in acting. also stated that she loves pets and raises them.

also likes to watch old movies and series and considers it to help her develop her artistic personality as she considers it her reference. a dreamy figure with an optimistic view of the future. therefore, she dreams of being a very famous Turkish actress and getting fame that enables her to walk the red carpet. She also wants to one day receive an Oscar, so she always sought to do her work and her roles well.

Personal card and private information

Full name: Ecem Baltaci.
Date of birth: July 25, 1994.
Age in 2018 : 25 years.
Place of birth: Turkey – Istanbul.
Nationality: Turkish.
Her religion: Islam.
Husband or friend? Not married.
Length: 173 cm.
Weight : 54 kg.
Horoscope: Leo (Leo).
Academic – academic qualification: field of Education ECEM Axeman.
Official websites: on Twitter https://twitter.com/ecembaltaci/media
On Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ecembaltaciofficial/

Secrets and life story of Ecem Baltaci and her biography

Ecem Baltaci is a Turkish actress from Istanbul born in 1994. The Lion is her astronomical Tower. characterized by tall height is 173 cm and weight 54 kg. with honey eyes and golden hair.

She started the artistic work in the series (it’s my life) which was shown on the Fox channel in the role of (Hanifa). and was a successful series and succeeded in her role a lot. which added to her a lot and gave her more opportunities and better then.

as for her latest work in 2018 the role of Celine in the drama. and It is known about the actress ( ijim) that she has a great positive energy. and is very ambitious, very sincere and honest who loves work as much as she loves her home more. than the quiet characters who do not lose their temper are optimistic people.

life story of Ecem

Ecem Baltaci and her boyfriend

About her personal life she said that she had a love affair but failed and did not repeat the experience again. preferring to focus on her artistic life and practical future.

Said about love, it’s something that all the fun together deserves only. and occupation before entering into this relationship again. she doesn’t like to exercise much only like to swim.

When asked how to maintain her slender body. she said that she does not eat much but rather loves healthy eating and constantly eats fruit.

From the works of actress Ecem Baltaci serials, films and plays

– Series Virtue and her daughters 2017 M – series it’s my life 2014 M – Series hope in 2016 .

Who is answer the following young Turkish Istanbul-born actress was born uigi the following 1994. in the twenty-fifth day of July. Therefore she belongs to Lion enjoys possible Ecem Baltaci height long FIBC length 1.73 CM.

She is also characterized by her small weight of fifty-four kilograms and someone asked her how to keep her weight. So Actress Ecem Baltaci replied that she does not eat many meals and that she likes to eat healthy little, and she also likes fruits.

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