Who is Cemre Gümeli? Her lover, religion, and more

1. What is the religion of Cemre Gümeli?

Cemre Gümeli is probably Muslim.

2. Who is Cemre Gümeli’s sweetheart?

Cemre Gümeli’s sweetheart is unmarried.

3. How old is Cemre Gümeli?

Age of Cemre Gümeli in 2020: 29 years old.

4. How tall is Cemre Gümeli?

Its height is 172 cm.

5. What is Cemre Gümeli’s birthdate?

September 24, 1991, AD.

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Cemre Gümeli Information about the Turkish actress TV series, Cemre Gümeli’s height, age and date of birth, the wonderful actress who became famous in many wonderful roles, and a lot about her in one article.

Religion Cemre Gumeli Height Weight

What is her date of birth: September 24, 1991, AD, how old is she in 2020: 29 years old What is her religion: probably Muslim. What is her height: 172 cm. What is its weight: 56 kg.

Actress Cemre Gümeli and her life story

Jamri was born in the city of Istanbul, the capital, in 1991 AD, and in other rumors, she was born in 1993 AD, she was a spoiled child, who had one sister, a beautiful and ambitious child, who liked to play and have fun. She participated in many school activities. She always participated in acting exercises at the school, which made the love for acting strong. Inside her, and he became a goal that she pursued.

her family did not prevent her from interested in her talent, but they insisted on studying her as well, so she took interest in other things besides acting, such as history and geography, she began to think more about expanding her talent, she started reading about everything she loved and then became very passionate about writing She wrote a lot of stories and articles, but she was not satisfied that she chose to learn to dance and sing after noticing that she could do all this, her dream of acting began to grow at that time, she said as long as she could do all of that, she became qualified to do acting.

She studied a lot of things. First, she graduated from Istanbul University, theater department, just as her parents wanted, she had with her at the university the artist Hazal, who became her close friend until now, and at the age of eighteen she studied tourism and hotels and worked in tourism for a while and enjoyed this work a lot, but she did not expect To sit for hours at a desk and run office work, so I started looking for another job opportunity.

She studied acting and theater extensively, and participated in a number of plays at the university for four years. At that time, she realized that acting is her dream and must be fulfilled. She got attached to acting and decided to travel To New York, she stayed there for five months, studied art and gave theater performances. She learned a lot from other schools and added a lot to her.

Cemre Gumeli and her lover or husband

Cemre Gümeli is distinguished by a thoughtful and cheerful personality, she is a girl who loves dancing, singing and acting, in addition to her love of reading and writing stories and articles. Jimery is a different girl from the girls of her generation.

Despite being an active and cheerful girl, she is a smart girl who calculates her steps well before walking with her, so we find that Despite the small number of works that Jamery participated in, all the works that she participated in succeeded greatly on the world level and not only at the local level, as for the emotional life.

Jimrey finds that the step of love and attachment is not an easy step, but rather you must think carefully about it so that you can From announcing her association with a specific person, and she finds pleasure in her profession that she does not think she will find in any other profession, Jimry is a girl who loves change and hates office work, and she finds that although the profession of acting is a tiring profession, she finds it the most enjoyable times and does not feel bored.

Regarding her emotional life, she sees that love is a big thing and it is stupid to say this is love to any man, because love is a very big relationship that cannot be said to anyone, there must be great trust between the two parties and tolerance, and if it is true love, we must be good friends. A relationship with someone and everything you can think of is her work.

Biography of actress Cemre Gümeli

Date of birth: September – 24 – 1991
Age in 2020: 29 years
Astrological Sign: Libra
Nationality: Turkish
Place of birth: Istanbul – Turkey
Religion: Muslim
Profession: Actress
Hair color: brown
Eye color: brown
Academic qualification: Department of Art and Culture – Istanbul University
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 54 kg
Academic qualification: Faculty of Languages, History and Translation – University of Ankara
Marital Status: Unmarried
Hobbies: acting – reading books – playing the piano – ballet – dancing – singing
Artistic Activity: 2016 – Now

Cemre Gümeli TV Series Movies and TV Shows

brave Heart
Sweet Revenge 2016
Don’t let go of my hand
Bridges and beautiful


Lake and time
The conquest
Wind memory

Information about her participation in the series “Bridges” and “Al Jamila”

The young star Cemre Gümeli participated in the world-successful series Bridges and the Beautiful with the international star Tuba Buyukston and the world star Kivanc Tatlitug, and the series revolves around a beautiful girl who lives in a small village, and a handsome young man named Jusoor decided to move to the village where his parents lived when he was Young, and on the day he moves to the village, he finds Jusoor.

a beautiful girl who wanders with her white horse, and falls in love with her at first sight, then the girl loses control of the horse, and he was about to fall with her, but Jusoor comes and saves her, and from here begins the big love story between them, then he discovers Jusoor Jamila is the same girl whose father caused the death of my father, Jusoor, who had been seeking revenge on them all his life, so will Jusoor give up love in order to get revenge?

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