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Information on Denise Chaker

Date of birth: 31 – December 1982
Age 2021: 40 years old.
Place of birth: Ankara. Turkey.
Nationality: Turkish.
Astrological Sign: Capricorn.
Profession: Turkish actress – singer.
Hair color: black.
Eye color: green.
Height: 175 cm.
The beginning of her artistic career: 2004.
Favorite hobbies: photography.

Turkish actress deniz cakir

Deniz cakir is a Turkish artist. Born in 1981 in the city of Ankara. Turkey. She received her school education from Ayrancı Super High School in Ankara. Then joined Hacetepe University.

Conservatory Theater Department. Before her graduation from the Conservatory. She worked in radio theater and a number of radio advertisements with her voice on Radio Ankara.

Deniz cakir loves and adores art and singing since her early childhood. She was a lover of theater. And she used to watch theatrical productions while she was young and watched the stars in the plays. A theater like her when she grew up.

So she studied music and theater art at the hands of Cihan Onal. who is a great Turkish theater actress. She worked at the beginning of her career before entering art as a broadcaster in one of the channels and appeared in a number of famous commercials in Turkey.

Deniz cakir and her acting career

The Turkish actress deniz cakir is considered one of the most important and successful 20 Turkish actresses, and she has a large audience and followers who love her and are waiting for her artistic works with great longing and eagerness.

And she is also one of the most beautiful female and artistic faces in Turkey. As she was chosen as the most beautiful female faces and her name was put Among the list of the 10 most beautiful celebrities in Turkey. The famous “Boxer Magazine” in Turkey chose her as one of the most attractive women.

Her career with acting

began when Turkish author Birol Govin chose her to participate in a secondary role in the Kadın Isterse series. Although her role in this series was a secondary role. She was able to draw attention to her and to her acting talent. Which helped her in her performance of the

character Her acting teacher Jehan Onal.
After her success in her first series. And her positive acclaim from the audience and critics for her acting performance. Author Birol Goffin made her nomination in another series.

Then Birol Goffin nominated her to star in a skit titled Ike Wanted. And who acted deniz cakir starred in the absolute works of art and the first dramatic work was her absolute starring in a series titled This time.  then her participation in her dramatic artistic work. But her wide start and her great fame came In Turkey and abroad.

It has an audience in all countries. Especially Bulgaria. Through its participation in the Yaprak Dökümü series. Which is based on a real novel titled Reşat Nuri Güntekin.

And one of the roles that she played and left a strong imprint on the audience was in the series The World Is Not a Ruler. in which she played the role of a bandit named Mary.

In addition to the dramas that she participated in. but she also participated in many Turkish films. Man and Kung Fu Panda. Ya Then by Ozkan Deniz. And other films.

Turkish actress deniz cakir
Turkish actress deniz cakir

Awards deniz cakir

In 2010. actress Denise Chaker won an award from the Ismail Jim TV Awards as Best Supporting Actress for her role in the Falling Leaves series – and the Third Golden Palm Award for Best Actress in the TV Series of the Year.

In 2016, she won the MGD 22nd Golden Lens Awards for her role in Bandits They Will Never Rule the World – and the Quality Magazine Awards and the Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards for the same series.
In 2017 Denise Chaker received the 1st Onir Music Award – and the 4th Mersin Golden Palm Award.

Deniz cakir TV series

In 2004. She participated in the series If Women Want
In 2006, I participated in the series Falling Leaves – Yes. I am / I am here – and the European Side series – and the series We Love Together
In 2008. She dubbed a number of Turkish artworks. Including the Simpsons movie – Kung Fu Panda series – Demir Adam series – and Donkey Xote series.
In 2009. She participated in the voice of some animation works such as Kaku Si? – And Movie 40 – The Iron Man 2 series

In 2011. She participated in an animated movie called And After – and co-starred in a drama series called Chastity
2013. she participated in the famous Turkish series Harem Al Sultan
In 2014 – 2015 I participated in the series Muharram – and the series Bandits Will Not Rule the World

In 2016, she presented a series called Altınsoylar Golden Origins
2018. She participated in a Turkish series called Pull
In 2021, she participated in the championship in the new Turkish series Al-Bara’a

Theatrical works by Deniz Cakir

– In 2011. She participated in a play called Faucet
– She participated in a play entitled Sadri Alışık – and Words of Love play on Aisa Production Theater
Deniz Chaker participated in a play called Uyarca at the State Theater of Istanbul
– I presented a play entitled “All Women Confused” and it is a comedy play based on Iggy Timilkoran’s book, and it has the same title
Actress Deniz Cakir’s Husband

Turkish actress Deniz Chaker is married to Turkish artist Oktay Kayinarja. And she has one daughter.

deniz cakir and the reasons for the attack

Turkish actress Deniz Cakir was subjected to a violent attack in Turkish circles some time ago because she was staying up at one of the places in Istanbul with two of her friends. And a group of 7 girls were sitting next to her. These girls were veiled.

So actress Deniz Chaker acted with them rudely and behaved. Saab. And she reprimanded and mocked them. “Is there the Arabian Peninsula?” (You mean Saudi Arabia) What brought you here?

And she took a picture of them despite their strong objection to not taking the photo. And then the actress deniz cakir turned to the official investigation.

In addition to the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan launching a major attack on her and insulting her to veiled girls and describing her as a low-minded person who interferes in people’s lives in an exaggerated manner in it.

deniz cakir and the reasons for the attack
deniz cakir and the reasons for the attack