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The Turkish child actress Beren Gokyildiz Öykü, the star of the Kizim kızım series, known as Melek Akcay, the heroine of the series Anne, complete information about her and her life story, when did she start acting, what is her religion and astrological sign, and her daily way of life, a complete article about everything she loves to know about her nationality, and social networking sites Her biography, her biography and special details of her life in which city she was born and lived, her upbringing, her academic qualification, her talent and her favorite hobby.

Personal card and special information about it:

Name in English: Beren GOkyıldız.

Date of birth: September 29, 2009.

Age in 2021: 12  years old.

Place of birth: I was born in Istanbul, Turkey.

Nationality: Turkish.

Religion of Beren Gokyildiz: postulate.

Hair color: Dark brown.

Eye color: brown.

Astrological Sign: Libra.

Academic qualification – academic: in the first academic stage (elementary).

When did she start her artistic career: She started her artistic career in 2014.

What is her hobby: Her hobby is horseback riding and acting. She loves watching movies and cartoons, sometimes doing sports, especially swimming, singing (karaoke), taking care of animals, and she learned dance (ballet).

Beren Gokyildiz’s works are series, films and plays

Anne 2017 – Bizim Hikaye 2018 – Kizim 2018 2019- Kocamin Ailesi (2014, 2015) – Laugh 2016 – Empty Place – Honey Cream.

Secrets and life story of Beren Gökyıldız and biography

Beren Gokyildiz is a child Turkish actress. famous for the role of Melek Akcay in the series My Mother. which was shown on TV Internet and YouTube channels. which received a high viewership. and was very successful. A girl in her eighth year was able to influence the viewers to the point of making them cry. assuming the role as a professional artist. She has a strong presence.

Beren Gokyildiz’s childhood story and upbringing:

stands confidently in front of television cameras and in front of major artists and stars. we return to her origin. our young artist was born in 2009 AD in the Turkish city of Istanbul. she has one brother. she studies in the first stages of education (elementary). she has a strong personality and great confidence in herself.

loves art Of all kinds. such as drawing. dancing and singing. her mother gave her the freedom to choose the talent that she wanted and mastered it. she chose to act. her mother helped her a lot. and presented her to an advertising agency until she got her first opportunity in acting.

The beginning of her acting career:

Her first appearance in the Turkish series (Kocamin Ailesi) in 2014 AD. In the role of Bilin. she was four years old. grabbed the hearts of the followers. appeared with confidence in front of the cameras. and made her role. despite its simplicity. A mark in her simple artistic record.

The series starring (Jokhan Alkan and Eseniel) Samilioglu. Arman Okay and Yasim Salkim Wildies Kultur). then acted on the stage in the Sketch Show from the World of Children in 2016 AD with a lot of young acting stars.

The Role of Melek Akcay Anne:

Her real debut came in (2016-2017) after she starred (Melek Akcay Akcay). with all of Gansu Derry. Vahida Birchin. Junka Fuslatti. Berkai Atash and Julianay Kalkan. Melek Akcay is a child of a cruel. Neglectful mother who does not take care of her child. married to a despicable man. who treats her. But Melek Akcay a clever girl. tried more than once for an opportunity to be adopted by another family to take care of her.

But she failed. until the teacher (Zainab). who plays the role of the artist Gansu Dere. worked. and Melek Akcay began to approach her The teacher until they agreed to escape from her family. And teacher Zainab raises her and Melek Akcay becomes Zainab’s daughter. But life will not pass this calm. after Melek disappeared. Her mother began to search for her everywhere until she knew where she was and problems began.

She co-starred in the movie (Pal Kaymak) in 2018

talking about a broken family trying to meet together again. the work directed and written by Honor Tan. starring Feliz Ahmed. Sabina Agrulla Beren Gokeldis. she participated in the role of Aisha in the series Our Story.

Aisha is a new colleague In the class. she shares the same class with Fikret and from the same neighborhood as Fikret. And she is very similar in characteristics. but she is alone. she creates problems between students and some of them. But she is related to Fikret family and helps them. it was a secondary role. She appeared in the last episodes of the work. the series starring Hazal Kaya. Nasreen Kavadzadeh Burak Deniz.

Öykü’s role in the series Kizim:

In September 2018. she presented a social drama series called (Kizim) with the artist Bugra Gulsoy who plays her father. and the artist Leyla Lydia who plays the role of the teacher and Serhat Teoman and the actor Togay Morgan. tugay mercan. Sinam Ansal and Sona Selene.

About a girl who searches for her father who does not know anything about him since her birth. finds his close friend who is looking for him and tells him that there is a daughter for him. but he denies her existence and rejects her. and after he meets her. the feelings of parenthood begin to appear. but their life did not last long. so many events will happen.

Awards received by Beren Gokyildiz:

Prien won many awards despite her young age. she won the Best Child Actress award in 2015 from Istanbul Gelesim Media University. in 2016 she won the Best Child Actress award from the Banten Golden Butterfly. and in 2017 she won two awards for Best Child Actor from Bilkent University TV Awards And from Mimar Sinan Secondary School of Fine Arts.

Her personal secrets

One of her secrets that many may not know is that acting for her is easy. but the most difficult thing for her was crying. but when she cries badly and no one can stop her. her mother follows her official websites, and she is responsible for managing her and managing her business. Instagram has 500,000 followers. despite its acting work, and it has become restricted to work a lot. but it does not back down from its lessons and tries to organize its time.

Beren Gokyildiz said in an interview that working as a child actor in the main roles has many advantages and disadvantages. but she is very happy to work as an actress and standing in front of talented and famous actors. and she learns a lot from them and has worked with top artists that she loves and appreciates. there is a lot of adventure in her life. so besides acting she loves to practice After customs such as singing karaoke with friends. it is one of the most enjoyable things for her. and she loves dancing and stage acting. and she considers it a game and not a performance that must be done.

Beren Gokyildiz loves to practice morning sports with her classmates. and that her mother photographed her with her brother and friends and during her work as an actress and posted these pictures on social media to share with her followers and friends. thanks to her sympathetic and strong personality. her ability to act and her great talent. she gained everyone’s attention in a short period of time. she got A huge success that made her a major actor despite her very young age.

Religion of Beren Gokyildiz postulate
Religion of Beren Gokyildiz postulate
Beren Gokyildiz Religion 1
Beren Gokyildiz Religion 1
Hair color Dark brown
Hair color Dark brown