Who is Devrim Ozkan? Boyfriend, Religion, Age, Series and More

Devrim Özkan To all lovers and followers of Turkish stars, we have collected for you a full report on a Turkish star who is the rising star Devrim Özkan. And everything you want to know about her nationality. Age, religion, beginning of her artistic career and the most important artistic works that she presented and many other details.

Devrim Özkan, her age, nationality, religion, and other details

Date of birth: 9 – July 1998
Age 2020: 24 years old
Place of birth: Mugla – Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion: Mormon
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Hair color: dark brown
Eye color: green
Profession: Actress – Turkish model
Favorite hobbies: traveling – surfing the internet
Favorite animals: dogs.

Devrim Ozkan the story of her life

The Turkish artist Devrim Özkan was born in Mugla, Turkey, in 1998, the artist Devrim joined the Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University College of Fine Arts, then joined the talent agency Sayginoz Nurai. She worked for a period of time in the field of important fashion shows in Turkey and was praised by many for her beauty and Its elegance and high taste in fashion and fashion.

After that, she decided to enter the world of art and acting because she loved acting since her childhood, and she joined the talent agency to develop and develop her talent and acting performance. She also took lessons in drama, and her supreme example was her professor Ilker who loved her in art, especially the art of acting and theater.

Soon the artist, Devrim Özkan, left her family home and family in Mugla and moved to live alone in Istanbul.

Devrim Ozkan the story of her life
Devrim Ozkan the story of her life

Devrim Özkan’s acting career

The Turkish actress Devrim Özkan is one of the stars in Turkey who was able to prove herself and her acting talent in a short time and from the first roles that she presented and won the admiration of many who praised her great talent in acting in addition to her natural and distinctive beauty, as she is one of the stars that does not exaggerate in her shape or Her clothes are distinguished by elegance and simplicity.

The Turkish artist Devrim Özkan began her artistic career since 2012 and her first appearance on the screens was through the Turkish series with the character (Ruya) in the series Dream, and through which she achieved wide and great fame in Turkey and the audience knew her from her first artistic work.

Then I got many roles of artworks, but they are not many because they choose the artworks presented with great care and precision, because they want to participate in the artworks that are distinguished and that leave an imprint and an impact on the viewer.

Works of artist Devrim Ozkan

2017 series Dream In the same year, she also presented the series Vatanım Sensin or Vatanim Sensen. 2018, I participated in the series You are my country. In 2019, she participated in the series Vuslat Feride or Vuslat

Theater: I participated in acting and standing on stage during 2019 with the participation of the play Woyzeck Angle.

Social networking sites Devrim Özkan

Twitter: https://twitter.com/_devrimozkan

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/devrimozkan/

And many follow her on her social media sites, and the number of her followers on Instagram has reached more than 166,000 followers.

Actress Devrim Ozkan and her boyfriend

The Turkish press lenses photographed the artist Devrim Özkan with the handsome Turkish artist Onur Tuna in the Nisantasi region of Turkey. When the press photographed her, she covered her face with her hands so that the journalists would not photograph her or be known and publish her pictures with the artist Onur Tuna and a state of anxiety and panic appeared on her after her photography.

When journalists asked the artist Onur Tuna about her, he replied, saying that she was not his girlfriend and after two minutes had passed, they left the place and each one of them went on a different path from the other.

Is Devrim Ozkan married?

After that, the Turkish press published pictures of the Turkish star Onur Tuna and said an unknown girl next to the handsome Turkish star, and it turned out that she is the heroine of the series Vuslat, the artist Devrim Özkan, and many questions were raised about their relationship and what is the nature of this relationship. Are they friends, or they have a love story, and they will marry this What the coming days reveal.

Devrim Özkan is the heroine of the series Vuslat

Vuslat series is a Turkish series that tends to romantic social drama and starring a group of distinguished Turkish stars, including the artist Kadir Doglu – Defrim Ozkan – Umit Ibrahim – Osman Alkash – Baran Pollock – Murad Krasso and other artists.

The story of the Vuslat series revolves around the rich young man whose name is Aziz and between a girl from a poor family whose name is Farida. Aziz is a rich young man from a wealthy family who works like his father is a businessman and has some illegal business about which no one knows anything about it except his father.

Aziz is distinguished as the owner A strong and domineering personality. And he owns a big company that he runs. Always dreams Aziz with disturbing dreams and nightmares that make him live in a state of constant fear and anxiety.

Once while he was sleeping he dreamed of a terrifying dream and that he used to see himself inside a grave and his family was crying over him from grief and there was with them a girl he did not know, so he woke up from the dream in a frightening way. Aziz has a brother. But he is from his father, and he is a careless young man Aziz corrects the mistakes that His brother commits it, but he loves him deeply and cares a lot for him.

On the other hand, Farida is a good and romantic girl belonging to a poor family. Her father wears clothes and has many accumulated debts. And one day his shop burns down and becomes ill as a result of losing the store. Farida works in a garment factory and has 2 brothers, a brother, a sister, and She helps her family with the expenses and provides for her family.

Its works are series

2017 Rüya (TV Series)
2017-2018 Vatanim Sensin (TV Series)
2019-2020 Vuslat (TV Series)
2020-2021 Ramo (TV Series)
2021 Ex Askim (TV Series).

Social networking sites Devrim Ozkan
Social networking sites Devrim Ozkan
Devrim Ozkans acting career
Devrim Ozkans acting career
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