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Caner Topçu, the hero of the series, “Listen to Me.” Topçu his artistic career with acting and what Turkish works he has participated in so far and other details of his life with a set of new pictures of the artist Caner Topçu.

Who is Caner Topçu

Birthdate: June 25, 1997
Age 2022: 25 years
Place of birth: Istanbul – Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion Muslim
Astrological sign: Cancer
Height: 184 cm
Weight: 77 kg
Eye color: brown
Hair color: brown
Academic Qualification: Osire Fulya Villazy Academy
Profession: Turkish actor
The beginning of his artistic career: 2015 – until now

Caner Topçu and a lot of information about it

Caner Topçu, whose name in Turkish is Caner Topçu, was born in 1997 in Istanbul, Turkey, and still lives with his family in the Kartal district of Istanbul. During his high school studies, he participated in theatrical performances, and at that time he loved acting very much.

He joined Ozer Fulya Filazi Acting Academy and taught Harun Theater, during which he presented many theatrical performances in which he showed his artistic talent, such as Beyaz Hell, Attention Internet Var, Sarıkamış and Faith to Victory. The actor Caner Topçu first appeared on the screen with artwork in 2015. Through his participation in the movie The Unconscious, and he embodied the character of Ragab in the movie.

Caner Topcu
Caner Topcu

As for his first appearance on the screen in dramas, it was during the year 2019 when he presented a Turkish series entitled “Raqib” and in 2021 he participated in the series Barbarossa: Seif of the Mediterranean.

And in the year 2020, he participated in the championship of a Turkish series entitled La Nothing, which was shown on the Turkish Blue TV platform, and in 2021 he presented one of the main characters in the historical series Barbaross as (Elias), brother of Khader Rais, who plays this role the actor (Engin Altan).

Actor Caner Topçu’s work

Drama series

2019 series watch
2021, Barbarossa series: Sword of the Mediterranean – “Nothing” series
2022 is the series “Asmaani”

the movies

2015 movie subconscious
2018 Film World Session: Journey to the Tree of Life
2019 movie world cycle 2: time travel

Actor Caner Topçu, the hero of the series “listen to me”

The rising actor, Caner Topçu, is participating in the series Asmaeni, during which he embodies the character of the young Salim Bandar. The Asmaani series is scheduled to be shown during the coming period on Turkish screens. A large group of young actors and new faces will participate with him in the series, including: Rabia Switurk – Caner Topçu – Dorol Bazan – Murat Daltaban – Helen Kandemir – Burak Kan – Somya Aydogan – Ferid Cetin – Aytak Osun – Albert Atak – Pedia Ener – Hamdi Alp – Utku Koçkon – Koha Bora Elk – Yasemin Birch – Yeliz Akay – Cemre Özçman – Dilara Sumpul Ibrahim Yildiz – Ege Kuknli.

And the story of the series, Duy Beni, revolves around discussing the issue of bullying that occurs among high school students. The work also deals with the case of a high school student in a car accident on the road at the hands of her close friend Leila (Helen Candemir) at school. After she is hit by a car, she disappears inside a private school for rich children near From the neighborhood and the people in the village tried to catch them, but they could not.

Actor Caner Topcu the hero of the series listen to me
Actor Caner Topcu the hero of the series listen to me

Actor Caner Topçu and the series Barbarossa

The Barbaros series, whose name in Turkish is Barbaroslar, belongs to the genre of historical dramas directed by the Taylan brothers, and the script of Junaid Aysan, Ozan Aksungur and Oguz Ayaz. He is considered the first sea captain of the Ottoman Empire and had a role in the Ottoman sovereignty in the Mediterranean. Barbarossa’s biggest supporter was his brother, Oruj Barbarossa, who controlled all the coasts.

Barbarossa starred as Engin Altan Dozyatan, Ulash Tuna Estepe, Tekin Dikincilar, Yigit Özçnar, Gulcan Arslan, Mehmet Ali Kaptanlar, Yigit Özçnar, Gulcan Arslan and a group of other actors.

Actor Caner Topçu and TV series Nothing

The series La Nothing is also known as No One and its story revolves around a group of young people who enter the university, but they encounter an unexpected reality for them and try to face this new world for them and go along with it and with the people who belong to this world and face all the problems And the difficulties they face in this new society.

The series La Nothing written by “The Stop of Honor”, directed by Hamdi Kan Tukar, and co-starring Atakan Ozkaya, Caner Topçu, Nazan Bayazid, Omar Kan Celebi, Yarin Rose Thorne, Samih Farol, Dogani Oguz, Ozgur Balakar and others.