Who is Bugra Gulsoy? His religion, wife, works, about his life

Actor Bugra Gulsoy. What is his date of birth, age, and when did his artistic career begin. For all fans of the actor, this is a complete article about everything you would like to know about his religion, his nationality, his astrological sign and his communication sites, his works, the secrets of his personal life and artistic career, and his upcoming projects. Study, personal details of his life, and a group of personal photos of him.

Bugra Gulsoy his religion, his nationality, his age, his studies

Bogra Gulsoy is a Turkish artist, screenwriter, director, graphic designer, producer, architect and photographer. Bogra was born on February 22, 1982, in the city of Ankara – Turkey, where he is 38 years old, height 175 cm and weight 75 kg. The color of his hair is black. The color of his eyes is brown. As for his religion, he is Muslim, his nationality is Turkish, and his astronomical sign is Pisces. He graduated from the engineering department at the Mediterranean University. He started his career in the world of acting in 2002 and his hobby is photography, graphic design and writing.

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Bugra Gulsoy

Instagram account: https://WwW.instagram.com.BuğraGülsoy
Facebook account: https: // WwW.facebook.com.BuğraGülsoy
Twitter account: https: // WwW.twiter.com. BuğraGülsoy

Bugra Gülsoy Biography and more info

Buğra Gülsoy is a Turkish actor, screenwriter, producer, architect, director, graphic designer, photographer, and writer. He was born into an Islamic family in Ankara, Turkey. He has a brother named Onur, while actor Bogra Gülsoy received elementary and secondary education in Ankara because he achieved great success. After that, he joined the College of Engineering. In the architecture department of Eastern Mediterranean University, he graduated and studied performance at the Sedan School of the University of Bassehir.

He showed his first performance experience at the age of 13 in a school theater. After completing architecture studies in 2004 he began performing many plays in the Cyprus National Theater. Because of his work here, he stayed in Cyprus for a while.

Facebook Bugra Gulsoy
Facebook Bugra Gulsoy

Bugra Gülsoy’s wife

Actress Burko married Cara in 2011, but after a year of marriage. Although the couple have a strong understanding, the couple separated for no reason. Since their separation, Bogra has not entered into any relationships yet.


His first acting experience in school theater since he was 13 years old. Since then, he was born with a love for acting after graduating from the Faculty of Architecture in 2004. He began performing many plays in the Cyprus National Theater. He has also directed several short films such as Mahalle as a director.

Actor, PRAGMA, short films Happy Ending and Nar Yarası, he became one of the founders of the Cyprus Film Association. He is also a project designer for the Cyprus Short Film Festival and one of the directors received training in producing films in the competition. Organized according to the United Nations Development Program.

He appeared in Turkish cinema through “For All of Us” in 2008, when he played a young man named Ahmed in the film “Gugler Sottle” directed by Darwish Zayim.

What is Fatima Gul’s fault?

He participated in the Golden Orange Film Festival for the year 2010 for the first time. Furthermore, he is one of the most important characters who presented the series (What is Fatima Gul’s fault?)

This series discusses cases of rape in Turkey. How the law ignores these cases. The issue of rape related to marriage was eliminated with the development of the marriage. The problem of rape began to decrease. The series caused a sensation in Turkey and the Arabian Peninsula after translation and dubbing. Arabs began to follow his plots. And sympathy with Fatima and Karim.

Bogra Gulsoy presented in this series the character of one of the rapists Murad. They are closest to Karim who is characterized by humor, moderation, rudeness and sometimes rudeness. But in the law of rape after Fatima Gul, he turned against him because he always left his girlfriend Zainab because he thought that she did not deserve a boy with a rude history like him.

Bugra Gülsoy presented the series North South with the famous Turkish actor Kivanc. The series revolves around two brothers, whose personalities differ from each other. The older brother worked hard to become a big juvenile. But younger brother Lockley fell in love with time. The two fell in love with the girl and moved into the same community as the girl. The accident of Kozai’s younger brother (Kivanc) was the reason why his brother was imprisoned. He was released and returned to his family after Four years, but his relationship with his brother, who became a distinguished employee, was very tense, especially after he took the love of his life.

In 2013,

he starred in the series Love Story with the actor Muhammad Essen, Fonda Arijit, and then appeared in the TV series Bana Artik Hicran De. With actress Asli Enver.

Actor Bogra, actress Ozge Ozberchi, participated in her romantic comedy series “Ask Yeniden” and launched a kinetic event around Zainab. Zainab left her family and fled the United States with her lover in the United States with her lover to get rid of the strict father, but she did not tell her lover that she was pregnant this time

. The child will abort her disappointment and return to Turkey. Then she met Fateh. She returned from the United States after a failed adventure. The story of their love and closeness to each other began.

Bogra continued showing works between films and television in 2016. Comedian and romantic films showed where the Turkish cinematic film presented the sister of the husband and wife. The events of the film revolve around a comic frame about the life of a girl named Yeliz. She lives happily with her brother.

But when her brother falls in love with a girl. It begins. Welles’s world was in decline, but she had the confidence. Like all of Ahmed’s former friends, she was able to sever the relationship between husband and wife. Welles began planning his own plan to form a couple between Ahmed Three and Denise Willis. They are separated by a series of fun and interesting adventures.

In 2017,

he featured several works, including Mahali, which revolves around three friends who live in the same community.

He also presented drama and romantic works in the series Sour Sweet with the heroine Ozji, and they succeeded in many works either. The business event centers around Mourad and Daegu who have had a wonderful love story. After graduating from Daegu University, he asked her to marry him, but he could not find the answer he wanted.

Biography and more info
Biography and more info

His series in 2018

In 2018, he starred in several works. The first movie (Cebimdeki Yabanci Foreigner in My Pocket). his story revolves around seven old friends who decided to get together for dinner. It was a wonderful dinner full of memories, laughter and chats.

But they decided to play a game. They were collecting phone calls and reading incoming messages. Or loud notifications, and over time, their relationship began to deteriorate because of these messages.

(Bogra Gulsoy) has shown many artworks and films. These artworks and films due to his great experience and audience medals attraction are very popular among the audience.

Bugra Gülsoy TV series and movies

2020-2021 Uyanis: Büyük Selcuklu (TV Series)
2019 Azize (TV Series)
2018 8 Gun (TV Mini-Series)
2018 Cebimdeki Yabanci
2017 Aci Tatli Eksi
2017 Mahalle
2016 Görümce
2014 Bana Artik Hicran De (TV Series)
2015-2016 Ask Yeniden (TV Series)
2011-2013 Kuzey Güney (TV Series)
2011 Cast-i Olan mi Var! (Short)
Güzel Günler Görecegiz
2010-2011 Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne? (TV Series)
2010 Gölgeler ve Suretler
2009 Unutulmaz (TV Series)
2009 Günesi Gördüm

Writer (3 credits)

2017 Aci Tatli Eksi (writer)
in 2017 Mutluluk Zamani
2017 Mahalle

Director (1 credit)

2017 Mahalle

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