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Turkish actor boran kuzum what is the date of birth of boran kuzum. when did his artistic damshwar appeared. for every fan and fan of the Turkish actor This is a complete article about everything you would like to know about him from his religion. his nationality. astrological sign. social networking sites. his works. secrets of his life and his biography. What is his height. weight and academic qualification. special details about his life and the most important artistic roles. and who is Boran Kuzum’s girlfriend.

Religion Boran Kuzum age and many other information

The name of the Turkish artist. boran kuzum in Turkish. is boran kuzum. his nationality is Turkish. his date of birth is February 17. 1993 AD. his current age is 27 years old. his place of birth is Istanbul. Turkey. his astrological sign is Aquarius. its weight is 76 kg and its height is 175 cm. color Eyes and poetry is brown. he studied theater arts at Istanbul University. State Institute. Department of Theater Acting. his favorite sport is swimming. his hobby is traveling and wandering in boats and ships. Regarding his marital status. he is not married. His artistic career began in 2011.

Biography origins and study

Our star, Boran Kuzum. is a Turkish actor who recently entered the world of art and acting. But he managed to get the attention of the public. Critics and directors. With his brilliant performance and attractive personality. Boran Kuzum was born in 1993 in Istanbul. He was raised and raised in the home of a family that cares and loves art His mother. Fatima Zahra. is a fine art graduate. And his father worked as deputy director of the Ankara State Theater.

All this made him influenced by art and loved it. especially acting. he started acting during his studies at the secondary stage. and participated in a number of school plays. After obtaining the high school stage. He decided to study economics at Ankara Gazi University and studied it for one year only and left studying economics in order to study acting He joined the Institute of Music of Istanbul University. Department of Theater Acting. and during this period he participated in a number of different plays and graduated in 2015.

Facts and secrets about the artist Boran Kuzum

The artist Buran is an actor and artist. Sensitive with emotions and very sensitive. He possesses many endless inner feelings. He is a very emotional person. Who shows all the feelings and emotions inside him and loves love and romance to the point that when he plays a romantic role. He makes the viewer believe that there is an emotional relationship and A love story between him and the actress who plays the role in front of him.

He is also a person who loves adventures and romance stories. Although every love story he enters does not continue and ends quickly. As for his wish. He wishes to learn to play the cello.

Girlfriend and love life boran kuzum

Boran Kuzum. It is an emotional and romantic person who was associated with more than one emotional relationship. But most of them ended in separation and among these emotional relationships. He was associated with a love story with his girlfriend Yasmine Swalovsky, and they were present in a public place and the photographers saw them and some pictures were taken of them. Which made Yasmine Swalovsky. You feel ashamed of the paparazzi and broke up after a while.

It also appeared a while ago that the artist Buran had an emotional relationship with a rising artist named Nihal. and they were seen in more than one place and in one of the shopping centers in Nisantasi. and the artist was putting his hand on her shoulder. And when the artist was asked about the truth of his relationship with her. He said that she is just a colleague and Close friend of his.

A while later. Rumors appeared about the existence of a love story between him and the Turkish actress Mireille Danir. who participated with him in the Turkish series “You are my country” after her separation from the Turkish actor Kubilai Akka because of his betrayal of her and while the artist Boran Kuzum spent the vacation in Paris. The artist Mirai Danir. commented on a picture It was published and the artist Buran answered it with hearts. And this confirmed the truth of the rumors of a passionate love story between them. But the duo did not deny these news and rumors.

Boran kuzum beginning to act

The Turkish actor. Boran Kuzum. Had the talent of acting from his childhood. and this talent remained with him growing inside him until his youth and the first theatrical work he presented was 13 years old at the time. and he was on the stage of the school theater.

At that time the artist Buran was not fully aware of the meaning of acting and the value of standing on me The stage of the stage and what are the rehearsals and their importance and despite this. he never forgets the first time he stood on stage and appeared in front of his family. Which always supported him and his relatives. And he does not forget the feeling he felt the first time.

After he performed his first role, and after it was finished. Everyone applauded him. This made him feel a purpose of unparalleled joy and happiness. And by standing on the stage. This was a reason for the increase and growth of his artistic and acting awareness.

The increase of his talent and the good performance of his acting and He learned many skills from the theater. the artist Pooram Cosum worked for a while as a commercial model for famous brands such as Coca-Cola and Adidas.

In 2015. his first appearance in dramas was through the television series Mothers and Mothers. after which many different artistic works such as series. Movies and plays followed.

A summary of the artworks of the artist Boran Kuzum

In 2015 He participated in the series Analar and Eneller and presented the play Oyunun Oyunu to turn off the noise

In 2016, he presented the series Muhteşem Yüzyıl: Kösem and also Vatanim Sinsen series

2017, he participated in the movie Cingöz Recai: Bir Efsanenin Dönüşü. And participated in the play Marty the Seagull.

As for the year 2018 – 2019. he participated in the series Shaheen Tebsi and the series El Hami

As for the year 2020

the movie Biz Boys. Misty Shak and the Saygı series were presented in the cinema. He also participated in appearing in short films. Including Ashka Dukonmak in 2012 and Beer Adam Yaratmak in 2014.

The artist. Boran Kuzum. is the first Turkish actor to join the team of The Protector to show a Turkish series on the Netflix network.
Artistic prizes for the artist Boran Kuzum

In 2017

he won the Golden Butterfly Award for his role in the series Vatanim Sensen. He also received the same work. the Bilkent TV Award as the best actor. and the Crystal Screen award as the best rising actor for the same series. In the same year. He also received another award for Marty the Seagull play. which is an award. GSU En as the best theater actor. in 2018 during which he also won more than one award such as the KT Media Award and the Çorbada Tuzun Olsun Award.

Religion Boran Kuzum age and many other information
Religion Boran Kuzum age and many other information
Facts and secrets about the artist Boran Kuzum
Facts and secrets about the artist Boran Kuzum