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burcu biricik, information about the history of her inclinations, age and nationality, full details about her husband and family, information about her biography, the beginning of her artistic career in acting, and the most important works that she did from series and films, and in order for the fans and followers of the beautiful star we will present to you her official website on Instagram, and a group New photos of her.

burcu biricik Biography

Residence: Lives in Antalya, Turkey.
Birthday: May 4, 1989
Age: 29 years old
Nationality: Turkish
Profession: Actress
The beginning of its activity: 2007 to the present
Her husband: Emre Yetkin
Date of marriage: 2016
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Weight: 50 kg
Height: 170 cm
Education: Iggy University Department of Archeology and the Municipality of Bornova, a theater training
Eye color: blue
Hair color: light blonde
The sport you like to watch: volleyball
Her favorite food: fruit.

Complete information about Burcu Biricik’s personal life

He was born on May 4, 1989, in Antalya, Elmalı. He won an award at the theater festival he attended during his high school years. Furthermore, she came to Izmir to study at the university. At the age of 17, she won the Miss Mediterranean contest. Persik. who participated in filming the shootings during the Magnificent Century Series. also participated in many series and movies. and also appeared in commercials. joined the caravan of celebrities after doing a lot of work. not a series. She won an award at the Secondary Theater Festival.

Information about burcu biricik

While studying archeology at Ege University. she worked as a staff trainee at the Bornova City Theater.
She won the acting competition “Artiz Mecabibi”.
She has more than 1.3 million followers on Instagram.
Not only that, but she appeared in the episodes of Penny Boyle Saif and Sarki’s Life. and co-starred with Kerem Bursin in the movie Matter of Respect.
She also prefers to wear sports clothes.
She loves spending time at home and loves to watch movies.
Furthermore, she does regular sports and goes to sports when she has her. The favorite time after the sauna is the steam room.
She is also one of the lucky ones about weight.
During an interview with her. she said that she would love to be in comedies during her upcoming projects.

Instagram and Twitter Facebook burcu biricik

Being a famous and beautiful actress. burcu biricik is active in social media to communicate with her fans and fans all over the world. on her Twitter account (burcu_biricik). she has more than 80.1 thousand followers and astonished 961k followers on her Instagram account (burcubiricik) However. she is not Active on Facebook.

Instagram / https://www.instagram.com/burcubiricik/

Who is the burcu biricik family?

Her mother was divorced from her father when she was very young. He has a younger brother. Her mother grew up with her grandmother to work and her mother was working. They were a small family. In fact. I joined the theater group in high school. Her family moved to Istanbul. but she did not live with them because of her job and I had a house In Beşiktaş. she has also been working since high school to support the family.

How was burcu biricik beginning acting

She was studying in the archeology department at Ege University. started working at Bornova Municipal City Theater. and took roles in several plays and short films such as Two. Old Lady Visit. My Eyes Cover Vazifemi Yaparım. Yedi Kocalı Hürmüz.

In 2006. she was chosen to be the “Queen of the Mediterranean” in a beauty contest in Antalya. In 2007. she was cast in Show TV’s matches. which was her first in a television role. [11]. in 2011. later. she played small roles in Century Fabulous and Ustura Kemal (2012).

2012. Burcu Biricik starred with Tarık Papuççuoğlu. Murat Eken. Kaan Urgancıoğlu. Oya Aydoğan and Hande Subaşı in the TV series “Enemy Brothers”.

In 2013. he played with Alper Saldıran. Zeynep Çamcı. Eda Ece. Ozan Osmanpaşaoğlu. Mert Turak. Yusuf Akgün and Selen Uçer in the series “Beni Sevki Sev”.
2014. he appeared in the TV series “Ya Istanbul”. starring Ujur Polat. Kan Yıldırım. Sutap Ozalton. Arkan Kulchak Kostendel and Shabnam Bozuklu.

In 2014. he starred as Kübra Güngör in the TV series (A Matter of Honor). starring Karam Bursin. Shukri Ozilides. Shukran Uvali and Jasmine Allen.

Burcu Biricik. who starred on the eighth day of the Atv series in 2018. signed on to the work.On the other hand. although it was a very ambitious project. the eighth day was removed straight away.

Borgo Perzhik movies and series


2014 – A Matter of Honor (Kübra Güngör) (TV series)
2014 – Y Istanbul (TV series)
2014 – Tell Me a Fairy Tale (motion picture)
2013 – The Missing Cat (motion picture)
2013 – Love Me Like (Seda) (TV series)
2012 – Enemy Brothers (Derya) (TV series)


2013 – n11.com
2013 – Molb
2013 – The Tudors Shirt
2012 – Biskimir
2011 – Zen Profilo

Who is Burcu Biricik’s husband?

Burcu Biricik married on July 30. 2016 with Emre Yetkin. with whom she participated in 2015 in Song of Life. the couple’s family and close friends attended their wedding. and actress Belen Utzkin did not leave her friends on this happy day at the wedding. as they spent their honeymoon on the island. Bali in Indonesia. and she has been married for 3 years. after a love story that lasted for 3 years. as she said about her husband that he is nice. smart. funny. and he teaches her new things all the time. such as a passion for traveling the world, he is not jealous and muscular knows circumstances My profession and how it is with someone who is very understanding.

Burcu Biriciks husband
Burcu Biriciks husband
Facebook burcu biricik
Facebook burcu biricik
the burcu biricik family
the burcu biricik family