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Bestemsu Özdemir-Zainab the heroine of the series Ege’nin hamsisi full information and her life story, the Turkish model who participated in the clip of the Egyptian artist Mohamed Hamaki with his song (Need hidden), know all about her, secrets she did not know before, her relationship with the Turkish artist Jan Yaman and the story of their separation, her date of birth and

Bestemsu Özdemir ID card and special information about it

The name in Turkish : Bestemsu Özdemir.
Bestemsu Özdemir date of Birth : June 27, 1992.
Age Bestemsu Özdemir in 2018 : 26 years old.
Place of birth : born in Turkey – Istanbul.
Nationality : Turkish.
Religion Bestemsu Özdemir: Muslim.
Bestemsu’s lover name Özdemir or her husband: she was in a relationship with the well-known Turkish actor Jan Yaman until she announced her separation from him.
Weight : 47 kg.
Length bstemso Ozdemir: 173 cm.
Hair color : black.
Eye color : dark brown.
Horoscope sign : Gemini.
Academic qualification: she received her secondary education from the French School of Saint-Benoit, and attended ito University to study fashion and fashion design.
When Bestemsu Özdemir started her artistic career : she started her artistic career in 2011.

Her favorite sport

She is constantly running outdoors. she says that what changes the energy of man is running in nature is not on sports machines. but she also goes to gyms when she does not find time to run in nature. she says that the secret of her agility is healthy eating and exercise especially running constantly.

When she was at the opening of her film the audience and journalists asked her about her thinness and is this because of the disease. she denied the idea of her illness once and for all. and said that she eats a lot but does not gain weight. but because of the effort that she presents in her new series made her lose

Her talent : she loves dog breeding. she owns two dogs. the first named Lucky and the second Bodhi. she loves them very much and takes care of them.

Works of Bestemsu Özdemir serials. films and plays

2020-2021 Akrep (TV Series)
2019-2020 Guvercin (TV Series)
2018 Ege’nin hamsisi (TV Series)
2018 Baba Nerdesin Kayboldum
2017-2018 Meryem (TV Series)
2017 Dünyanin En Güzel Kokusu 2
2017 Kirlangic Firtinasi (TV Series) (2017)
2017 We’ll Get Back to You

2015 Tabula Rosa
Rosa / Saadet
2015 Analar ve Anneler (TV Series)
2014-2015 Kara Para Ask (TV Series)
2012 Sakarya-Firat (TV Series)
2013 3 Adam (TV Series)
2015 Did You Know? (TV Series)

Secrets and life story of Bestemsu Özdemir and biography

A young Turkish artist. who lived with her grandmother and grandfather in Ankara for three years because of the departure of her father and mother and was two years old. she studied French language and mastered it because of her studies at the French School of Saint Benoit. during her studies at the school she took an interest in fashion and fashion design and chose to

started with acting.

She started her career as a model and model. during her high school. she registered with an advertising agency. and worked for a great time in modeling (model). she got to know Cem Tatlıtuğ one of the famous in the field of modeling and modeling and helped her a lot in this field. and although she became a well-known actress but

Before entering the world of acting she received many courses and training in acting. and left the career of modeling. one of the most important initial roles she participated in the series (Black Money or suspicious adoration) in the character of Nilofer. was the role of a girl at the University fun. she is the sister of the heroine Toba boyocostin. the series – Tabula Rosa).

the film revolves around a man who saves a woman from death but discovers that she is amnesia. and she stays with him in his house until she regains her memory. all she remembers is that she can cook famous dishes. the work starring yejit kerazi. Kevork torker. Susan AKZOY and Erin Dinler .

Starring role in the film the most beautiful smell of the world

She got the starring role in the film ( the most beautiful smell of the world – Dünyanin En Güzel Kokusu ) in 2017. the film revolves around Hakan and Deria. they have a friendship for years. but they fell in love. and they have a fairy tale. they have children. but after the death of Deria life has become difficult for Hakan and each other. the romantic-dramatic work. received a rating of 5.8 / 10.

I made the role of Dafni in the film ( we’ll get back to you – we’ll Get Back to You). the series revolves around 6 friends from their childhood. they decide to travel to Istanbul to look for work. but it was not an easy search. one of them (kahit ) mehendi computer genius but does not succeed in job interviews. another athlete. Firat Al-Bayram. tugçe kursunoglu. Sidi kasabli.. the film succeeded and received a high rating of 6.9 /10 .

Zainab in the series Ege’nin hamsisi

In 2018. she starred in a romantic comedy series called ( Ege’nin hamsisi). in the role of Zainab. a girl who finished studying architecture far from her city in the Black Sea. and chooses to work engineering in Izmir in the area called Aegean. and after her father initially refused he decided to finish his business and move to live with her in Aegean .

Her personal secrets her relationships and her husband

As for Bestemsu Özdemir and her lover Jan Yaman had a great love story. after the photographers took some photos of them together more than once. which confirmed this relationship that they did not deny this rumor and just kept silent.

But suddenly the famous model and actress announced her separation from her beloved famous Turkish star Jan Yaman. and it was clear because

She said that they broke up definitively. that their relationship did not go well because of their lack of understanding, so they chose to break up .

After a very short time she was photographed with another person Shatai olusoy. holding hands and getting in the car together. she was very upset about the presence of journalists and photographers and the journalists tried to track her down, but she managed to escape from them and then went to a nightclub.

Bestemsu Ozdemirboyfriend
Bestemsu Ozdemirboyfriend
Bestemsu Ozdemir and mom
Bestemsu Ozdemir and mom
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