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Turkish actor Ceyhun Mengiroğlu, a Turkish actor who starred in many television works, including the series Al Ostoura, Wreck, and Black Destiny and other works. Let’s get to know this star in detail in the following article.

He is one of the influential actors in the world of art, and this is due to his strong love for art since his childhood. Despite his appearance in small roles in the beginning, they are pivotal roles and drew the attention of the spectators to him and he has fans who support him and continue all his works and Jihoon performs his roles with creativity and penetration.

7 Information about Ceyhun Mengiroğlu

The 7 most important information about Ceyhun Mengiroğlu:

Ceyhun Mengiroğlu was born on December 5, 1989.
Ceyhun Mengiroğlu’s age in 2021: 32 years.
Place of birth: Istanbul.
Ceyhun Mengiroğlu Religion: Probably Muslim.
Ceyhun Mengiroğlu is 180 cm tall.
Ceyhun Mengiroğlu weighed 74 kg.
His astrological sign: Sagittarius.

Ceyhun Mengiroğlu’s religion is his astrological sign

Turkish actor Gehun is one of the popular Turkish drama stars who has a huge fan base. Born in Istanbul December 5, 1989. Our star is a graduate of Istanbul University Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Education. Our star has one girlfriend and girlfriend, “Dilara Aksoyek”.

Our star started working in acting and did not go out to work in any other work, even though he graduated from a college far from acting. Where he graduated from the Faculty of Tourism. After that, he started acting in 2014. His astrological sign is Sagittarius. His religion is Islam. Its weight ranges from 73 kg to 75 kg. He always maintains his athletic body. He is also tall as his length is 180 cm.

personality traits

Ceyhun Mengiroğlu, born in the sign of Sagittarius, let’s get acquainted with the characteristics of this Turkish actor in detail. He knows his clean, balanced, and full of enthusiasm, as he can adapt to all the changes that occur in his age. He enjoys achieving more than any newer one, and this is due to his huge determination, which not many have.

Confident, ambitious, and always striving to set high goals. He is also inquisitive and loves to learn a lot about everything around him and discover the finer details. Stylish, practical, and sober, he tends to be overly stressful. He is also characterized by calm and desire to spend a lot of time alone because he does not trust people and does not like to communicate with them.

One of the characteristics of Ceyhun Mengiroğlu is his great concern for others. His sense of self-satisfaction increases with his constant attempts to please the people around him. He is always prepared to help those in need. In contrast, he likes to feel the evaluation, which, if he does not find it, may prompt him to stop helping.

Pays attention to the small before the big, and listens well to others, which makes him a good individual to give constructive instructions and to return to on any work or romantic advice.

It can be relied on from him: as we mentioned earlier, he finds himself in the help of others, and it is possible to rely on the above in fierce situations and situations, he realized the brave, and they do not abandon their word. Therefore, the Virgin is a friend with distinct characteristics, and their gain is not easy.

One of the traits by which he is publicly known is a clever, quick-witted individual who examines subjects. And in the case of your doing anything inaccurate about a right, he neither forgives you nor forgets what happened, because forgetting is difficult for him. He is interested in details and analysis of situations: One of his best qualities is that he is a person who cares about all the details of life, which makes him examine situations and overthink them.

Ceyhun Mengiroğlu’s sweetheart and his wife

Our star reported his romantic relationship with actress Dilara Aksoyek, and they have a great love story, as he cares about his work, which he loves since childhood, is busy with photography and work in the hotel, and he did not disclose any information related to his having children or consummating his marriage to Dilara.

He cannot express his feelings in an ideal manner, and it is usual to appear conservative and tired of perception. It may take you a limited number of time to enter into his presence in this world and discover him, whether as a friend or lover.

He counts as a great friend that you can count on at all times. As you begin to recognize the above you will be shocked by the number of random facts and information it throws at you, but once you get past the early stages of the connection, it will be more than usual to understand it in an explanatory manner.

He feels safe when he is with his partner in this world, and he will do whatever he can to make his relationship with his beloved exciting and enjoyable. You will find him caring for you throughout the age, and putting your desires at the expense of his own. Although a Virgo man may be conservative, he becomes more innovative and fun when it comes to spending time with his wife.

His start as an actor

He studied in high school in Istanbul, just as he obtained his graduation from the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality and worked with his father in the hotel authority specialized in him, so that he and his father attracted the highest quality food to Turkey. A young man in the prime of his life is interested in his physical fitness and attractiveness, performs sports exercises every day, and acts. He even got exercises on acting, as he showed on television for the first time in the series “Hittam” and other acts.

The beginning of the actor Jihon is in presenting many cinematic procedures that accomplished Tawfiq Azim and helped him reach fame in the Turkish art world, such as his contribution to the movie “Prisoner” that was shown on the twenty-sixth of September 2014 AD. It was classified as a practice of panic and work from Written by Ersan Ozer and directed by Albert Meschi and competing with Marwa Atash, Pinar Çağlar, Twigün Atash and Eden Shakir, the series tells about a girl who loves her married cousin, who loves his wife and rejects her, so she resorts to magic in order to get close to him, and the terrifying work activities remain, and our star is not clear in the starring role However, his role is important and supportive.

His most important works

Just as the Turkish actor Jihon appeared in many dramatic acts, and his luck was better in these posts and achieved fame and stardom through them. It was dubbed into Arabic under the name Love, Tears and Work. The Arkan Betikkaya, Nurgul Yesilchay and Ibor Ozkan competition. The series revolves around the exchange of two children after their birth at the same time and in the same sanatorium, to change their lives.

We also mention his contribution to the series “Al Ostoura”, which was shown on the twenty-eighth of January 2017, and was classified in the social and effort category, directed by Selim Erkol and competing with Gokcha Bahader, Erdal Pesikshilo and Rojda Demir. The work worked in a school, and one of his students formed a basketball club, just as his daughters are in the custody of their aunt until now, the death of their mother, and he wants to get them back.

Ceyhun Mengiroğlu Instagram Photos

Our star has many followers on social media. And who always ask about our star’s flaws. Among these shortcomings is that he occupies his mind and his time with many details that no one can pay his attention to. Lack of trust in others: It is one of his most famous traits because he is a person who does not trust anyone in general, so he spends his time away from people. Just as he is a conservative personality and constantly criticizes those around him and gives them harsh judgments, and this is the result of his attention to detail and analysis of situations. Cold in emotions, although he is an emotional character, but in the real world he is cold in emotions, constantly controlled by his mind, especially in making judgments.

information about Ceyhun Mengiroglu
information about Ceyhun Mengiroglu
Ceyhun Mengiroglu Religion Probably Muslim
Ceyhun Mengiroglu Religion Probably Muslim
Ceyhun Mengiroglu was born on December 5 1989
Ceyhun Mengiroglu was born on December 5 1989